Sharing everything with childhood friends – Part 2

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While Thomas and Mohan were standing next to Farah, I was shocked to see another two young guys enter the room. They must be Thomas and Mohan’s friends.

One of them was holding a camera. They started taking pictures of my wife in front of me while she was wearing such sexy clothes. Thomas was calling them Shekhar and Rohan.

I was really angry, but I couldn’t say anything to them. Otherwise, I could be exposed in front of my wife. Mohan went behind my wife and put his palms across Farah’s boobs while another young guy took pictures.

Thomas pulled her gown up and threw it away. Farah was just in a very short red bra and panty. Thomas put one hand at the center of her panty, very close to her sensitive private part. I was really amazed to see that Farah was not resisting.

Although it was painful, I actually started enjoying seeing the show that 4 men discovered my wife’s beautiful body. Mohan has unhooked the bra from behind and tried to remove it. But Farah did not allow it as she was holding it from the front.

Mohan struggled a bit, but he finally overpowered Farah in removing her bra and throwing it away. Farah was cupping her boobs with her palms. In the meantime, Thomas tried to pull her panty down. She resisted, but with this struggle, her right boob was exposed.

All in the room had a good look of it. The young guy immediately took a few pictures. The scene was incredible. Her boob was firm with the erect brown puffy nipple, and it was a piece of beauty to admire for anyone.

In the second attempt, Thomas was able to pull her panty down. She did not resist this time. She might have thought there was no point. She was fully naked in the middle of the living room in front of four strange men apart from her own hubby watching it.

Her hands were also down. Both her tits were fully visible to everyone. Her pussy with little hair on top was so clearly visible. Her nude body was like some expert sculptor carved every curve of her body so perfectly.

The four men in the room were admiring every inch of her body. Her body was shining in the dim light. The men could not resist any further. Thomas came close, facing her, and cupped her tits with his hands. Mohan caught her hips from behind.

One of the young guys came close to her and touched her pussy lips. Another young guy came to her face and kissed her on her lips. He put his tongue inside her mouth. Farah was licking his tongue. He removed his tongue and licked her lower lip. She reciprocated and started licking and biting his lower lip.

While four of them were playing with the fully naked body of my beautiful wife, I was sitting on the sofa with my hands and legs tied up. I was allowed to watch the show.

It was amazing to see that my wife was also started enjoying it. She was now fully cooperating with the guys. She was allowing them to fondle her body and touch her private parts.

Thomas and Mohan were still wearing masks to hide their identity. But the two young guys were without any masks. Both of them look like teenagers and really enjoy touching her body parts.

Maybe they did not get such an opportunity in the past. I was watching them carefully. I could clearly see the bulge in their pants, and it was quite bulky for the young guys.

The young guy was now licking her pussy lips and putting his tongue deep inside my wife’s pussy. He wanted to eat her dry. At the same time, the other young guy was still kissing and licking her lips.

Thomas was licking and biting her puffy erected nipples. At the same time, Mohan was discovering her ass more deeply. My wife was fully occupied by these guys.

Suddenly I saw the young guy licking my wife’s pussy removed his pant, and then his undies. I couldn’t believe my eyes a monster came out. Must be 9/10 inches big and 6/7″ thickness.

My wife was staring at it. He took her hand and placed it on his cock. She caught it and started feeling its strength. She was rubbing it, and it became rock hard. She bent down and kicked its head and the tiny hole to taste the pre-cum.

The young guy must be in heaven. While she bent down, Mohan put one finger in her ass hole. Her face showed the pain, but she was enjoying it. Mohan started fingering her ass hole fast.

Now all the guys had removed their pants and undies. They were all naked, showing their manhood to my wife. My wife was licking and sucking their manhoods one by one. She was looking like a real slut I couldn’t imagine before.

Thomas, Mohan left Farah, went to the other part of the living room. He brought the sofa cum bed in the middle of the room. Came back to Farah, Thomas kissed her on her lips while Mohan kissed her pretty belly button. They both lifted her in their hands and took her to the sofa cum bed.

She was lying down there on her back. All four of them were standing on each side of the bed. Mohan and Thomas are on the left and right sides of the bed. The young guys at the head and foot side of the bed.

They were all ready for the action and greedily looked at her naked body without any piece of clothes. Their eyes were all around her body, especially the firm rounded boobs with puffy nipples and her flat little hairy pussy.

Their cock was hard, erect and waiting to go to their destination. Their hands were ready to pluck her titties and nipples from her body. Farah was looking at all four of them and their hard manhoods. Her eyes were like inviting them. I was waiting to see their actions.

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