Kiss, Kiss And Lots Of Kisses

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Hi all, this is based on a 100% real story about kissing her body.

The resort was 30 km away. She was driving the car. I was kissing her neck and hands. We reached the farm. It was a weekday, so even the workers were fewer. We were roaming around the farm, eating fresh fruits, kissing her.

There was a big banyan tree, and we sat below there. I was lying on her lap. She bent her neck down. We were kissing again. She was so cute. With kajal in her twinkling eyes, she was beautiful.

From far she could see mango trees. She said, “I wish to kiss you like Tarzan.”

It was crazy, so we walked towards the tree. We both kissed. Our lips met, and it was such a beautiful moment

On the first kiss, my lips touched her lip. The  2nd kiss, she kissed in a way where my upper lips were sandwiched between her lips. On the 3rd kiss, her lower lips were sandwiched between my lips.

We both giggled, and our kiss became more passionate and intense. I started sucking her lips. Initially, I started sucking her lower lip for few seconds and then her upper lips for few seconds.

She was moaning at the same time, enjoying the kiss. She removed the tuck of my shirt and was playing with my chest. While kissing her, she tried to bring her lips in between and touched my lips. I ignored that she was sucking her lips more.

She unbuttoned my shirt, I kissed her neck, and she removed my shirt. She started kissing my chest. I pulled her hair and started kissing her again. But this time, while kissing, I let my hand inside her t-shirt and pressed her boobs. All this while she closed her eyes and enjoyed it.

I unclipped her bra as it was a strapless bra. I loved when she came all prepared. I sucked her, poking tits over the t-shirt and pinching the other tit. I gave romantic bites as well. She was going crazy with the magic of my lips and mouth

I made her lie on the ground. She spread her legs. I was between her legs. She rolled her t-shirt a few inches up. I kissed her navel and many kisses to her navel and belly button. I went up and kissed her lower boobs over the t-shirt.

I was kissing in her navel and boobs simultaneously. At the same time, my fingers were playing all over her body. She couldn’t take my slow teasing. She removed her t-shirt and threw it. I moved up. I kissed her cheeks and lips. This time I let my tongue play with her tongue.

I was slowly moving my fingers on her arms and armpit, and neck. She loved the tickling feeling. I could see the smile while kissing too. I broke the smooch and kissed her cheeks, her chin, neck, her shoulders, sucked her shoulders too.

I was moving inch by inch and kissing her. She was enjoying it with her eyes closed and playing with my hair. I kissed her arms, hand, and palm. I sucked her fingers. I was upon her, in the burning excitement, she lifted her ass a little up and rubbing herself on me.

I came back to kiss her cleavage and gave my love bite, and left the mark saying, “I own this property.” I sucked her erect tits. They were like bullets ready to shoot. As it wasn’t a sunny day, the cold wind and the outdoor encounter made it thrilling.

To be honest, I couldn’t stop sucking her boobs. I was rubbing my lower lip on her tits and then upper lip. Later, I used to play with her tongue. I used to chew her tits. She couldn’t control the crazy erotic things that were happening within her.

She always had a cute smile while doing this. She used to moan a lot. Her moans were the energy booster, making me go wild. I saw her, and she had this lust overflowing in her eyes. I started kissing her lips, and we were smooching again.

We both were smiling. Her lips turned pink because of my continuous kiss. I positioned myself and sat now. I took her leg and tried to remove the shoe. She laughed and said, “Stupid, Let it be. Remove my pant first. I can’t hold it anymore.”

I never thought she had such an erotic voice. I removed her pant. I saw her fully naked under sunlight on the farm. The thought itself made me hornier. I was between her legs again. I was holding the two solid pillars. I kissed those soft thighs.

I couldn’t stop kissing her thighs. It was a silky and perfect one. She was my princess. I was entering the perfect gateway for heaven. I kissed her on the belly button, and 4 inches below was the heaven and the treasure of El Dorado. Indeed, those who went there will never return.

She was so wet I kissed her pussy lips. I kissed her thighs again. I was playing with her clit, kissing her clit. My hands were cupping her tits. I inserted my finger in her pussy. Immediately she gasped, and I took my finger out and started kissing her clit.

I touched her lips with my wet finger. She knows what to do. She started sucking my finger like a lollypop. I never knew her tongue could do so much magic. She pushed my head down to her pussy. I kissed her pussy again. This time I licked it too.

My licking was getting wild and fast. She was in the pleasure that was beyond words. She started pressing her tits, seeing that I got crazy. I was kissing her pussy. She said, “Master, please don’t tease me, lick me, Master. I beg you.”

Who could deny such a sweet request? I started licking also was tongue fucking her at the same time. After 3 minutes, she had her first orgasm with a loud moan. I sucked it.

I asked her to open her mouth and spit in her mouth, so she knew how she tasted. She did open her mouth. I gave what I had with a long smooch. For the first time on the farm, her hands moved down to my pant.

Let me know if you would like to know what happens next. Tell me if it was worth your time. Did it make you horny? Yes, sex is not all about fucking. But without fucking, it’s like finishing a meal with just starters. Lol

I am waiting for your comments and response at [email protected]. Tell me how you felt after reading and my mistakes too. However, nothing can be changed as it happened, but I will note it in the future.

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