Roshni fucks five men in a forest – Part 2

Previous Part: Roshni fucks five men in a forest – Part 1

In the last story, Roshni fucks five men in the forest to bail out her cousin sister’s boyfriend.

For those who do not know, we are a couple from Kolkata. Roshni is a 35-year-old dusky, busty boudi of 36-32-38. Both of us lost our jobs during the pandemic. Later I found a job, and she joined my company as a paid prostitute to boost the sales figures.

So after the morning session of merciless fucking, Roshni was all tired. She woke up in the evening and took a shower. She was asked to leave all her clothes behind and hop on a car waiting outside the workshop.

Roshni obeyed. Four men joined her, and the car started rolling inside the dark forest. The journey lasted for at least half an hour. The men seated in the backseat with Roshni took full advantage as the busty Bengali boudi was sitting stark naked inside their car.

With a bottle of beer in hand, each one of the men took turns to press Roshni’s voluptuous boobs, poke her neatly shaved pussy and suck her lips. They offered her some drink too, which Roshni wilfully gulped and asked for more. She knew she would be pounced upon as soon as they reached the destination.

She wanted to get as drunk as possible to bear the pain of their thick cocks violating her holes. Once at their destination, the men got off the car and pulled out Roshni. The place felt cold with the forest cover on all sides, and Roshni was naked.

However, the men hardly cared and dragged a reasonably drunk Roshni behind a thick line of bushes and reached a clearing. Even in the darkness of the night, Roshni could spot a river flowing at a distance. A jeep was waiting for them with its headlight on.

As the men got nearer to the jeep, its headlight started shining bright on Roshni’s naked body. It didn’t take her much time to realize it was a police vehicle. A tall man clad in a police outfit alighted from the jeep in some time. He came and stood in front of the jeep and lighted a cigarette.

Once barely a few feet away, the pack of the leader announced in the direction of the police officer, “We have got her. Just look at the meaty chunks on her body. I am so happy her boyfriend failed to pay the debt.”

He barely finished saying the sentence when he caught Roshni’s arm and pushed her towards the officer. The officer didn’t miss the chance to grab Roshni. But not by her arms but by her hair and turned her face up. He carefully scanned her face, and his piercing eyes made Roshni feel all the more naked.

Reaching out for her pussy, the officer put a finger inside and blew the smoke on her face. Something turned on Roshni again. She reached out for his cock and felt it from above his pant. She realized he was not wearing a brief. She unzipped pants to take out his length.

It was huge, and Roshni reached out to it with both her hands. This was the kind of cock Roshni would masturbate to while watching them in the porn movies.
While most of the cocks she had got in the last few days were operated upon, the officer’s tool was raw, uncut. The foreskin was waiting to be stretched.

Roshni knew what to do with it. She knelt before the officer. She looked at the cock one last time before shutting her eyes and sticking out her tongue to touch the tip of the penis. She was in no hurry and took her time with the cock.

She was gentle enough not right away to pull back the foreskin and rough enough to make the cock slowly grow in size. Sticking her tongue into the gap between the cock and the foreskin, Roshni licked the officer’s tool as if it was the last time she would be getting a cock.

She started working on the cock with both her hands. She salivated enough to give the man a sloppy head and used the spit to make her hands slide up and down easily on the girth of the cock. Roshni turned into a slut and was sucking him at a great pace.

He was not even halfway inside her mouth. But it was already hitting the back of her mouth, and Roshni loved it. Adjusting the movement of his hip to Roshni’s bobbing head on his cock. He asked the rest of the men to build a bonfire near the river.

The men left, and the officer lifted Roshni. He was rubbing his right hand’s thumb on her lower lip. The officer yanked Roshni by her hair and turned her around. The way she was working on his cock made him understand that she was already wet and ready to take his length inside.

He instructed Roshni to spread her legs and bend her ass. She obeyed and held the front grille of the jeep with her hands and bend in a way perfect for the officer to exploit any hole he wished to. Roshni had already submitted herself to the manly officer.

She began swinging her ass even before he entered her. A movement very few women have a chance at, a movement a woman starts only when she is turned on beyond her wits. Although Roshni had stretched the foreskin slightly, the tool still had a long way to get completely exposed.

The officer spat on his fingers and rubbed them on Roshni’s vaginal opening. With the tip of his erect monster, he poked her pussy and started rubbing it. Leading Roshni to recite moans that filled the silence of the night around the two.

The officer knew Roshni had already submitted her body to him. He wanted to tease her till she begged to be fucked under the open sky. He kept rubbing his pussy. With every stroke, he could understand Roshni’s pathetic pussy was leaking like that of a sixteen-year-old cunt.

The night was cold, and Roshni was naked. She was in heat, and sweat beads started appearing on the sides of her cheeks. It was becoming impossible for her to resist the cock. No matter how much she adjusted her cunt to let the cock slip in, the officer resisted the moves and kept teasing her cunt.

After some time, she couldn’t control the urge anymore. She turned around to face the cop and pull him by his collar.

“My boyfriend’s a wimp. Look how he has sent me here to serve you guys. The guys out there could manage to fuck my cunt, but nobody fucked my brain like you are. Make me your bitch. Fuck me till my cunt splits. Drop your cum inside and make me your mistress. I anyway plan to leave my boyfriend and promise you I will be available to service your cock whenever you need it,” she said.

The words were enough to charge up the officer. He wasted no time lifting Roshni and making her sit on the jeep’s bonnet with her legs lifted on his shoulders. With one last look at her cunt, the officer positioned his cock at the entrance of Roshni’s dripping pussy and rammed his meat inside.

The force with which he entered Roshni made her scream out in pleasure. Although her pussy was already stretched by the moneylenders, the officer’s cock had a different feeling inside. Roshni reached out and grabbed his shoulders with both her hands while he continued to fuck her at a good pace.

The constant slapping sound of his balls hitting Roshni’s big dark ass mixed with the officer’s groans and her moans filled the air around the jeep. The moneylenders, busy building the bonfire, couldn’t help but look at their direction in jealousy.

Roshni bent her head backward and started feeling every thrust with closed eyes. Her pussy was constantly leaking, and she forgot how many times she came on his huge cock. At this moment, Roshni would do anything for the officer.

After fucking Roshni on the bonnet for a while, the officer wanted a better grip on her body. He pulled her down and dragged her to the backseat of the jeep. He pushed her on the seat face down and mounted her from behind. He started pounding her cunt from behind.

Roshni’s pussy was tightening around his cock, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold for a long time. With all of his weight on Roshni, he started fucking her at a greater pace. Within minutes, grunted out a huge load of cum deep inside Roshni’s married cunt and collapsed on her naked body.

The two were there for some time. Sensing the session was over, the moneylenders approached the jeep and told the cop the bonfire had been lit. The officer gathered his wits, lifted his body, got off the jeep. He stood in front of the vehicle’s open door.

“What a whore she is. I want more of her. But before that, let’s booze and gather some strength. Leave her in the car and let her rest for a while,” he said and zipped his pants. Before leaving, he slapped and squeezed Roshni’s huge ass making her squeal in pain.

He said, “We will be back for some action in a while. Rest as much as you can till then bitch.” The moneylenders and the officer left for the bonfire. Roshni lay on the backseat of the jeep, contemplating how her life had changed. Doing anything literally for any client is now her thing.

From rimming assholes of fat Marwari men to being urinated on by a group of servants and drivers, she has done it all. Roshni sat up on the seat. The cold leather touched her pussy lips, sending out pleasure on the sore piece of meat. Roshni could feel a change in her body.

Earlier, even after steamy sessions, she would not feel what she was feeling right now. She was completely drained down there. But her erect nipples kept telling her she wanted more action, more cocks and more sex. For a moment, her mind drifted to her life before marriage.

But she forced herself back to the present.  It was all in the past, and she doesn’t want to think about it. But she can never be oblivious to her past, to the roots of her sexuality, to how it all began. Could Roshni have turned into a whore who fucks to get clients for her office had it not been for her past?

She wondered once again but shook her head again and brought her in tune with the air around. The musk left behind by the officer was still lingering inside the jeep. Her pussy was beginning to glisten with precum once again. The slut in her was waiting to be used.

After about an hour, one of the moneylenders walked up to the jeep and told her the officer wanted her near the bonfire. Her eyes twinkled, and she felt butterflies in her stomach. She knew although she would hate fucking the moneylenders, the officer’s cock would compensate.

She jumped off the car and started walking towards the bonfire. With quick steps, she paced directly up to the officer whose eyes had turned red by now. His eyes were half shut but filled with lust for Roshni’s body — he was drunk.

Roshni stopped before him and started playing with her body. She cupped her boobs and wiggled them at him. Soon with her left boob still in her hand, she reached out to her wet pussy with her right hand and started rubbing it. Roshni was biting her lips already and sending out ‘fuck me’ vibes to the officer.

She was about to mount him. But he asked her to first satisfy the other men in front of him till he got drunk enough to fuck her again. It was a turndown, but Roshni knew she had to do it if she wanted the officer’s cock to spread her pussy lips.

She turned towards the other men and gesturally asked who would fuck her first with some regret. While two of the men wanted to go first. The leader of the pack wanted a group blowjob before taking her holes. The five then stood around Roshni while she knelt and started servicing the erect cocks.

These men were no less in size than the officer. But the cop knew how to fuck, which made all the difference for the slut inside Roshni. Roshni knew how to keep sessions short and excite men quickly so that they ejaculate faster. She was dying to jump on the officer’s cock.

So, while sucking each cock, Roshni kept squeezing their balls, an action only experienced women knew about. In no time, all their balls filled up with cum. They were once again ready to tear her holes. This time, all of them wanted to fuck her at the same time.

Soon one of the men lay on the ground and made Roshni mount him before he pushed his cock inside her pussy. Meanwhile, another man pushed his fat girth inside Roshi’s asshole, and a third sucked on to her tits. The two others stood on her sides and made her suck their cocks.

The men kept changing their position and adjusting their cocks to violate her holes. All this while, Roshni’s eyes were fixated at the throbbing cock of the officer hanging loose out from his pants, waiting to be mauled by the tigress.
Roshni kept squeezing the men’s balls each time she got a chance.

It was barely half an hour when all of them wanted to blast their cum. The ones Roshni was sucking now wanted to go first. But she stopped them and said, “Don’t you want to fill my cheating pussy and my tight asshole?”

The men were stupid not to understand that she wanted to keep herself clean for the officer. They thought she wanted to get pregnant with their seeds. They all cheered and started taking turns grunting their huge loads inside her pussy and asshole.

When the last man was done, Roshni stood up and looked at the officer to tell him it was his turn now. But before walking up to him, she stood by the fire, spread her legs. She stuffed two fingers inside and widened her vagina, and forcibly squirted out the sperm the men had left inside her pussy.

She had a smirk on her face while doing it, and the officer knew the reason well.
Once she was dry inside, Roshni walked up to the officer, knelt before him and took his semi-erect cock in her mouth. She once again licked the gap between the cock and the foreskin.

She savored the taste of his manhood with closed eyes. She must have sucked for at least 15 minutes and finally got up, positioned herself on the officer’s lap and guided his cock inside her womanhood. She slowly slid down on the cock.

Once she reached the balls, she grinned at the officer and started moving her pelvis, grinding his cock. The officer was going mad. He knew he would not have to put in much effort as the whore in Roshni would do it all. And that’s what happened.

While riding his cock, Roshni cupped her boobs. She held it before the officer’s mouth and made him suck them. She stuffed her huge tits inside his mouth, gagged him and even smothered his face with the melons. The officer loved it all.

Roshni’s pace was slowly increasing on his cock. Her tits were swinging freely in the open air, a spectacle the moneylenders kept looking at in awe. Soon, she got up, turned to face the men, and sat on the officer’s cock again. While she wanted to go reverse cowgirl, the officer had plans to take control.

He made her rest her legs on his waist and take support with her hands on the ground, something like a wheelbarrow position. He started pounding her. For added grip, he pulled her hair back and ensured his entire length entered her pussy with each thrust.

Although he was drunk, Roshni’s pussy’s musk turned him on so much that he did not lose control of her. The two kept fucking like animals. It must have been nothing less than half an hour before the officer pushed Roshni on the ground and prepared to ejaculate.

Like a good whore, she knelt before the officer’s manhood and lifted her boobs. The officer kept stroking his cock with his right hand. He held Roshni’s face with the left hand as if holding it like a rug he would cum on.   In about a minute, he unloaded his cum all over Roshni’s face, her tits and her belly.

The action had made him tired. With his cock still in his hand, he panted for breath and finally fell on the chair he was sitting on. Meanwhile, Roshni sat in front of him, slurping the cum drops on her lips and rubbing the rest of it that fell on her tits on her body.

She even took some and rubbed her clitoris with it, and collapsed on the ground in some time. That night, the moneylenders and the officer fucked Roshni several times. The next morning, her body had terrible marks on them.

While some were bite marks, the others were those made by the officer’s belt that he used to whip Roshni. But she regretted none. Before getting on to the car, she gave her phone number to the officer. She told him she would come to her like a hopeless slut anytime he would summon her.

Once they reached the workshop, Roshni found Vinay already waiting for her. She got off the car and walked up to him. The moneylenders tailed her and approached Vinay.

“We are waiving off the entire amount you had taken as a loan. But that will work only till you keep sending Punam to us whenever we demand,” said the leader of the pack.

Vinay didn’t know what to tell them. So he nodded and opened the backdoor of the car for Roshni. Something clicked, and Roshni said she would sit on the front seat, naked. Vinay complied and helped her in, and shut the door.

While driving back, Roshni lifted her legs on the dashboard, spread them and let the air touch her throbbing pussy. All trucks, cars and any vehicle that passed by had a clear view of Roshni’s naked body, but she couldn’t care less.

She enjoyed every bit of attention and was already mentally preparing for her next encounter. Then suddenly, her things from the past once again came to her mind.

What were these things Roshni was thinking about? What led her to sign up to be a paid prostitute? Tell me, what do you think they are? Write to me at [email protected]

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