Hot Maid Made My Day!

Hello readers, I hope everyone is enjoying reading the stories here like me. I am Rahul again, sharing another real incident that happened with me a couple of years back with all the readers of ISS.

I am coming back once again with one more real experience. The incident happened only a couple of months back, and it is continuing even today. I am coming back to the story right now.

I am a bachelor with athlete body working as a division head of a corporate. The company has given me accommodation in a big complex. I stay alone here. I have a part-time maid who is about 32/33 years who is the heroine of this incident. Let me explain her before coming to the incident.

She is fair, height around 5’1” to 5’2”, not fatty but having good flesh in the appropriate areas of her body. She comes in the morning on working days by 7-30/8-00 am. She prepares my breakfast and dinner and cleans rooms, utensils, and then leaves for her work in other apartments.

On Sundays, she comes twice a day. She stays far from my residence and takes the local train. She comes to our housing complex and may be working in 5/6 apartments. Then she leaves for home in the afternoon. Initially, I was paying her Rs 3500 per month for her work.

Initially, I never had any attraction or intention to get physically involved with her. It was going on smoothly. After the 2nd month of her work, she kept on taking advances from me, which adjusted her monthly salary. It was going on like this.

But later, I found that the frequency of asking for an advance had gone up substantially. In one month, her advance was more than her monthly salary. I adjusted and did not pay any money for that month, and she did not say anything. But again on next month, she started asking for advance again.

On a Sunday, I asked her the reason for these advances. That was the first time I discussed personal things with her. She started saying that she is a single mother of two kids. Her husband abandoned her after her second baby. She has a sister. After her sister’s marriage, sister’s in-laws created trouble for money.

To support their demand, she has to take all these advances. I asked her whether the other houses where she is working are paying her in advance or not. She replied that initially, all of them were supporting. But later, they stopped giving her advances, and only I have been supporting her.

Our discussions stopped there. I checked with one of the flat owners later. They have also confirmed that this nature she has developed recent past and they have then stopped encouraging that.

Her advance request went up. On the 22nd of one month, I paid her RS 4200, and she was asking for some more. It was very irritating, and I refused to give her money. Again, the next day while I was getting ready, she was pleading for money, and I rejected again.

Suddenly she fell to my feet. It was an embarrassing situation for me. I did not know what I should do. At that time, the beast inside me started signaling me to be naughty. Our exchange of dialogue was like this.

Me: You have already taken RS 4200. How will you repay?

She: I do not know. But I need to give money to my sister to solve the problem now.

Me: What made you think that I shall give you!

She: You have been helping me out of the way. That is why I am requesting you.

Me: I cannot pay you money like this. I can increase your salary to double. But you have to do some extra work in that case. But that is up to you whether you accept it or not!

She: (hearing of a hike in salary, her expression changed) I am ready, tell me what I need to do.

Me: First, listen to the work to be done. You may agree or may not. But whatever it is, this will be strictly confidential between you and me.

She: Please tell me.

Me: As long as you are at my apartment, you need to stay like my wife. You have to do whatever a wife does with her husband. You decide and let me know as I am going for a shower. If you agree, your due of RS 4200 will be waived, and from next month your salary will be revised to RS 7000.

I thought that to satisfy myself, I go to massage parlors at least twice a month and spend much more money. Instead of that, if I get that at home at a much cheaper cost, it would be a good deal. Then I went for a shower.

Once I came out from the shower, I dressed up with shorts and a vest and came to the dining table for breakfast. I looked straight at her eyes to see her body language. She was also looking at me. I did not say anything. When she came to serve my breakfast, she said that she agreed to do what I said.

I asked her again whether she was accepting that proposal consciously or not. In reply to that, she nodded her head. I told her again that she should not make any mischief by telling others about this deal.

In that case, I could accuse her of stealing from my apartment, and she would be losing all her jobs. She would not be allowed to enter our complex. She was aware of that and nodded her head. After that, our exchange of dialogue was like this.

Me: I want to see you from top to bottom.

She: (staring at the balcony as well as kitchen window) Here?

Me: Yes, we are on the 15th floor, and no one can see us inside the room in the daytime.

She: (standing her head down with a shy face) Can I do that inside room in little darkness?

Me: how can I see you in the darkness? I want to see you here only. If you want I can help you remove your clothes!

She did not reply with her face down. I came close to her, held her chin, and lifted her face. She was almost closing her eyes. I told her that she was not cooperating with me as she was very stiff when I touched her. I realized her shyness. I touched her earlobe with my fingers.

I slowly came down to her shoulder, pulled down her pallu, and exposed her breasts. Those were quite big as per her physique. I gently touched her boobs with both my hands and felt her shivering. While doing so, I asked her whether she had sex after her husband left her.

She replied that one of her neighbors had touched her a couple of times. I was listening to her and was busy removing her saree. I asked her whether she did everything with him or only touched and smooched. She said it was limited to touching and kissing as it was not that easy in the village.

By that time, she was with a petticoat and a blouse. I started unhooking her blouse and removed that from her body. She was wearing a partially torn bra which was not holding her big tits properly. I unhooked that and threw that over the floor. Her boobs were more or less firm.

I untied the knot of her petticoat, which fell on the floor. I started touching her body from the shoulder. Slowly touching her tits, I found her nipples got erected immediately, continued to go down further. I reached her navel and, after that, her hairy cunt. She was shivering heavily. Her pussy was full of hair.

I just rubbed my index finger on her clit, she moaned. As she was not clean, I did not feel like hugging her. I started squeezing her tits. I realized that she might need some support. She was standing without any support and shivering due to excitement.

I pulled her and made her sit on the chair. I also sat in front of her and started pressing her boobs in one hand and rubbing her clit with the other hands. I realized that she was getting horny from her facial expression. She was holding my hand, which was in her pussy. I started fingering her pussy.

I realized that she would be making the cushion of the dining chair soiled with her nectar. I brought her petticoat and made her sit on that on the chair and started fingering her cunt and pressing her boobs alternately at the same time. I felt that she was getting horny and was reaching the final point.

She started moaning, which inspired me more. I started fingering her with two fingers inside and made her orgasm. She was panting, sitting on the chair. I cleaned my hand and came back to her. She was still panting. I pulled her up from the chair and asked her to pull down my shorts.

She was hesitant, and I held her hand and put that on my shorts and made her pull down my shorts and inners. My tool was in semi-hard condition. I pulled her hand to put to it hold my tool. She was looking at that in a shy manner. I asked her whether she liked that or not!

She kept her head down without commenting. I realized that her shyness was still there. I told her to satisfy me by loving my dick. Without her love and care, I told her that I would not be leaving for office. But she was not properly doing that. Thus, I dropped the idea to jerk off.

I told her that she was not properly cleaned. So I would not be interested in proceeding further. I also said that the next day morning, she should come with clean hair. I would be cleaning her body at my apartment. She should come in the early morning slot to my house.

She has to spend around two and half hours in my house on weekdays and around four hours in two phases on Sundays and holidays. I told her to manage her time on her own. If she has to leave some other work, she should do that. I again told her to come clean tomorrow.

While coming from the office in the evening, I bought a few bras of her size. I checked the size when I opened that in the morning. I bought a few panties, a gown, a few packs of hair remover, two big packs of condoms, and one anti-lice shampoo.

She came around 6-20 am in the morning. In no time, I brought her to my other bedroom. I removed all her clothes and applied hair remover in her pubic area up to her knees and underarms. I finished almost two tubes to do so. The time left after applying and removing. I played with her tits.

I removed all those cremes applied with tissues and asked her how it was looking. She gave a naughty smile. I told her that I would make her feel the ultimate pleasure for a lifetime. I removed my shorts and took her to the washroom. I cleaned her hair with the anti-lice shampoo.

I soaped her and used a scrubber to clean her. She also soaped me, and we rubbed ourselves against each other. I cleaned her properly by soaping her twice and then dried her with the towel. I dried her hair a little bit with a hair drier. It was almost 7-20 then.

I brought her to my second bedroom and made her lie on the bed. I started licking her from her ear lobes, then neck, and going down to her boobs. While licking one boob, I started squeezing the other one. She was moaning with pleasure.

Then I took one nipple in my lips, the other in my index and thumb, and simultaneously started fingering her wet pussy. She was screaming and jerking and in no time reached orgasm. I turned her back and started licking her back along the spine.

I was biting the waistline and again made her horny. Then I started fingering her from the back and realized that she was ready for the final encounter. I again made her turn and lie on her back and started biting her boobs gently. I brought my tool to her and asked her to suck.

She did not have the skill to give a blowjob. Thus, I did not proceed further. I penetrated her in missionary and pounded her for quite some time. She got another orgasm. I finished her in the doggy style. It was a satisfaction. Her body language also made me feel that she had never had this pleasure earlier.

Later when she was serving breakfast, I asked the same. In reply, she said that she experienced that for the first time.

Now things continued like this. Both of us were happy. I explored and experimented with different poses and postures where she also was very cooperative. She was my slut as long as I stayed in that apartment. I fucked her ass too several times.

I realized that she had fallen in love with me. Apart from the money, I used to take care of her needs to buy dresses for her son. She was happy and me too.

I also had the opportunity to fuck her sister, which I shall be sharing with you in some time. I hope you enjoyed my story of hot sex with my maid.

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