Protest For Rights – Part 1

It’s the month of December. The whole of Assam is burning with the news of the government deciding to give immigrants the right to live in India. So a lot of groups were formed for the organization of protest.

First, the Bengali Hindus were headed by Abhijita Mazumdar, a 45-year-old tall woman of 165 cm, whitish complexion, 38C breast size, and a big enormous ass of 42 inches. She likes to wear a Bengali ethnic saree. Everyone loves it when she sways her ass in the busy streets.

The next came to the Muslim women spearheaded by Suborna Khatun. She is a 26-year-old woman with spectacles, 160cm in height, dusky complexion, 34D size of the breast with a medium figure. She has a huge ass of 42 inches. She wears a burqa but loves to wear a tight one as her sizes are luscious.

Abhijita – Conservatives don’t like us because of what we wear.

Suborna – Well, my burqa saves me from hungry men but not yours.

Abhijita – Do you think that dress will help you, then why is it so tight?

Suborna – Why don’t you just say that I got better assets than you?

Suborna, in her mind, knew that what Abhijita said about her was somewhat true. She loves to wear a tight burqa. But she never knew that a Hindu woman would notice it. No man ever said it to her.

She also knew that the protest needed to be peaceful. For that, too much animosity was bad. So she needed to have a good conversation with Abhijita, the thought of which gave her goosebumps.

Abhijita, on the other hand, was thinking about what if Suborna was right. Her showing off her cleavage and navel might attract men. She was sleeping beside her husband. He was tired, and they didn’t have sex for three days straight.

It was hard for Abhijita. But she knew her sindoor had made her do this, and she needed to accept it. While she was thinking about it, a message arrived on her phone.

She looked at the profile photo. It was Suborna wearing the tightest burqa she had ever seen. Her ass was protruding as if asking someone to devour it.

Suborna – We need to meet.

Abhijita replied with the location where there were fewer people to notice them.

The next morning Suborna and Abhijita started to dress and were looking quite fabulous. Abhijita was wearing a Bengali saree with a sleeveless and tight blouse.

Half of her cleavage could be seen quite clearly in it. The pallu was in such a way that her navel could be seen. She didn’t wear a petticoat rather only a tight panty whose outline could be seen quite clearly. She wanted Suborna to know that she was safe even with those dresses.

On the other hand, Suborna was dressing up with a hijab rather than a burqa. People loved to look at her ass, and she wanted them to know the real her. She wore a salwar kameez though it was not so cold out today. She looked at her ass and thought, ‘No dress can drop my buttocks properly.’

She was late to arrive and was moving fast, not knowing why. Her armpits and face were getting sweaty, and so was her underwear. But she only thought of how people were still looking at her with their lusty stares.

She looked through the windows of the restaurant and saw Abhijita in her sensual saree. She strode by some people.

Suborna – Well, here I am.

Abhijita turned around and didn’t know what to say. She looked at this woman with her full face revealed, her beautiful bosom, and yes, her sweaty armpits.

Suborna was trying to look directly at Abhijita’s eyes. But the ample cleavage Abhijita was showing was quite distracting. She could even see the outline of Abhijita’s panty.

Both of them were drenched in their sweat as they didn’t know that today would be a warm day. Suborna sat in front of Abhijita and tried hard not to show herself blushing.

Abhijita – Quite a day. I didn’t know the weather was going to be like this.

Suborna -Yeah, I hope it gets colder. Are we meeting some men or what?

Abhijita – No, not them. The only ones I don’t want beside me right now is a man

Suborna – Then, we need a conversation between two women with different ideologies.

She was now directly looking at Abhijita’s drenched red blouse. She was feeling quite hot and didn’t know why. Abhijita knew that Suborna was looking at her bosom and wanted to play a bit.

She moved forward to look at the menu and pushed her pallu a bit down. She couldn’t care less why she was doing this, but it made her feel so good.

Suborna was sure that she was doing a sin by looking at a woman. It was not permitted in her religion. But her eyes didn’t even flinch once, and she loved the show going on.

Abhijita -This looks so delicious.

Suborna was surprised to hear it.

Abhijita – I was talking about the menu. I had never come to this restaurant before. I missed a lot

Suborna – Oh yeah! This is a Muslim restaurant, so not a lot of non-Muslims come here.

Abhijita – Well, I never lived in a Muslim neighborhood. So I don’t have many ideas. I hope they treat me well

Suborna – We like it when Hindu women come to our restaurants with their handful of money. Both boys and girls love seeing them

Suborna knew that this was a new thing for her, but it was hard to ignore this woman. She then stood up and went to the coffee mixer, and started to make some.

While she went, Abhijita looked at the biggest ass she had ever seen. It moved as if its twerking mid-air. She could even see that it was drenched with sweat. She thought to herself if she got the bigger one or her. A bit of insecurity was also rising. Her pubic area was also drenched now but not with sweat.

Suborna came back and saw Abhijita biting her lips. She knew that her ass was doing what it did to every other person in the streets. She was enjoying it and knew that today she was going to do a lot of sin. She looked at Abhijita and gave her a cup of coffee.

While taking the cup, Abhijita noticed that Suborna slightly touched her fingers. This made her more aroused. She pulled her hands behind her head to check if her hair was properly done.

In the meantime, Suborna got to see the sweaty armpits of Abhijita. It was very hairy, and sweat was trickling from it. It was making Suborna’s tongue wet, and she was shy to show it. But she wanted to smell and taste those armpits.

Both of them knew that the meeting was already over before it even began. Now the only thing they wanted to do was devour each other. The only thing that was keeping them in their seat was their various affiliation. They wanted to forget it for once. Suborna stood up from her seat.

Suborna – I am going to the washroom.

Abhijita was anxious about what she should do. Her sindoor was on her forehead, and a Muslim woman was making her drool. She touched her panty, and she knew that she couldn’t go back anymore.

The washroom was quiet, and Abhijita moved inside. Suborna was looking at the mirror and was washing her face. She knew that Abhijita had entered. She did what she intended. She moved forward and let her ass protrude more. It was making her pussy more wet and hot, and she wanted someone to touch it.

Abhijita just entered and showed the best thing that she could ever do. She slightly closed the door and moved towards the basin. She looked at herself in the mirror and asked in her mind, ‘Today is the day that I will be granted proper freedom.’

Suborna – That sindoor is a pride of a Hindu woman, and I never could understand why?

Abhijita – It shows that you are taken by someone.

Suborna – We Muslim women never had one. I think we are too naughty to be taken by one.

Abhijita knew what Suborna meant. She couldn’t stop herself from moving behind Suborna. Suborna was afraid to take the next step, but her body couldn’t resist.

She moved backward and let her ass touch Abhijita’s pubic area. Abhijita knew she got what she wanted. A Muslim woman giving her ass to a Hindu woman is the one thing that never happened.

But now it was. Abhijita started to touch Suborna’s ass over her dress, and by the feel of it, she knew it was fluffy and luscious. She started to squeeze it as hard as she could. Suborna was moaning like anything.

Suborna wanted more as she pressed the back of her body more on Abhijita. Abhijita moved downwards and stood on her knees. She could see those sensuous buttocks right in front of her face.

She pulled Suborna’s salwar, and it was quite tight and sweaty. She pulled it hard, and finally, it came down. Now she looked up and showed what she was waiting for—those juicy dusky buttocks waiting to be eaten.

She started to press it more, pulled the wet panty down, and smelled it, taking every bit of smell it provided. She pulled her pallu down and unbuttoned her blouse and bra. Her big jugs came out and bounced a bit.

Now she wanted to eat Suborna’s ass. She could see the tiny hole in it that was asking her to move forward. She moved her face upward and took the smell of Suborna’s ass. Then she couldn’t control herself and started to lick every little sweat in it.

She was biting those asscheeks, and it was giving sensations to Suborna’s body. Then she started to spread those asscheeks and opened her mouth for the ultimate taste. She pressed her whole face on Suborna’s ass and put her tongue in her asshole.

Suborna – Suck that Muslim ass, you bitch. You love that, don’t you?

She was moaning like anything.

Abhijita – This ass belongs to me and nobody else. You don’t know how I always wanted to tear your burqa and fuck you like a whore

Suborna – Then don’t spare me. Devour my holes however you want. I love being licked by a Hindu woman

Abhijita was licking all over Suborna’s ass, and it was filled with her saliva. Suborna smiled a bit, thinking how a woman was sucking her behind. On the other hand, Abhijita was having the best time of her life. She moved back and put her fingers inside Suborna’s ass. It made Suborna jerk.

Abhijita – Let me see how much your virgin ass can take.

Suborna – Insert as much as you can, cos it’s all yours.

It was so erotic that Suborna pulled her hijab away from her head, threw it away, and turned around. Abhijita stood up, and Suborna could see those delicious boobs hanging in front of her.

She pounced on Abhijita and started kissing her. Their tongues started to enter every part of their mouth, and neither of them was holding back. Suborna was holding each of Abhijita’s boobs on each of her hands. She wanted those brown nipples and started to squeeze them.

Abhijita – You want them in your mouth, isn’t it?

Suborna – Feed me like I am your baby.

It was so hot for Suborna to suck the boobs of a Hindu woman.

Abhijita – There is no milk, but it’s hard enough to make you crazy

Abhijita spoke and started to pull Suborna more into her bosom. She wanted Suborna to know that who got the better bosom. Suborna was so mesmerized by those boobs that even if she found it hard to breathe, she still didn’t stop.

She knew this might be a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and she wanted to do everything with Abhijita’s body. Abhijita, meanwhile, pulled Suborna’s kameez and saw for the first time the perfect body of a Muslim woman.

Abhijita – Why don’t you show your body more? It’s so beautiful.

Suborna – I don’t want everyone to see my body unless and until it is a woman like you.

Hearing it, Abhijita started to lick every part of her body. But Suborna stopped her and said, “Let me take what I want now.” Abhijita, listening to it, was surprised by Suborna’s tone. Then Suborna smiled.

Suborna – Show me your hairy, smelly armpits.

Abhijita understood what she needed to do and held her arms up.

Suborna looking at those bushy hairs was making her horny. She took hold of Abhijita’s arm so that it didn’t come down. She brought her whole mouth and tongue on those armpits. The smell was making her mad, and she was licking every little sweat in it.

Suborna – Oh, you Hindu women have the perfect armpits.

Abhijita – Someone is dirty today! Just say that you like bushy sweaty armpits.

Now Suborna started to undress Abhijita fully. She took hold of Abhijita’s saree and undraped it fast.

Suborna – The way you dress doesn’t provide anything for your chastity. You should roam around naked

Suborna said, looking at the busty woman in front of her.

Abhijita – To seduce a woman like you, even if I have to lose everything, I would definitely. I always wanted to see what’s inside that burqa. Now I know you Muslim women know what we Hindu women could do to you, so you cover yourself

Abhijita spoke while throwing her panty at Suborna’s face.

Suborna – If there were no men, I would have made a harem of Hindu and Muslim women fucking the hell out of each other

Suborna jumped out to Abhijita.

Suborna – My home is nearby, let us go there.

Suborna said, smiling while the strong arms of Abhijita were carrying her.

Abhijita – How can I say no to you, my begum?

Hearing it, Suborna kissed her more. They dressed up and moved towards Suborna’s home. It was a small alleyway where kids were playing with a ball. Abhijita pulled her pallu to cover herself more as people were looking at her.

Suborna – Now you know what I was talking about.

Suborna said, pouting at her.

After some turns, they finally came to a halt. It was a small house. It looked to have no more than two or three rooms. Abhijita now realized that Suborna was from a poor family, but she still had a smile on her face.

Suborna – I know I am not rich like you, but still, do you want to go?

Abhijita was too horny to say no. They entered Suborna’s home, and it was quite hot inside. There were small pieces of furniture, and a sound of cutting vegetables came from the kitchen.

Suborna asked Abhijita to follow her, and they entered the kitchen. There was a woman in her hijab and churidar cutting some vegetables.

Suborna – Maa, I am back

Suborna said, and her mom looked towards them and stood up. She looked the same age as Abhijita, with almost the same assets, except she was black and was chewing tobacco.

She washed her hands and came towards them.

Her mom – Welcome to our home. You work for the Bengali organization, isn’t it?

Abhijita – Ah yes, namaskar, it’s nice to meet you.

Mom and daughter looked at each other and smiled a bit, and asked Abhijita to have a sit.

Suborna – Maa, we are going to my room, it’s really hot here.

Then she winked at her mom.

Her mom- Okay, I will bring something for you

She giggled a bit. Both Suborna and Abhijita went to her room and dropped to her bed.

Suborna – I live with my mom Farida Begum. She is a homemaker and goes to some neighborhoods for maid work.

Abhijita was feeling sorry for Suborna, so she hugged her.

Abhijita – I didn’t know, and I don’t know what to say

Suborna – You don’t have to say anything. Just turn around in doggy style and let me lick you this time. But yeah, you have to wear this to make it more erotic

She provided her with a black scarf to cover her eyes. Abhijita felt she was going to be eaten up by this woman today. Suborna started to lick both the pussy and asshole of Abhijita. She was licking as if it was the last woman she would ever get.

She undressed fully and tied a hijab on her head and in the same way one on Abhijita’s head. Abhijita didn’t care what was happening and was enjoying every bit of it. Suborna, while fingering Abijita’s pussy, looked back and smiled.

Farida Begum was in her doorway with just her bra and panty on along with a hijab on her head. She came towards them, and looked at Abhijita, and smirked.

She opened her purse and pulled out two enormous strapons from it, and licked it. She was wearing red lipstick as well. The strapons could be around 9 inches each.

She handed one to Suborna and kept one for herself. Abhijita didn’t know anything about what was going to happen to her. Both mom and daughter started wearing their respective strapons. They looked at each other and whispered

Farida – Let us fuck this bitch.

Suborna quietly went below Abhijita, holding her strapon upwards. Farida went above Abhijita, pointing her strap on downwards. They counted for 10 seconds.

Then Suborna put her strapon on Abhijita’s vagina, and Farida put her on Abhijita’s asshole. Both entered with so much force in one go. Now they started thrusting it together.

Abhijita was shocked and didn’t know what was happening. She took the black scarf off her face and saw Suborna below her, smiling at her as she moved her body.

She looked back, and she was in shock at what was happening. She was being fucked by both mother and daughter, and she couldn’t even move. She had never tried anal. This was wrong for her, but it was also providing her with pleasure.

Abhijita – Please stop. I think this is wrong.

Farida – Nothing is wrong, you are our guest, and we are providing you with pleasure. Unless and until we all three are satisfied, no one is stopping

Her hands were now on Abhijita’s hijab as she fucked her ass harder. It looked as if she was riding a horse. Suborna, on the other hand, was squeezing Abhijita’s boobs with her hands while also fucking her.

It was a feeling that Abhijita never knew, pain, pleasure, weakness. Her hands were giving up as she gave into those two women. She felt like prey being devoured by two predators and was helpless.

Farida- You know when I go to work in your Hindu areas, the house owners’ wives always fucks me with those strapons. They say they love big busty sweaty hardworking Muslim ass and never fucked me in my pussy. Now I finally got a rich big busty hairy housewife Hindu woman, and I will fuck your ass till I get fully exhausted

She was now fucking her even harder. Abhijita was sandwiched between the two, and they were sweating like anything. She felt absolute pleasure and wanted it to go on. She let herself loose. She was now lying on Suborna, letting them enjoy her holes.

Suborna started kissing Abhijita more and entered her mouth. Now it was pure domination from her. Farida took the hijab out of Abhijita’s head and took hold of her hair.

Farida – Oh my begum, you are so hot. I want to fuck you like this every single day. You rich women need women like us from the slums to take care of your body because your husbands can’t.

Farida was whispering at Abhijita’s ears.

Abhijita – Then what are you doing. Fuck me like your begum. My ass is already yours for the taking, fuck me harder

Learning this from Abhijita, both Farida and Suborna increased their pace and started to get more and more exhausted. Abhijita was moaning so hard for the first time. She knew her husband could never do this type of intercourse.

After almost thirty minutes of fucking they finally gave up. Abhijita was drifting off in her sleep now. The other two looked at her, knowing how beautiful she was, and still, they got her so easily.

After some time, Abhijita woke up and found a glass of milk beside her. Farida came into her room with her usual dress and gave the glass to Abhijita.

Farida – This will provide you with some energy. I know you are too exhausted

Abhijita drank the milk and looked at Farida.

Abhijita – I never thought this was going to happen, but it was good

Farida – Well, the way you were screaming, it felt as if you were in heaven

Suborna came to the room and looked at them.

Suborna – It is getting late, so I brought an autorickshaw for Abhijita

She smiled and was sad too because it might be the last time they met. All of them went to the doorway and started bidding bye. Abhijita looked back and saw Farida’s face.

Abhijita – We didn’t even kiss once

And she holds Farida by her head and starts kissing her.

Farida, too forced her body on Abhijita and started caressing her ass. It was a dream for Farida to fuck a Hindu woman, and she got it.

Suborna – My god, you both horny women! Someone might see.

Abhijita – If I got a chance, I would fuck your mom in the open streets and make her my whore

She patted Suborna’s ass and said goodbye to both of them. Did her ideology change, or is it still the same?

The story of the lesbian housewife and her hot partner will be continued.

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