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Hi everyone, I am Raj. Today I will narrate a real-life incident of a 38-year-old mature lady, Sonia. She was my XIS reader and had read my story. She narrated to me her real-life incident. So now I will be sharing that incident everything in her own words.

Hi, I am Sonia, and my age is 38. I am married for the last 13 years and have a son aged 11. I am a good looking, busty, and mature lady. My husband and I were happily married. In the last few months, my husband had lost interest in sex due to work stress.

But I was at my peak of sexual urges. I had till now never cheated on my husband. We had rented our 1 room on our terrace to two college bachelors around 22 years old. Their names were Shobhit and Kamal. They both were young.

Whenever I would go to the terrace to put my clothes for drying, they would greet me by calling me Sonia bhabhi or Sonia aunty. Shobhit was quite extrovert and would chat with me whenever I would go upstairs.

Soon I got close to Shobhit. He started coming to our home for tea with me whenever my husband would not be home. He would also play with my son. In no time, we exchanged our numbers. I thought he would help me in some or other market work as he had a vehicle.

Within no time, we had started chatting. We started discussing each other’s personal life over chat. It was then one day, he asked me if my marriage was going fine. I was a little awkward to answer him as he was almost 16 years younger than me.

But I had become close to him. So I told him that my husband and I are not on good terms anymore. After knowing this, he started flirting with me, and often he would share some nonveg jokes on WhatsApp.

I, too, had started liking his company. But I was a little worried as I didn’t know whether to let him get so close to me.

One day my husband was out of town, so he came to my home for tea. My son was playing in the hall, and I was preparing tea for him in the kitchen. I was in my pajama and kurti. He came and grabbed my waist from behind. It gave me a goosebump. I didn’t know what to do.

He then kissed my neck, and I could feel my panty getting wet. He turned me toward him and kissed me on my lips. I, too, could not control and responded back with a kiss on his lips. Both our tongues were sucking each other’s lips and salivas. My nipples had got hard by his touch.

I could also feel a bulge in his pants. He pulled the strings of my pajama, and my pajama dropped to my thighs. My pink color panty was wet. I whispered in his ears, “Shobhit, it is wrong, please stop.” He whispered in my ears, “Sonia bhabhi, I know you want it.”

I was mum now. He removed my kurti and unhooked my bra. I was left with only my panty. He grabbed my breasts and started pressing them hard and pinching my nipples. I wanted to moan. But my son was out, and he could come inside anytime. So I controlled my noise.

He now sucked my nipples. My hard nipples made tears flow from my eyes because of pleasure. I was touched by a man after a long time. He said, “See how hard are your nipples, Sonia.” He now pulled my panty and bent down. He started licking my pussy.

I had not been licked down there for more than a year now. But it was the first time licking a married pussy for him. His tongue was going deep inside my cunt. I felt I might cum, so I got him up, pulled down his shorts, and bent down on my knees.

I grabbed his balls and sucked them before sucking the tip of his penis. It was hard, thick, and atleast 7 inches. I sucked his cock for few minutes and soon realized he might cum, so I stopped. I took the support of a slab and placed myself in the doggy style.

He wore a condom on his penis and, with a subtle push, inserted his penis inside my pussy. He was making slow pushes before. But suddenly increasing his speed of thrusting cock inside my vagina. I kept one hand on my mouth and placed his hands on my boobs.

He was hard enough to make me scream with pain, but this pleasure was what I needed. He then made me lie down and put my legs on his shoulder. He inserted his cock inside my pussy again and started banging me in missionary. Our naked bodies were making love to each other.

My eyes were wet with happiness. I did not want him to stop even after my pussy was completely red after such a hard pounding. But he could not hold and he cummed. He hugged me and lay over me for some time.

Within a few minutes, he was hard again. But he did not have a condom with him, so I asked him to fuck me in my asshole. He took vaseline and applied little on his penis. He first gently fingered my butthole and opened it up. Then with the full thrust, he started penetrating my ass.

His cock was so hard like a rod that I cried with pain. I asked him to take it out. But he was in no mood to leave me, so he increased his speed of thrusting. Within few strokes, I felt normal, and now I made him lie down.

Now it was my turn to get on top of him. I guided his cock back in my ass and placed my boobs on his face. He was slapping my ass hard. I was feeling very nice. He pleasured me for almost 10 minutes. I reached my climax twice in no time. I was so satisfied.

I got up and cleaned my pussy, and wore my clothes back. He, too, wore his clothes and went back to the hall before I got him a cup of tea. Now we both were happy with each other and often make out to satisfy our needs. I am still in my marriage, but my needs are taken care of by him

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