Massage Leads To Sex With Ex-Colleague Girl Meher

Hi everyone, myself Krish, age 27, working as an IT professional, living in Bangalore.

This story is about my friend cum colleague. Her name is Meher, we have met first time at the office of our joining day. Later, we had a small group where we used to hangout and share a good bonding between us.

My colleague Meher was a simple woman with average height and had the perfect amount of flesh at the right places and slightly bigger boobs. I used to have feelings for her, but she got into a relationship with one of our batchmates named Varun and continued the relationship for 2 years. Due to this, I moved on and used to interact less with her.

Varun left for higher studies and she shifted to a new company. Due to the long-distance relationship and some issues between them, they got separated and she went into depression.

We hadn’t met for over a year and we used to talk and message occasionally. On one of our mutual friend’s birthday, we meet at a party. We meet after a long time and we had a good conversation together. My ex-colleague seemed to have moved out of her depression and was having good single life.

We talked about many things that evening and left to our respective places.

After over a week, on a Saturday, I got a message from Meher, “What are the plans today?”

Me: Nothing specific, just a boring Sunday.

Meher: Even I am bored and my roommates left for their hometown. Can we go out and play badminton?

Me: Sure, let me check the availability.

I booked a slot and informed the details.

Meher: Pick me up.

Me: Be ready at 10 am.

I went to her place and picked up and went to play badminton. During the play, her leg was twisted and she found it difficult to walk without help.

We want to return. She was walking with my support and her left hand was over my shoulder and I was holding her hand. While walking, my ex-colleague girl’s boobs were touching and rubbing on my shoulder. Till then, I was not having any bad intentions, but then my feelings and lust took over.

I shifted my hand from her hand and held her waist and continued walking to the parking area. She didn’t mind having my hand over her waist.

We returned to her room and had tea together and talked for a few minutes. I wanted to leave my room but she stopped me and said that it would be helpful if I stay at her place this weekend to help her roommates were not there.

I readily agreed and many thoughts were coming to my mind to test my luck that weekend. We ordered lunch and had it. I wanted to make a move. I started the conversation.

Me: How is your leg, is it still paining?

Meher: Yeah, it’s paining when there is pressure and when I stand up.

Me: Let me check.

I sat in front of my ex-colleague girl and took her leg into my hands and gave a gentle massage. She was having slight pain and a bit of relief. I did this for a few minutes

Me: How are you feeling now?

Meher: A bit better.

Me: Do you want to have a massage? It will relieve your pain. I guess you have body pain since you played badminton after a long time.

Meher: Yeah, I do have body pain but..

Me: What happened?

Meher: I am a bit scared.

Me: No worries, I will just give you a basic massage and relieve your pain.

Meher: Ok.

Me: Change to nightwear so that you will be comfortable.

She changed to nightwear and slept on the bed with her back down. I started with her foot and was given a gentle massage. I was slowly moving upwards till her thighs. I was on cloud nine! Never thought I would even touch my ex-colleague girl this way.

This continued for 10 minutes. I shifted to massage her hands for 5 minutes.

Me: Do you have any specific place where you have pain?

Meher (with closed eyes and in a low voice): My shoulders and back.

Me (my inner voice): Seems she is enjoying it and I need to take this forward.

Me: Turn around, on your belly.

She turned around and I started to massage her shoulders and provide a little pressure at specific points to give her pleasure and relief. I could see her face and she was enjoying it.

Me: Can I move your shirt up to massage your back?

Meher: Hmm.

I moved her shirt up and massaged her back and occasionally pressed her waist.

Me: Do you have oil in your room? It gives you more relief.

Meher pointed her fingers to the shelf.

I got the oil and poured very little oil on her back and gave her a gentle massage.

Me: How is the massage, are you ok?

Meher: Feeling great, it’s very relaxing.

Me: It would be more relaxing if I provide you full body massage with the oil.

Meher (thought for a moment): Ok.

Me: It will be comfortable if you are in only inners and doesn’t spoil your dress.

Meher: Ok.

Me: I will go out, call me when you finish changing.

After a few minutes, my ex-colleague girl called me. I was stunned to see her and froze for a second. She was only in her bra and panty.

When she called me twice, I came to my senses and reached her.

Me: Lie on your back.

I started to pour oil starting from her legs to her belly and her neck. I massaged her legs and inner thighs for a good 10 minutes and occasionally, touched her pussy over her panty. Then I massaged my ex-colleague’s belly and the sides of her breasts and her shoulders for around 10 minutes.

Me: Turn around.

I climbed on top of her legs and massaged her back for a few min and decided to make a move now. While rubbing her back, I unhooked the bra strap, to let her think it was unhooked due to the massage and she didn’t mind.

After this, I took some courage and started touching her ass and was massaging it. She was not resisting. I proceeded to massage my ex-colleague girl’s ass for some time and her panty got soaked in the oil.

Me: Turn around.

When she turned around, her bra moved a bit since it was unhooked. I was massaging her belly and reaching near her boobs. I massaged around her boobs and the bra was moving away from her boobs. With some courage, I slowly started massaging my ex-colleague girl’s boobs.

Meher closed her eyes, she was enjoying this. I thought it was a good opportunity. I started massaging her boobs and removed her bra and threw it away. She was naked on top, what a sight it was! I thought of taking her boobs in my mouth and suck them fully, but I was scared about whether she is gonna like it.

Slowly, I moved toward her belly and then moved to her pussy over her panty. I was massaging her inner thighs and pussy over her panty. She was enjoying this and clearly can be seen on her face.

I took some courage and moved my hand inside my panty and started massaging her pussy. Meher gasped for a moment and let out a small moan. That was it! My dream came true. I was on cloud 9 while rubbing the pussy of my ex-colleague.

After some time of massaging her pussy with one hand and pressing her boobs with the other hand, I pushed my middle finger inside her pussy. She let out a small moan. I held my finger in her pussy and was pressing her boobs.

Then I was fingering her pussy with my middle finger and inserted my index finger as well and continued it for some time. She was enjoying this foreplay with closed eyes.

I removed her panty slowly. She was completely naked now.

Me: Turn around.

She turned around and I placed the pillows below her belly to lift her ass. I inserted two fingers and was fingering my ex-colleague chick for 5 minutes. Then I removed my fingers and moved my mouth near her pussy and started licking her pussy. She let out a moan.

I inserted my tongue inside her pussy and ate her for some time. After that, I was fingering her. I decided to take this forward and removed my pant and underwear while fingering her. I increased the pace of fingering and she was on the verge of her orgasm.

As she was about to leak, I inserted my dick inside her pussy in one go. She let out a huge moan and she cummed when my dick was inside her.

We both froze for some time till she relaxed after her orgasm. That was the best moment of my life where my dick was inside her when she cummed. I could sense her fluids around my cock and her pussy was tight as hell.

I leaned over her and kissed her neck. During this entire time, we didn’t look at each other. I was giving her slow strokes and giving kisses over her back and neck. She started to move in a rhythm. We have fucked like that for 10 minutes.

Me (whispered in her ear): How are you feeling now, are you ok?

Meher: Awesome, I haven’t had this kind of feeling for a long time.

Me: Turn around.

She lied on her back. I spread her legs wide and leaned over her and went near her face.

Me: Open your eyes.

My ex-colleague opened her eyes and we looked into each other and started smooching. As we are kissing, I inserted my dick inside her pussy and after a few strokes, my dick went in fully. She was moaning while I fucked her slowly and in a rhythm.

We fucked in missionary position for a few minutes, and she was about to feel her second orgasm. I increased the pace.

Meher: Fuck me harder, don’t stop, I am cumming.

Her pussy was getting tighter and she cummed again, locking her legs over me. I was on cloud nine. I was continuously kissing her lips and pressing her boobs.

I stopped fucking her and my dick was still inside her. I started licking her boobs and was sucking them. We smooched for some time and I started to fuck her slowly. It was around 40 minutes since we started and I was on the verge of cumming.

I was fucking her harder and was giving her hard strokes. Meher was moaning like hell. We both were reaching climax. I removed my dick and cummed on her belly and she had cummed the third time in the session.

I fell beside her and took her on top of me and kissed her for a few minutes. We slept naked that way for a few hours.

That was the best moment of my life, fucking my ex-colleague girl. We continued this friends with benefits relationship as she didn’t want to get into a real relationship again and we had more such sessions whenever possible.

You can provide me feedback at [email protected] I believe good foreplay will be the key to memorable sex. Any women looking for erotic moments, do send me a mail. As everyone say, I will maintain confidentiality.

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