When Foram And I Met For The First Time

Characters in this episode

Aryan – Our protagonist
Foram- His future beau
Anmol -Foram’s boyfriend
Amisha- Aryan’s current girlfriend


It was a warm and sunny day. Amisha and I were dating from the past 6 months now. We met for the first time at her office that I had visited as a client. I was introduced to Amisha by her boss. Since then we started meeting often and in a while started dating.

Amisha is fair skin with 5’3 height shoulder-length curly hair and size 34B- 30- 32. She has a very shy personality when comes to sex and intimacy. I am 5’7 athletic build as I train hard in my MMA. I have a very outgoing personality relating to sex and fantasies.

With 2 relations before Amisha, I had quite a few amazing sexual encounters. While I was a first for Amisha, she had little experience with men. We weren’t married and Amisha used to stay with her parents. They pretty much approved of our relationship.

We had sex almost every week in either of our houses. Once I discussed my wish lists about going skinny dipping, making out in public, flashing strangers, etc. But she was really shy about it, forget about my fantasies about threesomes, swapping, swingers club which I never dared to discuss.

It was a Saturday night and we planned to go to a club for some drinks and dance. That evening I visited Amisha and gifted her nice dress for the party. It was a sexy black dress that came above her knee with deep cleavage. She looked seductive with that red lipstick.

When we reached the venue the club was full of beautiful people dancing and drinking. Amisha and I had few drinks and were dancing to the grooves. We just started getting cozy on the floor when we heard someone shouting Amisha’s name from the bar.

She turned and jumped with joy. She saw her childhood buddy Anmol with a beautiful girl whom I could not miss noticing. We went on to the bar. There were friendly kisses and lots of hugs between Anmol and Amisha. Those two were friends in college and had dated immaturely which I came to know later.

Anmol was well built rugged guy about 5’11 with a dense beard. Amisha introduced me to him and he introduced his girlfriend Foram to us. There she was, like a goddess indeed. A beauty with fair skin and a charming personality. She was wearing a wine-colored blouse and matching skirt.

I could swear on my lord she had the most beautiful cleavage that I had ever seen. Foram was 5’4, with right curves like an Indian version of Kim K. I could guess she would be 36-30-38. A real beauty with shiny black hair long enough up to her perfect ass.

After all the meet and greet, I saw Anmol was checking out Amisha from head to toe. He had his eyes glued to Amisha’s assets which were not hard to notice. And I couldn’t keep my eyes off Foram. All of us instantly got connected had a couple of drinks and hit the dance floor.

I was dancing with Amisha and Anmol was dancing with Foram. Anmol and Amisha were chattering to the fullest but Foram and I had an intense eye to eye contact. Maybe it was lusty or lovely but yes there was something. Then later Anmol proposed to dance with Amisha and Foram came to me.

Foram did not hesitate a bit to come close to me to dance. She had good dancing skills and was grooving and moving her perfect figure on the tunes against my body. She was constantly looking into my eye and rubbing her big mounds against my chest.

My eyes were glued to her cleavage. I was thinking if I would be able to see those perfect boobs ever. In a while I noticed Anmol and Amisha dancing real close to each other. They were rubbing against each other and all of a sudden my girlfriend kissed him on his lips.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. My shy girlfriend kissing her childhood buddy whom she met a few hours ago. Well, I found it to be kinky as something like this was a list in my hidden fantasy. Well, vodka was giving a right hit to Amisha. They were really in a passionate embrace and their kiss was not separable.

Well, it was so evident that Foram saw it too. But she turned her head to me and asked me, “Did you like what you saw?” I was speechless for a while but I told her, “I wouldn’t mind if she is Ok with it.” She gave me a smirk and continued to grind her body on me more seductively than before.

The night was undoubtedly young. Anmol and Amisha looked inseparable. It was new for me to see Amisha in such a slutty avatar with another guy. But on the other hand, I got a really good time with such a sexy siren like Foram.


I have dated a few guys previously. Guys always go insane when they see my hot body and want to date me to somehow get inside my pants. They go nuts when they see my boobs. The same was the situation with Anmol. He is my beau and is much the same as other guys, going crazy behind my provocative hot body.

Be that as it may, I have consistently been finicky in terms of guys. I don’t entertain guys easily. Anmol took great efforts to impress me. He used to take me to clubs, gatherings, outings and we shared good chemistry in bed as well. However, gradually the spark was blurring endlessly.

I constantly used to envision to find the person who gets my attention and is unreasonable bravo. The minute I saw Aryan in the club, I got insane for that person. I just couldn’t avoid myself and needed to rub my body against his hot provocative body.

I needed to lean on him and move cheerfully. Those horny eyes and vigorous grin made me insane for that man. I knew something incredible will happen today. I could see the flash between us. That hearty look while moving on the floor previously made me wet.

I so needed to spread my legs for this man. I was in some way or another attempting to control my feelings. I was with my beau and he was with his girlfriend. I was just enjoying myself with Aryan. Anmol and Amisha were dancing too closely with each other.

I could see Anmol touching Amisha around her waist and booty. Anmol and I shared a casual relationship and so I wouldn’t mind anything. Even Aryan was noticing all that but he was enjoying with me. I could see in his eyes and the way he was dancing with me.

I could also feel his dick getting hard when I danced closely with him. We then ordered a few drinks and the alcohol was hitting all of us slowly. Aryan hands roamed on my belly and thighs. I could feel he was rubbing his hard dick against my ass and I was loving it.

We embraced each other in a wicked amusement. His lips met mine for the first time as if a mysterious force of magnet pulled us together. In a fraction of a second my eyes closed and I was leaning on him. I could feel from his body language that he was feeling the same from me.

In no time that one kiss turned into a series of hungry kisses on the dance floor. Our bodies were tangled with each other. Even with the clothes on we could feel each other’s nakedness. It was around 1:00 am. The club was about to shut down but we wanted to party. I was enjoying my time.

I could see Anmol was busy with Amisha and they both were getting a little high. We left the bar. Amisha suggested that Aryan’s farmhouse was nearby and if I and Anmol wanted to have few drinks with them. I couldn’t control my excitement and immediately said yes.

Aryan looked at me and figured out I was very much looking forward to being around him. Anmol was also happy that he might get some chance to dig his childhood friend’s pussy. We reached Aryan’s farmhouse. It was luxurious. We sat at the bar table.

Aryan had a great collection of liquor and he was mixing drinks for all of us. With conversations rolling and drinks rolling we were getting touchy with each other’s partners. Amisha and I were sitting on the opposite ends of the bar. Aryan hugged her from behind facing us and Anmol did the same to me.

Our conversations were naughty. Anmol’s hands were roaming on my inner thighs and around my boobs in front of our friends. I could easily notice Aryan was doing the same to Amisha on the other end. But his eyes were glued on me.

The way I was sitting I knew Aryan could see inside my skirt and notice the color of my panties. It was on purpose as I wanted that man to see me hungrily. I also knew Anmol was also seeing Amisha. By the way of her posture, she was doing the same.

Meanwhile, Amisha was very much high and she said, “Guys, let’s make this night the memorable one. Let’s play a game and have a little fun.” I clearly understood what she was trying to say and was giving slutty look to Anmol.

Then Aryan said, “Let’s play UNO, but with a twist. Since we are 4 of us, the first winner will get to call who strips first. They can order a dare to anyone at the end of the game. One who gets rid of his/her cards second gets the next call and can order a strip. The third and fourth person are the performers.”

Aryan kept the game very simple and just wanted to break the ice between all. Everyone agreed to it and I got excited. I have never done anything like this in my life. My pussy was so wet. I so wanted Aryan to lick all my pussy juices and drill my pussy with his fucking big fat dick.

I was controlling my desires and was just enjoying myself. Aryan had got all my attention. We then started the game. The first one to get free was Amisha. Now according to the game, Amisha had to order someone to strip and give a dare to someone.

She ordered Anmol to strip and gave a dare to Aryan to fondle her boobs in front of everyone. Anmol removed his shirt and jeans and was in his briefs. He paused and hesitated for a while. But the hooting and cheering from all made him pull down his briefs.

There it stood an 8-inch erect cock of my boyfriend pointing towards Amisha. I could see the lust in Amisha’s eyes for my boyfriend’s erect cock. Aryan reached behind Amisha.

He held her mounds in his hands and started to fondle them. He was doing it so neatly that I couldn’t wait to get those hands on my boobs.

On the next chance, Aryan was the winner and ordered me to strip. At first, I was a little nervous. But then Anmol said, “Have fun baby, let loose yourself, we all are having fun.” I slowly removed my blouse and my skirt. I was wearing a sheer red bra and matching panties.

I could see not only Aryan’s but Amisha’s eyes also on me. I performed some seductive moves myself and with a clasp freed my big boobs for my audience’s eyes. I slowly took my panties off and was completely naked. Aryan was feasting his eyes on my nakedness.

I was equally excited for him to see me like that. From the bulge in his pants, I could see he is equally horny like I am.

Anmol was the winner when we dealt the next round and Amisha was the one to get naked. Her huge boobs and perky nipples were on full display to my boyfriend. As she removed her skirt we could see a lump of wetness in her panties.

She turned around showing her round ass and mischievously removed her panties. I purposely stroked Anmol’s cock as it was on full attention. Aryan was the only one left clothed in the room. Anmol instructed Amisha to suck Aryan’s cock as a dare.

In no time Amisha unzipped Aryan’s pants and freed his enormous 7 inch thick brown cock. My boyfriend’s cock was long and slim. But Aryan’s cock was long and thick just the way I fancied. I couldn’t wait to put that enormous cock in my mouth.

While Amisha sucked his cock, Anmol came to me. He was high on drinks. He started kissing me slowly on my neck.

He said, “You are so hot and steamy girl, you have a sexy figure. I want to suck your boobs, bite them and make them red. I want to fuck your pussy so hard and make you moan like crazy. You are my fuck bitch Foram. I am going to screw your pussy tonight in front of our friends.”

Anmol was very vocal and aggressive in bed. I was now losing control. He slowly rubbed his fingers against my clit. He grabbed me and put me on the couch in the doggy position next to Aryan. From behind he inserted his finger in my pussy and started fingering me vigorously.

He started shouting, “Look at your ass bitch. It’s dancing on my finger. I am so ruining your cunt right now Foram.” I was already high and was losing all my control. Amisha was so much excited to see Anmol naked. She could not take her eyes off from Anmol’s dick.

I was staring at Aryan while Anmol was fingering me. His dick was so hard and he was giving me slutty looks. I was so fucking tempted after seeing Aryan’s big fat dick. I so wanted his fat dick to dig my cunt and tear it and make it red.

Here Anmol was fingering my pussy and there Amisha was giving blowjob to Aryan. But Aryan and I were staring at each other, giving lusty looks to each other. We both wanted to make out with each other. We were just enjoying ourselves. The game was just the trigger to bring out our sexual fantasies.

Things were going to get exciting from now on for all four of us!

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