Sweety’s Fantasies – Part 2 (Kishore Goes Rough)

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Hello Readers. Welcome back to my world of fantasies.

My Ex-Kishore. Kishore was my boyfriend in college. We used to have a lot of fun both outside and inside the room. But after I got married, we were never in contact for around 6 years. But after my feelings of a sexy and horny hotwife, we got in contact once again.

We had many sexual encounters. Trust me, he was one of the best I ever had in bed.

I and my husband never kept ourselves in limitations when it came to experimenting with sex. We have a very good sex life too. But my hunger for sex is way too much more. So I seek some external satisfaction without letting him know about it.

That day, I was very much aroused from the time I woke up. My boobs were a little stiff and my nipples were poking as well. My husband noticed them and started caressing them. I thought he will take the session to the end and bang me right now itself.

But he had some business commitments that morning. So he had to leave early from home. So he did not do much at that time and said sorry and got busy with his work. I made him breakfast and bid him a sad-faced goodbye. I knew that I am not gonna get satisfied just with my fingers.

I had Kishore for backup. So I messaged him about his whereabouts. He pinged me a reply immediately asked me to get to his house by 11:00 AM. I obliged him and went to his house even 15 minutes early. He and his dick both were happy to see me in a knee-length frock and which was a deep neck as well.

After I reached his home I removed my shrug, so that he could see my delicious flesh and attack me as soon as possible. Kishore did not waste a single minute and came back to me. He rolled his fingers over my right hand, grabbed my shoulders with both of his hands and pinched them a little to arouse me more.

He then flipped my hairs towards the left side and kissed me hard on the right side of my neck. While he was doing this, his hands were busy in unzipping my frock from the back. Within 5 seconds my frock was totally below my waist and within the next few seconds, it was totally off my body.

Kishore was grabbing my boobs standing at my back, kissing my back and his one hand rubbing my cunt over my panty. I was so aroused with his touches that I was barely able to keep my legs down. He then pushed me towards the wall, and unhooked my bra and threw it on the floor.

He grabbed me by my ass and started moving upwards with his hands. He kissed the whole of my bareback and then stripped down my panty as well and ordered me to keep facing the wall. He then undressed as well. He came closer to me.

I could feel his dick trying to enter my ass and his lips kissing my neck wildly. He then made me go on my knees and made me suck his dick. For the first time, I was getting mouth fucked by anyone and fuck it was very horny. Kishore was never fond of such hardcore stuff. But that day he was in a different mood.

I don’t know why but I was liking it more and more. Already my cunt was damn wet and needed some amazing drilling. When Kishore was satisfied with this mouth fucking thing he lifted me by holding my hairs and squeezed my boobs. My hands were totally busy with his enlarged dick.

I was trying to drag it inside my pussy hole. He understood my urge to get drilled and lifted me in his arms and thrown me on the bed. Without giving me even a moment to relax, he came over me and started sucking my boobs. He went so mad at them that he didn’t even realize that he was biting them.

His dick was continuously rubbing all over my lower belly and sometimes over my cunt. I was in no mood to stop him as he was making me hotter and hotter with every love bite. My chest was red by now and I don’t remember how many times I cummed.

Even Kishore came once while rubbing his dick over my cunt and lower belly. My juices along with his cum were spoiling his bedsheet. He then went to the kitchen and brought some water for me as well. We both were lying side by side on the bed. I was playing with his semi-erect dick.

I then asked him why he is being so much rough on me today. He just smiled at me and said, “Sweety darling, there was a time, your body was totally mine. Now I don’t know how many are using it. So when next time your husband unwraps you I want him to find traces of me everywhere on you.”

He again dragged me by my hairs towards his dick and placed me between his legs. He again started mouth fucking me, this time while he was laying in bed. This time even I got some energy and was taking the whole of his thing inside me. While I was blowing him, he took out Viagra tablets from his drawer and took two of those tablets.

I was scared to see his intentions. I now started believing that Kishore won’t spare me till he takes out all of his frustration. So to cool down his excitement and save myself from getting too much hard fucked, I thought of acting like being in love with him. So that he gets more excited and shoots his juices soon.

I moved my face towards his chest and started kissing him on the chest and his neck. My thighs were rubbing all over his dick. He was enjoying that feeling but he had already made up his mind to go rough on me today. He pulled me by my hair and said, “You slutty housewife, I know your intentions very well. But today, I am not going to spare you.”

He threw me on the other side of med such that my head was into the bed and the whole of my back was at his mercy. Despite being so rough, he was not at all violent on my body. He very well knew that I don’t like the spanking stuff, so he didn’t do that too.

He started playing with my ass cheeks by fondling them with his strong palms. He put two pillows below my lower belly part so that he could easily insert his dick inside me. He then placed it just about 4-5 cms inside my hole, and I was thrilled the way he was doing it.

His hands taking a good grip on my long hairs, his lips smooching my neck. His body all over mine, and he pushed his monster totally inside me with a single shot. Aahh damn, it was a perfect shot, totally inside my wet pussy. So deep that I already started to cum.

He knew he got me and started stroking me harder n harder. His Viagra was showing good results and he fucked me in that position for around 3-4 minutes. I was almost exhausted by now. My cunt was leaking juices like water from a bottle.

He then turned me to our favorite position- Missionary, and came on top of me. He spread my legs as wide as possible, held my thighs with his hands and started drilling with all of his powers. I was in a different sense by now and was taking every of his shot by lifting my lower body.

With every shot, he was touching a different part inside my pussy. I left the count of my orgasms. After around 5 minutes of drilling me, he came over me like a romantic lover. With his dick still inside me, and his my legs wrapping him to pull him more closer, our lips joined again like the romantic lovers.

He started stroking me slow and calm but was going deep and I was liking it very much. After around 4-5 minutes of mingling into each other, he filled my pussy with a heavy load of his cum. Even after reaching the climax we weren’t bothered to love each other.

It was one of the most intense fucking sessions of us. We still were kissing each other, his hand still playing with my boobs and his semi-erect dick still inside me. After around 5 minutes we got separated and we both laid side by side. We were silent but our hands still playing with each other.

He then got up and put back his undies. He brought me my bra from the hall and tear off my panty. I was shocked by what he was doing. Then he laughingly said that I have to go back home without wearing the panties. I didn’t have any other option as I never carried an extra one with me.

I was exhausted so I decided to take a nap on his bed. I slept with the naked body. I was in sleep and didn’t even realize that he was masturbating looking at me. I woke up when he shot his juices on my face. He was happy to do so on me, and I was such a slut that I licked all his juices.

We both then took a sensational bath together. He fucked me in doggy style in the bathroom but that didn’t last long. Even I had enough for the day. We cleaned ourselves. I left his place, just the way I came in the morning. But now my hairs were messed, my panty was missing, my frock was little torn from the back.

My breasts were paining a little and had many of Kishore’s love bites. That was a very satisfying session with Kishore. I have to keep myself away from my husband for about a week so that he doesn’t notice the marks on my body. Kishore still teases me by reminding how I spent one week without letting my husband touch me.

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