Sharing everything with childhood friends

I am Shahid 28 years old. Mohan and Thomas are my best childhood friends same age like me. We studied together, played together, lived together. Shared our secrets with each other. We promised each other that we will share whatever we get in our life with each other without any exception. May be we were so innocent that we promised such thing without realizing the consequences.

Now that I got married a year back with Farah and since then both Mohan and Thomas were reminding our promise. Both of them have not yet married.
Farah is a very attractive fair color young girl of age 21 years, she has long black hair, big eyes with stunning figures 38, 24, 36. Weight 55kg and height 5′ 8”.

I had a very good and romantic time spent with Farah for the last one year. We went to Maldives and stayed there for couple of weeks and enjoyed our honeymoon in the hut and the water alone. Although we know each other for some time but during these few weeks we really got time to talk and know each other well.

As soon as we came back to Delhi, Mohan and Thomas reminded me the promise that we made to each other. Reader you must be wondering what that promise is. Well that is to share everything with each other and now they were asking my promise to share my wife Farah with them.

I thought about it but could not find out a way how to do that. I know Farah will never accept such weird thought. She is quite a simple girl and never cheated any one. Once I tried asking Farah about her opinion about Mohan and Thomas, and she said that only thing she knows that they are my best friends. Once we were in the bed and I romantically asked Farah would she like if there are additional 2 and 4 hands discovering her body other than myself. First she did not understand but when she realized what I was talking about she became angry that how can I imagine that she can sleep with some other guys. After that I kept quite.

One Sunday Mohan and Thomas came to our house and we were talking about our old days while Farah was preparing food for us. They again reminded my promise. I told them the issue that she is not ready and I am unable to convince her. Mohan and Thomas said that they have an idea. I asked what, Mohan took a long breath and said while you travel in your car, we can kidnap you and Farah with our face covered with mask as a stranger and take you to our farmhouse and then our promise can be fulfilled. I was little hesitant but both insisted and finally I did not have any option but to say yes.

We decided that on Saturday I will go with Farah for shopping and while returning back this drama will be executed. As per the plan I took Farah on Saturday to a shopping mall and we bought a nice lingerie and a satin gown for her and a boxer for myself. While returning home I stopped at a petrol pump, parked my car in the parking lot and went to get some condoms while Farah was sitting in the car. After few minutes I came back, sat at my driving seat and started the car but realized that Farah is very quite and looks scared. I asked what happened sweetie but she did not answer instead pointed toward the back seat. I looked at the back side and jumped to my seat and two faced covered men were sitting and pointed a gun towards Farah. Wha, who are you and what you want? I asked showing fear on my eyes while realizing that they are Mohan and Thomas. Go where I am asking you and then they blindfolded Farah and took her and my mobile phones. I kept driving and they kept me giving directions. There were not many cars on the road as it was a weekend and also we were not visible from outside as my car has black tinted glasses.
We reached to the destination in about 30 minutes. Farah did not say a word during the entire journey.

They took us to their farm house. Asked us to sit on the sofa. What you want, please let us go I requested. Both laughed and said how can we let you go, you have such a beautiful wife. Please let us go I rattled. They did not reply but came to me and tied my hands and legs with the sofa strongly.
Let us see what shopping you have done and they started opening the packets and found the red lingerie and satin gown. Wow what sexy dress. What is your name, they asked Farah and Farah did not reply. What is your name, Mohan shouted at Farah. She was really scared and said Farah slowly.
Ok miss Farah you know why we took you both here. We really liked you, you are a beautiful girl with such a sexy body. We would like to admire your body just for some time and let you both go without doing any harm to both of you. But if you don’t cooperate then we will kill your husband. She started crying. Dont cry. Mr. please tell your wife to cooperate. I asked Farah, please do what they ask to do.
Mohan asked Farah to go to other room and change her dress with this lingerie and gown and come back and remember not to do any trick otherwise your husband will be dead.

Farah did not move. Mohan came near to me and pointed his gun at my head and said I will call 1 to 5 and if you don’t go I will kill you husband. One, two, three, wait Farah said in low voice, took the lingerie, gown and went to other room. I couldn’t wait any further to see what happens next. Mohan and Thomas were eagerly waiting to see Farah in the sexy dress. Farah came back in 10 minutes wearing the Satin gown. She was slowly walking to the living room, I had never seen her so sexy before in the satin sleeveless gown, the gown was very thin and her red lingerie was visible.

Come, stand up here in the middle of the room. Thomas commanded her. She obeyed standing in the middle of the room. Both Thomas and Mohan were standing her left and right and she was standing in the middle. All of them were facing to me. Farah you are such a beautiful girl. Tell us your wildest dream about sex. She did not say anything, but I could see few drops of tear in her eyes.

Mohan put his one finger on her lips and he was feeling her lips. First upper lip then lower lip. His hand was driving from her lips to her neck and then to her shoulders. He put both her hands straight upward. Her armpits were visible to us which she shaved in the morning. Wow what a beautiful and clean armpits both shouted. Thomas started feeling her armpits with his left hand fingers while his right hand was moving down to the middle of her breasts. While seeing both discovering Farah’s body I was amazed to see that she is not hesitating any more and cooperating with them.

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