An Affair With A Hot Colleague In Banglore

Hello to all readers, this is John writing one more story from Bangalore about an affair with a colleague. But I often keep traveling to other cities in India.

This story I am sharing today involves my former senior colleague Disha (name changed). She is also a good friend of mine, and there was nothing personal between us until that day.

To describe Disha, she goes to a fitness school to be in good shape. She has nice pair of breasts measuring 34 C, and overall stats were 34-30-32. She is fair and in her mid-30’s age. We can say she is a fit housewife and even a fitter mother.

We used to hang out sometimes. Usually, we would go to a coffee shop or a good restaurant to have some nice food or coffee while talking with loads of laughter and smile. That’s due to my humorous nature. I used to miss her company since she left the job in my organization and went to a different one.

On a leisurely weekend in Bangalore, I messaged Disha and asked if she was free to meet. She told me that she is alone at home. I went to her place and rang the doorbell. Though it was unexpected, she started to talk on a serious note. I asked why she was talking so sadly, and she started to cry.

Disha told me that she feels so lonely. Her husband does not care for her or show her the love she deserves. Listening to this, an evil idea started ticking in my mind. I told her that if she feels lonely, I can spend quality time with her and make her feel less lonely.

She starred at me with a sigh of relief. I rubbed the tears from her eye with a tissue. Then I hugged her and pressed her tightly against me. I told her she is not alone anymore and gave a kiss on her lips. She started to respond well, and after few minutes, she started to open my shirt buttons.

I helped her remove my shirt and removed her kurta and dupatta to see the angel in front of me. Her melons were sexy and inviting to me. I then slipped my tongue over her boobs, gently kissing. After unhooking the bra, I could see the pink nipples.

I started to play with her boobs like a baby. I was kissing and gently biting one of her boobs while squeezing the other with my hand. She started to let out moans slowly and steadily. She started to moan louder when I went rough. I made her lay down on the bed and started to kiss over her belly.

Her body was in my control now. She started to make louder moans, and I gave her a long French kiss to silence her. Her boobs were now shiny as they were wet with my saliva.

I took off her pants, and she was only in her red underwear now. I was licking her pussy with the underwear still on. She was pushing my head more towards her pussy while moaning slowly. Then I separated her legs even further and went rough over her pussy.

Then she became fully wet down there. I had to remove the underwear and throw it away. She then pleaded with me to not make her wait anymore and asked me to insert my dick into her wet pussy. It was cleanly shaven and a nice pussy.

I licked and kissed all over her pussy, this time directly without any obstacle in between. Disha was going crazy over this. It was evident from the way she was biting the pillow and holding it tightly. After which, her legs and hips shook. Then we had her juices spread over the bed.

Again she pleaded with me to enter her as she could not wait anymore. Then I pushed my dick into her tight pussy but still nicely wrapping my dick. The reason for her pussy being tight was the lack of sex. Her husband failed to have sex with her for a long time.

Disha used to tell me to slow down with every stroke as she wanted to breathe well. So I started to fuck her slowly. We were fucking in the missionary position with my penis going deep into her pussy, and our lips locked against each other. I came inside after 10 minutes, and she had passed out.

So I gave her some time to recover while I lay next to her on the bed. After few minutes, my dick started to get erect again. In the meantime, Disha started to feel normal again, and there was a huge sigh of relief on her face. She must have become tired of fucking, which happened after a long time.

Then I made her sit on me, but she said we could continue some other day. I said that I have got this chance after a long wait and would not want to let it go. She somehow agreed as she wanted to return the favor for making her happy.

Then I entered her pussy while she was sitting on top of me. Then I started stroking her by making her move her hips. I was fucking her in this position and also sucking on her lovely nipples. After few minutes, she was shaking again. I could feel her warm juices over my penis inside her pussy.

This time I could keep ramming her for near 20 minutes and let my juices inside her. She had told me to do so as she will take care of not getting pregnant.

Disha was more tired now and could not go for another round of sex. We had decided to meet some other day as it was time for her husband and kids to be back home. Later that night, she had messaged that she had her orgasms after a long time, and she was so thankful to me for the same.

We met a few more times again whenever time and situation were feasible for both. Every time we meet, we have a lot of love-making sessions. To make her happy makes me happy as well. She has an affair only with me outside of her marriage.

The secret is maintained well between us. When we meet in public, we smile at each other just like normal. But inside, both of us know how much we have been fucking each other. That’s the story of my married ex-colleague, Disha.

Thank you for reading. I am based in Bangalore, 30 years old. Feel free to share your secrets with me. I am willing to share good times with the readers and also maintain complete trust and confidentiality. I am reachable by email or hangouts on [email protected]

The authors writing here to make others happy, and there is no monetary benefit involved. The best that readers can do is to encourage and show support to the authors. Any girl or woman wanting to have fun times can definitely trust me and contact me.

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