Saima’s Sexual Adventure With Servants – Part 4

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It was just the beginning of another day of unorthodox sexual pleasures for Saima, a lot more than the wedding night sex she had experienced. She lay completely naked in her friend’s house’s drawing-room among the neighborhood’s servants and drivers.

There were throbbing penises around her that were waiting to penetrate her clean shaved pussy and her inviting ass. They were also waiting for blowjobs from Saima’s beautiful mouth. The servants were really excited to have this gorgeous housewife with a fair curvaceous figure naked among them again.

The younger ones were keeping Saima constantly busy in serving their eternally erect penises. The middle-aged ones were making nude photos and videos of Saima’s sex with multiple servants. After having their own turns at drilling her pussy or ass.

As the day progressed, Saima kept turning to her lover servant for more sexual pleasure. She felt deeply in love with this low-class raw-looking man who had a wild appetite for exploring her sexuality. She just couldn’t stop feeling love tremors within her body even when she was having sex with other servants.

During one of her ass-drilling sessions with him, she shouted out her desire to marry him and be his loving wife. The servant really enjoyed her remark made in sexual ecstasy. He gave her powerful deep thrusts in her ass and mauled her beautiful breasts.

He slid his penis out of her ass after shooting his cum. Saima turned to him and planted innumerable kisses on his face and on his slightly limp penis. She couldn’t stop herself from taking his balls in her mouth. She was smiling as she sucked on them lovingly.

Amid heavy breathing after their sex, Saima expressed her love for her friend’s servant. She told him that her relationship with her husband was platonic now. She took the servant’s hand and placed it on her breast. She admitted that even this touch of his hand made love currents pass through her nude body.

She has rediscovered her sexual lust with him. She looked deeply into his eyes and told him again that she really wanted to be his wife. The servant realized that Saima was truly in love with him. This time she had not expressed her desire to marry him in some sexual frenzy.

Instead, it sounded like an honest expression of true love. He felt over the moon at Saima’s passionate remark. He told her that he would have been the happiest person had he got the chance to marry her. But both the lovers knew well that it was not possible.

Saima was already married and came from an educated and affluent family. Her lover was a mere household servant working at her friend’s house. Saima told him honestly that his sexual overtures made her realize that she needed to think about herself and her own desires.

She also admitted that her life has become quite pleasurable with his love. She wanted to continue her sexual relationship outside of her marital status even after her friend’s family return in two weeks.

For the servant, it was an unbelievable sweet dream. This beautiful married housewife from the upper-middle class was lying naked in his arms. She expressed her desire to have a long sexual relationship with him despite the risk of a divorce if her husband finds out about it.

The servant planted a long wet kiss on Saima’s mouth. He announced that Saima had to return to her home, so everyone should get dressed! His words came as a shocking surprise to all his friend servants as well as Saima. It was afternoon, and they all knew that Saima could stay with them until the evening.

A few powerful drivers refused to let Saima go home. The servant explained that he had a better plan in which Saima would return to them the same evening for a longer period. Meanwhile, Saima sat completely naked in her lover servant’s arms and stared at him blankly.

She didn’t have the slightest clue what her lover was proposing. The other servants and drivers stopped objecting to Saima’s departure. They asked her lover servant what exactly the plan was? The servant took Saima aside and told her his whole plan.

Saima’s smile returned to her beautiful glowing face as she listened to him and nodded in agreement. Saima agreed to her lover’s servant’s plan. She announced that she would return in the evening and stay with them for the whole night until the next afternoon.

Her announcement drew cheers from the group. They all started exploring Saima’s naked pussy, ass, and beautiful breasts. Saima moaned with pleasure as she felt hot mouths and tongues exploring her vagina. Her taut nipples and her ass.

She also responded with deep, loving kisses to the servants and drivers. They were licking her soft fair skin all over her nude body. Within minutes another hot session of wild gangbang began that lasted for almost an hour. Saima finally moved to the bathroom for a quick shower.

After the shower, she wore her pink dress and returned to the drawing-room. She was exchanging kisses with her lover servant’s friends. He asked her whether she would be able to handle their plan? She felt an overwhelming feeling of love whenever she looked at him.

Saima smiled at his remark and planted a kiss on his lips. She lovingly assured him that she would manage it. She left for her home and reached there just in time as the kids returned from school. The maid was busy with the kids.

Saima changed into her domestic attire and went about her domestic routines. Her husband returned in the evening, and she welcomed him with a routine smile. As she served him food, she broached the subject of spending a night at her friend’s place during their usual discussion.

Saima told her husband that her friend Uzma had invited her to stay overnight as her husband was away for a business trip. Her husband was mentally too occupied with his office issues. He did not pay much attention. Saima felt disappointed and started thinking of other ideas to get her husband’s consent.

She joined him on the couch while watching TV. Saima was pleasantly surprised when he asked her about the night stay at her friend’s place. He wanted to know about her return the next day. Hearing his, she got excited and gave him a small kiss on his cheek.

She told him that she would be back by the next afternoon. The “Ok” from her husband was enough to make her jump and get ready. Smiling at her beautiful image in the mirror, she applied light makeup on her face. She again wore her open cup harness-like bra with a crotchless panty.

She prepared for a ‘wedding night’ with her lover servant and his friends. She deliberately chose a red shalwar kameez with an embroidered dupatta. Once she was ready, she called an Uber taxi. She didn’t want her husband to drop her at her friend’s house.

As expected, her husband got up and offered to drop her. But Saima told him that she didn’t want him to go through the heavy evening traffic, so she had called an Uber. Her husband slumped back into the couch. He noticed the glow on her face, but he didn’t think much of it.

Saima took the Uber taxi and left for her friend’s house. She already felt the wetness between her legs as she imagined herself as her lover servant’s bride for the whole night. The servant was waiting for her at the gate as expected. He carried her into the house.

Without wasting a minute, Saima locked lips with him and kissed him as he carried her into the drawing-room. The servant’s friends were very happy to see her return. But their happiness was interrupted by Saima’s remark. She said that first, she wanted to have her wedding night with her lover servant privately.

Although the servants and drivers present in the room were disappointed, they consented to her request. Her lover servant led her into the bedroom and made her sit in the middle of the bed like a newly married bride. Her dupatta served as her ‘ghoonghat.’

Saima felt shyness return to her body as her lover servant closed the door and sat beside her on the bed. She enjoyed re-living her bridal experience. This one felt very special and different. She felt a strong wave of love for her lover servant when she looked at him as her husband.

The servant also tried his best to fulfill Saima’s desire to celebrate her wedding night. He tried to act like the grooms do on such occasions. He lifted her ghoonghat romantically and kissed her lips. Saima lowered her eyes and felt a wave of love for this servant, whom she imagined as her husband.

Smiling shyly, she responded and parted her lips to allow the servant’s tongue into her mouth. She felt a new sense of sexual pleasure and explored his mouth with her tongue. The lovely kissing continued between the lovers. Saima realized that she had never felt this way with her husband.

She placed her arms around her lover servant’s neck and guided his face towards her breasts. The servant grabbed her breasts over her kameez and felt her taut nipples. Saima shuddered as her lover servant ran his tongue behind her earlobes and kissed the back of her neck.

She was enjoying his caressing, and she continued to act like a newly married bride. The servant took off her dupatta and slowly unzipped her kameez at the back. He moved to her back and slid his tongue along her smooth back. It seemed to turn Saima on, and she encouraged him to take her kameez off.

The servant pulled her kameez up and slid it above her head, leaving Saima smiling shyly in her open-cups harness-like bra. The servant moved to face her and slowly lifted her chin as Saima continued to smile shyly like a bride. Their eyes met, and they smiled at each other.

Saima saw his gaze drop towards her beautiful breasts hanging out of her open-cup bra. She gasped as he bent his head and kissed her nude nipples. He held her breasts in his hands and started kissing all over the nude flesh. He took her inviting nipples into his mouth and sucking strongly on them.

Saima was on sky nine as the servant took a complete breast in his mouth. While the two lovers were deeply involved in their loving experience, Saima’s mobile rang. She saw that it was a WhatsApp video call from her husband. She was brought back to her senses.

She pushed her lover away and ran into the bathroom. She received the call as her husband noticed her topless state. He was a little surprised and asked her what she was up to? Saima told him that she was just changing into the night attire.

Her husband believed her because he didn’t notice the thin bra-straps of her open-cup bra. Instead, he took it as her standard brassiere. He said that he cannot find his blood pressure medication.

Saima was relieved to hear that. She told him that his medicine was in the chest of drawers next to the wardrobe. Her husband found it and disconnected the call. She took off her salwar and left it in the bathroom as she returned to the room.

The worried expression on her lover servant’s face was replaced by a smile. He saw his bride smiling in her open cup bra and crotchless panty. He lunged forward and picked her in his arms. Saima smiled into his eyes as she was carried to the bed, almost nude in her lover’s arms.

The servant made her lay on her back and started a series of sensual kissing all over her beautiful body. In the process, he also took-off Saima’s bra and panty. She opened her legs for him. He bent between her smooth white thighs planting wet kisses on her pussy.

Saima rose from the bed and frantically started taking her lover’s clothes off. Within seconds he was stark naked, and Saima made him lay on the bed while she straddled him in 69 position. She took his penis into her mouth and started kissing it before starting a passionate blowjob.

The servant licked her pussy and inserted his tongue into Saima’s inviting pink pussy lips. Both the lovers explored each other’s genitals and made each other cum heavily. Now the servant opened Saima’s legs and inserted his penis into her pussy. She felt his presence deep inside her and locked lips in a long kiss.

The servant pumped her pussy vigorously, and she felt love tremors going through her nude body. She moved in rhythm with her lover, making Saima orgasm. The servant exploded his semen deep into Saima’s pussy, and they lay on the bed sweating in the heat of their love.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Saima recalled that the other servants and drivers were waiting for their wedding night to be over.

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