Maya’s Big Bang Cocky Fun At The Pub

I, Maya, a sexually liberated woman, enjoys sex with any bloody fucking asshole who can satiate my sexual hunger by playing with my nipples and cuddling my pussy before a chodachodi session.

Adding more to it, I love to fuck in front of my beloved boka choda husband, Rahul, as that maadarchod loves to see his wild cat playing wildest games of getting fucked by hot hunks with not less than 8 inches lauda.

The story started on a Saturday, when I was fucking so-very-tired due to a fiery fuck fest the previous night with 2 of my fucking hot co-workers but still manage to go to the office as I can’t miss any sultry chance of getting screwed and sex-cited by my other colleagues!

As usual, I had a naughty sex adventure in there and plan for a fuck party at my home, as the next day was Sunday.

On Sunday, everything went as per plan. The co-worker joined in and the trio was me, my chutiya hubby and fellow workers dipped into the world of lust, sex, and cum. I jolly well knew that my gaandu husband will join in for sure.

After a tremendous perverted and lustful sex, another colleague of mine joined in and then we fucked each other as if there was no tomorrow.

On Monday morning, the luscious scene looks like a sumptuous sexy sandwich of the trio where Rick was pushing his 8-inches dick into my buttery butt from the back and me facing the 8.5-inches lauda of another chutiya, Sam from the front.

This sexy sandwich posture was driving all 3 of us crazy as we were enjoying each other’s erected parts in a smooth way. Then we had a bath in a tub in a similar sandwich posture.

Rick – I have rubbed soap on my full body and want you to lie on my slippery penis so that it can pierce into your big fat ass.

Sam – I am gonna insert my hard rock lauda in your pussy so hard that it slips in your cunt easily being slippery due to my cum oozing out of the erected dick.

Then chutiya Rahul, my hubby entered the bathroom

Rahul – Come in my arms baby and I will dry your body with my hot lips by sucking every inch of water drop on your sexy body.

Rick – Shona baby, wear that sexy black single strapped bra of yours which gives a prominent view of your busty boobs jumping out of that boundary of your bra’s edges.

Sam – Hey you sexy bitch, I want you to wear a red transparent throng which I bought for you from Bangkok.

While wearing that hot bra and sexy throng, I saw Sam and Rick lying naked with their erected cocks, still horny after an eventful night and a short fuck morning session.

On the first day of the week at the office, I thought it would not be a wise decision to be in a bikini-wear which would deviate the direction of long dicks of my bloody fucking asshole colleagues towards my ever demanding and welcoming pussy where they die to enter anywhere any time.

I decided to wear a chiffon red saree without blouse as my hot black bra with red polka dots seemed a perfect match with that saree with my bouncy boobs bumping making a clear line in between and paving an apt way to my bold sexy cleavage.

Finally, I reached office wherein Dick, (yes you read it correct! That’s the name we all call him as he is famous for his dark chocolate brown 9-inched dick) opened the car door for me to have a crystal clear view of my dusky sexy cleavage which had a tattoo of a dick embossed right in the middle of my busty boobs.

Dick – Sexy bitch! I must say who has my dick on her boobs (smiles).

Dick – I am a mother fucker! So is my dick which is always ready to give a standing ovation to your hairy juicy cunt.

I gave him a smirk inviting smile for a short lusty session in the bathroom which was the favorite and common place where we play dirty nasty games of sex every day after getting pissed off in midst of our work.

From the gate to my cabin, all guys were gazing at my sleeveless single-strapped bra fitting my busty boobs tightly making my cleavage look as prominent as possible and movement of my buttery ass like a pendulum of a clock. I was sure all of my colleagues would have wanted me, leaving aside all fucking office work.

I went straight into my boss’s cabin to give him the luscious greet of the day with my hot body covered in a transparent chiffon saree. As soon as I entered the cabin, my boss gave me a standing ovation. Yes, you read it right! I meant his cock stood up to get in my pussy which got wet seeing that erotic scene of a horny cock.

Boss – Horny morning, sexy bitch! You just look stunning and horny as ever.

Me – A very cocky morning, boss. Your pant looks amazing with that erected penis which wants a way to my juicy pussy.

Boss hugged me so tightly that my boobs became all the more viewable from that sexy bra. His hard rocked cocky penis seemed to make an entry from his pants to my throng.

Me – I like this nasty erotic mating of the notorious hungry penis with my hairy pussy. That’s why I address you as the best mother fucker! Sala boka choda tumi saara kaaj ki bhaalo bhaabhe korte paro go. Be it official or physical (giving him a lusty smile).

Boss pierced his finger in my navel, rolling it and pushing in and out.

Me – Your bitch loves it when you play inside the ground (i.e. my navel).

Boss – Baby! I have an invitation for you and your fucker hubby (Rahul) to a lusty party at Olypub in the evening.

Me – Oh honey..Thank you! (I touched his cock & pressed it). I am sure you have invited all our office employees to this dirty nasty party.

Boss – Yes! All your disciples are invited including me as well who is the consistent follower of yours, my highness!

Boss – Play with my hungry cock, baby! It is dying to go in between your stouty legs.

I lifted my leg on his thighs. My boss pulled up my saree and fingered my pussy making it wet.

Me – Oh you are a number 1 boka choda je aamake touch korle e wet kore dei.

Boss – Tomar moto hotty thaak le aar ki resist kora jaaye?

Me – Lick my juice on your fingers, you asshole.. Uhhhh..I am loving it!

Boss – It tastes like the best juice in the world. (Inserting his thick long finger as much he can and making me cum like hell)

Me – Place your hot lips in between my boobs, lick it and finger my demanding pussy. Moving your finger fast in and out with perfect intervals.

Boss – You bloody bitch! You drive me crazy with your wet juicy cunt.

I smooched him tightly and sucked the saliva to its fullest, rolling my tongue all over his hot tongue.

After a short nasty session, we got back to our works (hahaha. for a change).

During lunch time, Dick, Sam, Rick, Monty, Boss and I gathered to discuss the nasty session which was to take place that evening.

Making me the center of attraction, all started deciding on my attire for the erotic evening.

Boss – Well, my bitch should wear this saree only as it is easily accessible.

He was Blinking his eye by confirming his statement as he experienced it a few hours back. He was also showing his dick which again erected hearing such naughty talks.

Me – Let me hear from others too.

Dick – You should remove this bra of yours so that I am visible. (lusty smile). I mean, your tattoo of the dick is visible.

Me – This son of a bitch always wants me to display him. Isn’t it?

Sam – If the bra is to be removed, then take off the saree as well. Have a bikini look, babe.

Me – I am going for a hot party you, gaandu. And not for a swimming session in your yummy cum which oozes at just a touch of mine.

Rick – My say would be..Horny bitch should be naked. Every inch of her body should be visible and all mother fuckers like us should be given a lusty chance to play!

Me – Oh!! There comments a rascal. Freedom of fucking equality!

All laughed acknowledging my words.

Me- Anyways, let me decide my own dress as Maya does not allow any fucking asshole to decide what she would wear, do and how she should play with the fucking players like you.

It was 6 in the evening when everybody got free from their work and was getting all set for a big bang cocky juicy fun at the pub.

Rick – Hey bitch, what are you on to?

Me – I wish to be on you, maadarchod.

Rick – Which fucker on this earth has stopped you? Lay your buttery ass on my mouth so that I can roll my tongue in and out tasting the juice on it.

Me – Bastard ! Shob somay aamake chaai. Follow the hot body to the bathroom.

Rick squeezed my boobs with his big palm while I was pulling his dick towards my cunt. He smelled my hairy armpits and continued his nasty activity on my huge boobs. I inserted his cock in my juicy vagina and started playing in and out the game of sex.

He rolled his penis in my navel by pushing his hot body to mine leaving no gap in between our souls. I bowed down to his long erected lauda and sucked it like ice cream, rolling my hot tongue entangling the cock. His cum tasted the best in this world. He shagged and splashed his cum on my boobs and massaged them being the nasty masseur.

I visited a huge store nearby our office and pulled up a sexy hot sizzling dress for my self.

Aaah, wait. I will describe my dress and its look at the party. Hold on your dicks till then, I will soon erect them.

At 8 pm, all were inside the pub – dancing, drinking, smoking and playing with each other in the best possible nasty ways. A huge round of applause, yelling, cheering voice was heard when the most sexy, flaming, hot like furnace, blazing girl entered that huge pub.

I am sure you guys already have a thought in your penis. I mean in your mind that who this bloody hot bitch can be? Yes!! My readers, you got it right! It’s Maya – Maya with her boka choda maadar chod husband who was sexcited at this overwhelming response from the hot hunks for his wife.

Everyone’s eye was on my body rather than the dress as it was as much revealing as much possible.

I was wearing a shimmered golden crop-top with my deep dug navel purely visible with V neck in front which portrayed the perfect naughty look of my huge boobs.

My huge boobs were compressed in between so tightly that my deep cleavage had exactly the place for an 8-inched penis to go in between and settle. It had a single small button at the back which if touched can give an easy access to my full top portion making it bare body.

With that was a black shining mini skirt with front and back slits which would make the fucking assholes life easy by inserting their dick in front leading to intercourse through that front slit and a doggy positioned sex posture with the back slit which would have direct entry to my huge buttery ass.

Most importantly, golden high heeled shoes. You are wondering why is that important? Yes, it is very much essential. If any mother fucker is not able to satisfy the insatiable hunger of the goddess then high heels are required to spank on the butts of maadarchod!

The goddess has to think about his worshippers and their easy access to the body so that no time is wasted in opening up so many clothes.

We were all in our best of the moods, drinking, dancing, and teasing. I danced with a wine glass in my hand when Sam approached me to have a dirty attack on his cock.

Sam – Hey babes, come on, my dick is dying for you. It is hungry and wants you!

Me – Saala suar er bacha tor bada ta sob somoy aamar pussy chaai.

Rahul – Go baby, go. Don’t let any dick die till your hairy pussy is there to play with it.

Me – Sala maadarchod, tui to hub khushi paabi. Jokhon tor bou k choda hobe.

Rahul – Ha re. I enjoy getting to see my wife fucked by a gaandu. Jaar lauda ta or cunt e jaawar jono more jaachhe.

Me, boka choda hubby of mine and Sam, we all entered a beautifully decorated big bedroom of the pub which was apt for a fuck session. As soon as we entered, Rick also followed us as his dick also wanted to be a participant in the fuck play..

Sam – Come in my arms, baby.

Saying this, he lifted me in front of my hubby by kissing deeply on my navel followed by a tight smooch.

Rick made me lie on the bed, kissing from my leg to thighs.

Me – Saale bhosdi ke. Aage aamar jaama ta khol. Clothes pore ki choda chodi korbe.

Sam touched the button of the top at the back and top just slung from my body as curtains do on the stage. He squeezed my boobs and started sucking my nipples. Rick stretched my hands straight back on the bed and started licking every bit of my hair on my armpits.

I could feel every drop of his saliva on my pits which was making my hairs look dampen.

Sucking my nipples, Sam slowly moved downwards to my navel, licking every bit by pushing the tongue in and out, circling it going round and round.

Rahul – Saala maadarchod tora eto bhaalo bhaabe aammar bou sathe foreplay korchho ja ammar bada ta 6-inch theke almost 8-inch hoye gechhe. Iam getting my dick ready to get hard as a rock.

After licking the juice of my luscious hairy armpits, Rick slowly moved down to my hairy cunt which was already oozing a little cum by the touch of his finger.

Me – Maadarchod.. Lick my pussy and lay me in the heaven of sex and lust.

Sam turned me little towards Rick so that he can have access to my buttery-butts which was dying to have a feel of that hot tongue in between the butt cleavage.

Me – Saala chutiya!! Tora to aamake dui torof theke chodar plan korechish, but yes trust me I am enjoying this worship.

Rick was moving his tongue encircling the border of my vagina by making a perfect circle.

Me – Aahhhh..Aaahhhhh..Sala ammar chut tor lauda ta chaai.. Bahenchod tor bada ta insert kor..

Sam, slowly lifting up, inserted his huge penis in my butt and gave me the pleasure of doggy style fuck.

Rahul was shagging his dick as fast as possible as he wanted the cum to ooze out with which these mother fuckers can massage the boobs of his wife.

Rick was making his penis ready to enter the vagina. He gave a hard push of his erected dick to her cunt almost making her moan in pleasure.

Rahul – Sala haraami aaro jore chod aamar bou ke.. Aaro jore kor..

Saying this, he was shagging and shagging, getting the thick flow of his cum ready for his bitch.

I was moaning badly.

“Uuhhhh aahhhhha uuuuuuhhhh ufffff aaro chod aamake.. I am just loving it..”

Both the fucking assholes were taking their own pleasure by fucking me front and back. Both then reversed their position and did not leave any stone unturned to satisfy my insatiable hunger for perfect intercourse.

Rahul – I wanna splash my thick cum on the body of this bitch and want both the bastards to rub on her boobs and massage leading to a bigger size of the busty boobs.

Sam and Rick rubbed the thick yummy cum on my body giving me the ultimate pleasure of the massage, playing with my hard turned nipples and shagging boobs.

We all had a bath session after this lusty nasty dirty erotic play.

I know that my avid readers want more and more such lusty experiences to be shared. There are many more such sessions which will be conducted in coming days with more and more lustiness and dirt in it making you guys go crazy.

Hold on your dicks and cunts for more such erotic stories to come in future.

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