My First Tinder Sex Experience In Bangalore

Hi, this is Anik (definitely not my original name). I stay in Bangalore. This story started around 2019 when I was doing my engineering at Dayanand Sagar college.

I had recently moved out of a relationship and eventually wanted to try something casual. That was when I decided to download Tinder. I had good matches in a week but yeah, a 21-year-old needs more support to proceed, right? Then an older woman approached me. She was 26 years old and she was from Hyderabad. She was working in an IT company.

We had a chat over Tinder and exchanged numbers. This happened in a day and later that night, she called me. We had a good, flirtatious talk for an hour. She was nice.

We decided to meet on a weekend. The chats went on for 3 days and it was Saturday evening. We had already planned to meet in her apartment.

It was around 7 pm. She stayed in JP Nagar. She was all alone in her 2BHK apartment. I still remember the nervousness I had while knocking on a stranger’s door for the first time. In quick response, she opened the door. Damn! A 5’1″ hot big boobs busty babe was in front of me. She was in a cream nightdress and welcomed me with a hug (warm).

We both got comfortable on the living couch, we spoke for a few minutes. The vibes were real. Both were horny and we could sense that.

Then she offered me water and said, “Come, I’ll show you my home.” She was holding my hands with a soft voice. She showed me the dining room, kitchen and then we moved to her bedroom. The busty big boobs Indian lady had teddies all over.

Suddenly, she pushed me closer and stared at me. Well, that’s when things happened. The light in the room was low warm white. We both started kissing. We kissed for almost 10 minutes.

I had to pick her up and place her in the bed. We both got comfortable in missionary position. Again, we started kissing and I slowly moved my hands under her loose top. She had puffy sort of bra which was really smooth. Then she kissed my neck. This got me more dominating and I kissed her neck and pressed those super smooth melons.

My busty Tinder date started moaning. (Well, I missed mentioning her boobs size. It was around 34, I guess.)

Later I took off her top and she removed my t-shirt. By then I had mastered the art of removing the bra with a single hand and it worked. Her nipples were too sexy and brown large nipples – perfect to suck and were tempting too.

I played with her big boobies for around 15 minutes and she was completely wet. I could sense that as my stomach started feeling the chill.

Later I took her hand and placed it on my dick. It was hot and hard. She then unzipped me, removed my pants and shorts. She smiled saying that it was the biggest she ever handled. Well, a proud moment! (Coming to my dick, even though I am a Hindu, I have a circumcised penis and that was because a doctor suggested doing so when I was 1-year-old).

Now the exciting part – the blowjob. She handled my dick with care. Her tongue was all over it and she sucked it so well. I literally held her ponytail and pushed for more. She had some unique skills with the tongue. It was like her tongue was trying to pierce the penis and that is a good skill that I experienced for the first time.

Now taking my turn. I removed her pants and red panties and saw her clean shaved, chubby pussy. I searched for my pants because it had condoms in it. After getting one, she replied funnily saying, “Ohh, you had plans.” (Obviously, I was there for sex.)

Later I put on a dotted condom and tried to tease her more by playing around her hole with my manhood. She was completely wet by then. After teasing her, I entered her pussy. It felt great. She was so wet and it went in with all ease.

I started to kiss her again. I pressed her boobs in one hand tightly while holding the other and pushed my dick deeper. Her moans were so loud that any guy could have cummed within seconds to that moan.

I lifted her and now she was sitting on my lap. We were kissing madly. Then I decided to shift position. We changed and fucked in doggy style which went on for 15 minutes. At that point, she was like a sex goddess complete. She was so intense.

I held her hip so tightly because I didn’t want that ass to move away from me. Finally, we both cummed together (that’s rare).

Both of us were exhausted. I took the condom. My dick was completely sensitive and she took it in her mouth. With a big thud, I landed on her bed. A rare silence was there for a second and we both laughed for a few minutes.

That was pretty good sex and later, we had dinner which she ordered from Uber eats (which doesn’t exist now). After the food, we both felt like we needed a nap. So we decided to take a good nap and slept till 6 am in morning.

She woke my dick again with a blowjob, damn that tongue! This time she wanted to dominate. We both had forgotten about the condom. She placed my dick slowly inside her and started riding me in a cowgirl position. She licked my nipples and kissed them madly.

She was completely dominating and held my hands firm. I couldn’t take such domination for long and after 6-7 minutes, I was about to cum. Suddenly, I remembered the condom and lifted her swiftly and shifted her position to 69.

Her pussy taste was more of a pineapple. I licked it for some time and eventually, I cummed inside her mouth and she swallowed it. Wow, it was a night to remember.

Well, that’s my first Tinder sex experience and I am writing for the first time. Hopefully, people here enjoy this true story.

Later I had many casual encounters which I hope to share here soon.

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