Roshni fucks five men in a forest – Part 1

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In the last story, I told you guys how Roshni was on her periods but was still asked to take up a client in the last part. She took help from her distant cousin Punam. The two serviced an old man over a weekend in Bhubaneswar.

For the help, Punam had asked Roshni to do anything she would say. Roshni had signed up for it, knowing little what trouble she had signed up for.

For those who do not know, we are a couple from Kolkata. Roshni is a 35-year-old dusky, busty boudi of 36-32-38. Both of us lost our jobs during the pandemic. Later I found a job, and she joined my company as a paid prostitute to boost the sales figures.

Now continuing from where I left, Roshni waited for her periods to end, which took two more days. Punam took her for a haircut and shortened her hair in these two days. Although Roshni kept asking her what it was all about, Punam kept it from her until the end and finally told her what she wanted.

“You had promised to help me out, right? Please don’t back out now,” she said.

“Of course I won’t. But what is this all about, and why did you wait till my periods ended?” Roshni asked.

“When you called me for help, I was initially not game. Although I love sex, I know how it is to be a prostitute and get fucked the way a client wants. But still, I signed up for it because I wanted you to do something for me,” she said.

“Will you please come straight to the point?” Roshni said impatiently.

“My boyfriend had taken a loan from some money lenders and is not being able to repay for quite some time. They have threatened to kill him if he doesn’t return the money. To save his life, he has offered to send me as a gift for a night to them. But both of us are scared to do this.”

“Since you have turned into a prostitute, will you go in my place? I saw you are quite used to taking orders, and you have no inhibition at all. The moneylenders have not seen me and would mistake you for being me. We want you to go to them and bail out my boyfriend,” she said.

Roshni sat still for a while. Not that she did not know a sexual favor would be asked. Otherwise, why would she be taken to a parlor for a haircut and sessions to make her look hotter? But she was also a bit scared. They were in Odisha, and she didn’t know how the moneylenders would treat her.

Many questions ran into her mind, but all she could ask was, “How many cocks would there be?”

“We don’t know, and this is also why we were wary of signing up for it,” Punam said.

“Alright, I’ll do this for you guys. But where do I have to go and when?” Roshni asked.

“Now. My boyfriend is waiting for you in his car outside. But first, wear something I have bought for you,” Punam said.

Punam handed over a bag of clothes to her and asked her to go to the washroom. Once inside, she saw the bag had a pair of red satin lingerie — a thong that barely covered Roshni’s shaved pussy and a bra that hardly covered her nipples.

Along with that were a dress, a babydoll, and a pair of fishnet stockings. Roshni wore all of it and came out of the washroom. Outside, Punam’s boyfriend was waiting in the car, and he asked Roshni to hop on to the front seat.

As Roshni entered, Punam told her, “Remember, until you return, you are Punam and do whatever they ask you to. Otherwise, they will not leave us.”

Punam’s boyfriend, Vinay, started the car and started rolling. Roshni had no idea where she was being taken to, and there was an awkward silence in the car. Finally, Vinay broke the silence.

“So, did Punam tell you everything?” he asked.

“Pretty much, I guess. How much do you owe to the moneylenders?” Roshni asked.

“Does that matter? You have to do what you do. Just spread your legs and get fucked,” he said.

After a moment of silence, Roshni spoke and said, “I am aware of what I have to do. I want to know how much you owe them so that I can give them only that much pleasure.”

Vinay smiled and said, “In that case, be prepared to keep the thighs spread for some good and long action. They want to realize the entire amount of Rs 10 lakh that I owe them.”

Roshni gulped down her fear. She knew what was about to happen to her would probably be nothing like she was ever subjected to. There seemed to be no end to the ride. The car had long back left the city behind and headed to some unknown place through a forest.

It must have been at least three hours from when they had started. Finally, the car took a sharp left turn from the highway and entered a thick forest. In about half an hour, Vinay stopped and took out his phone to call a number. “We are here,” he told someone on the phone and then hung up.

In some time, a car appeared almost from nowhere and parked it right in front of Vinay’s car. He got off the car and went ahead. A man got off of the vehicle, and Vinay spoke to him. Both of them looked at Roshni. In some time, Vinay came back to Roshni and asked her to roll down the window.

“I’ll have to leave you here. The man will take you to his bosses from here. I have been asked to turn back and leave. I know this is hard, but I don’t have any option. You are all there’s now,” he said.

Roshni did not speak and got off the car and walked towards the other car. Her body, mostly bare thanks to the clothes she was wearing, was now being kissed by the cool breeze of the forest. She confidently walked up to the car and hopped onto the backseat.

The man started the car and, in no time, entered deeper into the forest. It must have been at least half an hour until the car reached a place set in the middle of the forest. A large gate opened, and it entered what looked like a huge lumberyard.

At a distance from the gate was a wooden structure that looked like a workshop with big machines to cut large wood logs. The car stopped in front of it. The man asked Roshni to get off. Five men were seated around a table inside the workshop.

It took very little time for Roshni to realize they were boozing. The men saw Roshni get off. They walked up to her. They all looked like goons straight out of South Indian movies with large mustaches, muscular figures and merciless.
The leader of the group approached Roshni and went around her once.

“What a thick piece of meat. So you are Punam,” he said and slapped her huge dark ass. Even before Roshni could nod a yes, he looked at the others and said, “Why don’t you guys warm up your hands on this whore before stretching all her holes?”

And that was enough for the pack to walk up to Roshni and touch her body. Some grabbed her tits and pressed them hard while others slapped her ass and reached out for her pussy.

The leader then squeezed Roshni’s cheeks and said, “Listen, madam, your boyfriend owes us a lot of money. It is because of him you are here. So be a good whore for a day, and we will let you go. Do as we say, and the two of you will be free. But if you fail to satisfy us, your naked body will be found in the forest tomorrow.”

Roshni gave out a scared yes to him. The five men escorted her inside the workshop. There was a loud sound of wood being cut. Roshni realized even if she shouted, she wouldn’t be heard by anybody. While being led inside, she saw the workers look at her with hungry eyes.

In some time, they reached a room set deep inside the workshop and shut the door after entering. The room was big but barely had anything except a table, a couple of chairs, a sofa and two ropes hanging from the ceiling. The men led her to the ropes.

They told her that they would tie her hands with the ropes for the first session. Roshni barely had a chance to protest. Two men lifted her arms and tied her hands with the ropes in no time. There she was in the middle of the room with five men around her, standing with her arms tied up.

Roshni could barely fathom what happened when a sharp slap fell on her ass, and she screamed in pain. Two others accompanied the slap on her barely hid tits. Roshni couldn’t help but cry out in pain. All the men started laughing and told her she could scream as much as she wished to, but nobody would hear her.

In no time, the men tore her babydoll and started stuffing her mouth with the pieces of cloth. Only a few strands of the dress clung to her body. By this time, both her tits were hanging loose in front of the men.

She had lost count of how many times the men slapped her melons, pinched her nipples, kicked her ass and fingered her cunt. The men were rough with Roshni and didn’t even pretend to show mercy. But amid all of the manhandling, Roshni got wet and started dripping from her cunt.

The men realized that and started getting naked and were ready to fuck the thick meat Roshni had to offer. The men then untied her hands, grabbed her by the hair and took her to the sofa. Throwing her on it with much might, one after the other, took turns to fuck her pussy.

None wore a condom and needed no lubricant. Either because Roshni’s pussy was already wet from all the rough action. The men had thick cocks, big and meaty. Although they did not wear condoms, Roshni was too much in pleasure. She did not want to dare to open her mouth lest they might get offended.

I have mentioned before that Roshni is a wonderful thing to fuck, and once in mood, one can use her in any way he wants. The same happened even today. While each man took turns to fuck her on the sofa, the others didn’t spare the chance to squeeze her tits and fuck her mouth with their fat cocks.

Roshni gagged with all the action in her mouth, but that did not stop any of them. Each man fucked her cunt at least four times. The entire fucking session lasted for at least two hours before all their balls filled up with huge loads of cum.

The pack leader was the first to take the last shot at her cunt. After fucking her for a good five minutes, he grunted out a huge load inside her unprotected pussy. He barely pulled out when another group member used his semen leaking from Roshni’s cunt as lube.

He pushed it inside and started fucking her with a lot of might. He, too, made Roshni’s tits swing in full force for a good five minutes and blasted a load inside Roshni’s fertile pussy. The three other men were waiting for their turns and took turns to fill her vagina with hot sticky cum.

When the last man was done emptying his balls inside Roshni, he pulled out his cock. Her cunt started dripping like a whore’s pussy. A huge amount of sperm gushed out of her cunt and started dripping to the floor. Roshni lay there on the sofa, used and tired from all the action.

The men then started dressing up. The leader told her they would be back in the evening and she should be prepared for several rounds till the next morning. Roshni was too tired to reply. In no time, she fell asleep on the sofa.

Roshni had no idea how long she had slept. When she woke up, she realized it was already dark outside, and the machines had stopped outside. She knew the men would come anytime, and she had to be ready for a long night.

She walked around the room for a while, found a washroom. She took a good shower. She realized her pussy was sore from all the action but ignored the pain. When she walked out of the washroom, she saw the five men were already inside the barely lit room and were waiting for her.

She walked up to them and asked, “So what’s the plan? How do you guys wish to do me now?”

The men looked at each other, smiled and said, “You’ll get to see all of it in no time. As of now, forget even your bra and panty and get inside the car waiting outside.”

Roshni obeyed. She threw open her lingerie and walked up naked to the car waiting outside the workshop. The five men entered the car in no time, and the vehicle started rolling.

Where were they taking her? What would they do to her? Questions started filling Roshni’s mind, but all she could do was wait.

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