Hot Married Neighbour From Tamilnadu

Hi. this is Ashok. I am from a village in Tamil Nadu. This is a story that happened in my life. The neighbor’s name is Vandhana (name changed obviously for reasons). I was raised in an orthodox middle-class family.

The story started when I saw her for the first time in my village. She became close to us as my family was only near to her house.

I was amazed by my Tamil neighbour’s beauty at first sight itself. She was beautiful like Tamil Actress Sridevi with natural village class beauty.

While I grew, I got to know a lot of adult things that occupied my mind a lot. I watched my neighbour’s shape and beauty and all and use to have a boner. But I never intended to have sex with her at that time.

It was study holidays. I usually wake late but I woke early and went upstairs to do some exercise on the balcony. It was almost sunrise, when I was doing the exercise, I saw that view from the balcony. My neighbour was coming out of the house to sweep the entrance. She was in nighty which was so thin. I was curious and watched her by hiding.

I was seeing her body shape from that thin nighty, having the boner. Suddenly, I was shocked when she bent down to sweep.

My eyes got wide, watching her big boobs hanging inside her nighty. It was a beautiful view and without even my acknowledgment, I started masturbating by looking at my village neighbor’s boobs shaking while so was sweeping!

I cummed quickly and let out a moan which she heard! I hid from her completely with a shock. She looked around and continued her work. With my heart pounding, I again watched those boobs shaking in the air after a few seconds. Then she went inside and I cleaned myself and was imagining it all day.

From that day, I woke early and hid in the balcony to see my neighbour’s body as much as possible. From the day, I also tried to be close to her. I always play in her home. After I saw her boobs, I couldn’t control. I tried to spend maximum time in her home to have a look.

My dad retired recently and planned for a tour with his grandchild. But I refused as I had special classes. Vandhana spoke to my mom that she would take care of me. An evil smile came inside my mind.

Vandhana’s husband was a lorry owner cum driver. He hardly spent time in his house – 2 days at home 2 weeks around India.

I had to sleep with my neighbour until my parents returned. At that time, I planned to execute an evil plan of mine to explore my married neighbor’s body without getting caught by her.

I used to sleep with her before.

On the first day, she wore a nighty and was sleeping next to me. Her husband was away. I touched her hands at first. Her skin felt soft. I was looking at her reaction. She was almost snoring and I pressed my hand slightly. She didn’t move.

I got more courage. I moved my hand to her belly and felt it. My boner was getting bigger. And then with fear and curiosity, I touched my sleeping neighbour’s ass cheek. She woke up this time but I didn’t move.

My boner was hidden by the bedsheet and I kept my hand on her ass cheek. She saw it and she took my hand away and slept again. I was thanking God and slept. She must have thought I did it in sleep. I was doing that groping act for the rest of the two weeks.

One day, I pressed her boobs inside her nighty and on another day, I lifted her nighty and enjoyed her soft thighs. One day, I removed her blouse since it was so loose. I then put back all the hooks. I kissed my neighbour’s boobs that day! I didn’t do sucking since it might wake her. I was enjoying her body from top to bottom.

One day I managed to see my neighbour bathing. I saw her nude body parts somewhat couldn’t see completely. After that, my sight was blocked.

During the weekend, her husband was there. But he slept in the hall. So I had no problem. When I woke up, Vandhana was not there. I went out of the bedroom and searched for her. I heard a sound from the kitchen. There was no door for the kitchen. I went and saw it.

My neighbour was getting fucked by her husband in the kitchen. Due to moonlight inside the room, I had enough visibility of their doings. I was looking at naked Vandhana. Her husband wearing a lungi. They did it for one hour and I saw it completely.

That was the first time I saw a woman fully naked. It was also the first real-time sex I saw. Vandhana was mostly screaming slightly with pain during the sex.

The next day, my fun came to an end as my parents came back.

For the next two years, I was having fun with Vandhana a lot. Every time my parents went out, I was looked after by Vandhana. After finishing my exams, I was enjoying with my family a bit. I went out on a tour and came back in a week.

When I came back, I saw Vandhana was at the entrance of her house and had a beautiful smile. I immediately got a boner.

Again, when my parents went with their grandchild, I was forced to stay with my neighbour. That day was bright. I never saw Vandhana treat me like that. She made special dishes and all.

I asked, “What is special today, akka?” She told me it was her birthday. I was so happy and immediately hugged her tightly and kissed her on the cheek to wish her. She was shocked and surprised but she liked it. She blushed and thanked me.

That night, I made a special plan. I had a lot of pleasure by touching her. But I never kissed her in lips until then.

As usual, we went to sleep that night. She was in nighty. I made sure that she was asleep. Then I hugged her from behind, completely touching her back with my body. I felt her body heat. Then I made her turn towards me slowly. I swiftly moved towards her lips.

I first just kissed her lips for a millisecond. She didn’t move. After getting more courage, I started kissing my neighbour’s lips again. I couldn’t stop and was going hard and hard with my lips sucking her lips. My hands were on her hips with a tight grip.

Suddenly, there was a movement from her. My heart almost stopped. But to my shock, my neighbour put her hands around my neck to kiss me back and her legs tightened around my legs!! I was so happy and confused.

I was going to ask her but she stopped me by kissing again. She then grabbed three pillows and two bedsheets with a waste cloth to upstairs. I got what she was doing and followed her.

She went inside the storeroom and set everything there. She sat there on the floor watching me with lust-filled eyes. My sexy neighbour woman then closed the windows with curtains completely and lit a candle. She was looking beautiful in that light and her skin was glittering.

I was not in control and forced on her fiercely like a lion diving at his prey. I started kissing her madly while groping her hip, ass, thighs, and boobs. We soon got undressed.

We were kissing and rolling over each other, playing with each other for almost 20 minutes. Then I placed my hands on her vagina and she twitched. I forced my fingers inside it. She was feeling an ecstasy of pain and pleasure. I did it properly until she came.

Then my horny neighbour came upon me and took charge. She gave her boobs to me and was pressing them on my face. I was enjoying it.

Then she signaled to insert my dick. I hesitated because of fear but she was not in the mood to wait. She took the matter in her hands and driven my penis inside her vagina, slowly. Since we had our precum, my dick moved inside my neighbour’s vagina smoothly.

Slowly, she sat on it and started riding it. After a few minutes, I got the courage and I held her in missionary position. She was gladly opening her legs widely for me. That made me much more lustful.

I entered inside her like breaking a door with a big wooden pole. My neighbour screamed in pain but she closed her mouth quickly.

I started moving inside and outside slowly. I was thrusting hard and she was moaning in ecstasy. Her breathing made her boobs enlarge like a big balloon which made me even more lustful and increase my pace. That caused her boobs to jump and jiggle. It was a great sight for me. She was smiling all the while.

After 12-15 minutes, I came inside my neighbour. And I fell over her body, panting.

I was still inside her and my head was resting on her boobs. She was panting too. My head along with her boobs was moving up and down according to her breathing.

Then, her voice broke the silence.

“Thanks, Ashok. You were good. For the first time, you made me last longer. We can enjoy it whenever we can.”

Those words gave me a shock and strange happiness. I looked at Vandhana. She kissed me on the forehead. And she started getting dressed and told me to bring the pillows and bedsheet back to the room and sleep like always.

I went back to the room later. Vandhana was sleeping like usual. I went next to her and hugged her from behind.

It was the first night of many nights that I got pleasure from my neighbor.

The story may continue as per the response. This is my first story on this website. Sorry for such a long story. I hope it was worth reading!

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