You Are Gonna Fuck Me Rough!

My girlfriend Neha and I were at a restaurant. It was a fun evening. We were talking, and after a while, I began messing with her. I put my hands on her waist, exposed from her blue crop top.

I slowly made my way up near her boobs and teased her. She was talking, and my hands distracted her. She lowered her head and closed her eyes in anticipation. I didn’t touch her boobs at all. I only teased around it. Then I removed my hand.

She looked at me with a wicked little smile and bit her lower lip. I asked her to open her hair which was tied in a pony. She did as I asked. It was dark, and I didn’t care if anyone was watching. I just leaned forward and kissed her.

I pulled her sleeve and straps off her shoulder to expose it and kissed there. I bit her and left marks. Then I told her, “I want to fuck you.” To which she replied, “Fuck me rough.” I didn’t realize that I got her so horny. She was probably thinking about it from before.

We casually got up from the table and went to the counter to pay the bill. I didn’t even want to wait for the guy to bring the check. We were riding home on my bike. She was nibbling on my neck from behind, and she loved to do. She licked my neck.

I wanted to stop the bike and kiss her immediately, but I controlled myself. We reached my apartment. I parked the bike, and we were waiting for the elevator. I gently held her hand. I knew she wanted to kiss me. But we couldn’t do that in the elevator of my own house. Other families live here too.

We reached home, and we immediately kissed, not even caring to close the door. We broke the kiss, and I pushed her on the couch. I went to close the door. I locked it, and right there, I removed my t-shirt and then jeans right after. She looked at me as was undressing.

Now I was only in my grey underwear (which is V-shaped). She could see my bulge. She got up and came to kiss me. I removed her top, and she was in her nude color bra and denim jeans. I was touching her boobs from above her bra. All I wanted to do was tease her at that moment.

I went down to her chest and kissed her boobs that were exposed from the bra. I left marks there. I even exposed her nipple, but I didn’t give her the pleasure of sucking on it. I kissed her cleavage and chest and then her neck. I asked her to take it off, and she did.

Then I went on my knees and unbuttoned her blue denim, and pulled it down. She patiently waited and let me do my thing. I kissed her pussy from above her white underwear. I moved the fabric that covered her pussy aside and licked it straight away.

Mmmm, she was wet. I put a finger inside and slowly fingered her and licked her slowly. I pushed her on the couch again. I removed her panty with one hand in one go. She was completely naked. I grabbed her boobs with my right hand and pressed them hard.

My other hand wrapped around her right thigh, holding her leg above my shoulder. I began to lick her clit. Then I licked her pussy lips and pushed my tongue in slightly. I rubbed my nose on her clit as I licked her, holding my breath at the time.

Then I gave a huge lick from pussy to clit. Taking time to breathe, I sucked on her clit. And repeat it with my nose again. Oh god, I wanted to enter her so bad. I removed my hand from her boobs and thigh and removed my underwear. I stroked my dick as I licked her pussy, and then I stopped.

I got up and immediately pushed the tip of my dick in her. Her reaction was on the next level. I held her leg and fucked her for a while. Her eyes were mostly closed, but every eye contact was a fire.

And her loose hair, oh my gosh! I pressed her boobs, too, while we fucked for 5 minutes like that. Then I began to give her slow strokes. I picked her up (she is easy to pick up). We went to the bedroom. I made her lie down and got on top of her to kiss her.

We were kissing like that, and she turned us around, pushed me on the bed, and got on top. She kissed me and then moved to kiss my face and jawline and then my neck and left kisses all the way down to the ‘edge.’ She kissed my stomach while the tip of my dick touched her jaw. She went lower and kissed my dick.

She took it in her hand and started stroking me while maintaining eye contact. And once she thought it was hard enough, she took it in her mouth. I was slowly taking more and more and sucking on it, going deeper till she took half my length in her mouth.

She took it out, spit on it, stroked it, and took it again. I was groaning. And the next thing was the sexiest. She went as deep as she could. Starting from the tip, she made eye contact and didn’t want to break it.

She had to close her eyes as she went deeper as a reflex. But she took all my length in her throat and then looked at me again. I couldn’t help it. It was so hot I held her head and kept it there while she gagged. It was amazing.

Then I let go, and she released the dick from her mouth. She was teary but happy. She licked the tip again and then got on top and placed my dick in her. It glided in smoothly. I placed my hands on her waist while hers was on my chest.

She began to ride me. She started going faster and moaning. Her hands went to her hair, being sexy as it is. I lifted my hips for deeper strokes. She drops her hair (oh, that sight). She takes my hand and places it on her boobs.

She pressed her hand on mine, and I pressed her boobs hard. I place my hand near her mouth, and she starts to suck my fingers. So I push her on the bed, let her suck my fingers while I fuck her hard till I cum.

I sprayed my cum on her body. Most of it was on her chest and stomach. We cleaned ourselves, cuddled, and slept.

I hope you enjoyed this story. It was a full narration from my side with a little extra spice. Tell me your favorite part in the comments or mail me at [email protected] You can also read my other story here.

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