My Wife Becomes A Prostitute For 4 Days

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My previous story ended with a narration of how that guy fucked my wife, Champa. The guy’s name is Peter. After two weeks Peter called me on my mobile and said.

Peter: Hello Vinay. How are you?

Me: I am fine. How are you?

Peter: Me too. How is Champa?

Me: She too fine. What is the matter?

Peter: Your wife is very good in bed. I fucked her like hell. I am happy that she cooperates with the customer well. Many girls and aunties I had fucked did not cooperate to this extent.

Me: Thanks for the compliments. I always tell her, ‘Whoever is fucking you, you should enjoy well without any hesitation. After all, what happens. His penis goes inside your vagina and comes out. You take maximum pleasure out of his dick.’

Peter: Hahaha. That should be the attitude.

Me: I believe that every married lady should enjoy different men and the husband should support her. And every wife should allow her husband to fuck other ladies as well.

Peter: You are right.

Me: Yes. Then what else?

Peter: On next weekend, I want to take your wife to an outstation for a honeymoon trip. Will you allow it?

Me: I don’t mind. If she is ready, I don’t object.

Peter: Good. I fuck her one night and share her with my friends the next day onwards. Is it fine?

Me: When she goes with you, she is at your disposal. You can do anything which she agrees.

Peter: Okay. Good. Then I will take her for 4 or 5 days as my wife. I will fuck her, I will share her with others, I will swap her with couples, and I may pimp her to some other guys.

Me: Oh my God! Do you want to pimp her?

Peter: It is my long pending fantasy. My wife is not willing for any such things. Now she has gone to her native place for delivery. I am free now to fulfill my fantasies with other ladies. I find Champa as the best lady for this.

Me: Okay. Do whatever you want to do. But bring her back safely.

Next weekend Peter picked Champa from my house. He took her to another city, and they stayed in a hotel. It was an ordinary hotel in the old city gully.
He fucked her that night. Sex games started after 10 PM and continued till morning in various styles.

The next day Peter told Champa.

Peter: Today I am calling some of my friends. You should fuck with my friends, and you have to be a bitch to whomever I bring.

Champa: I am ready if the guy you bring is good and healthy. I should not have any health risk from him.

Peter: Yes. That part is taken care of. I will tell them that you are a hired lady. You too should behave with them like a call girl.

Champa: Hmmm. I am not getting your point. Peter, are you making me a prostitute?

Peter: Yes. You are a prostitute. No doubt. Here you behave like a real prostitute for 3 or 4 days.

Champa remembered my words, “Whoever is fucking you, you should enjoy well without any hesitation. After all, what happens. His penis goes inside your vagina and comes out. You take maximum pleasure out of his dick.”

She started thinking in her mind, “It is true that I am having sex with different guys, and I take money also. This Peter also has paid me. Then what is wrong if he calls me a prostitute? Okay. Let me agree to his suggestion and enjoy with different guys for 3 or 4 days.” Champa conveyed her consent.

Peter met the hotel manager and said.

Peter: During my previous visits you had arranged girls for me. This time I have brought a girl with me. You can arrange customers for her.

Manager: Really? Are you serious?

Peter: Yes. I am telling you seriously. You can use her to satisfy your guests who ask for girls.

Manager: What is her rate?

Peter: You know the rate prevailing in this city. Arrange on similar lines.

Manager. Okay. How much you give to me?

Peter: How much you take from other girls? What is your expectation from my lady?

Manager: I take 40%. and give 60% to the girls. Sometimes it is 50% also.

Peter: You take 50% from Champa, and the remaining 50% you adjust for my hotel bill.

Manager: That is fine. Let her be ready by 8 PM. I will call as and when my guests ask.

Champa was ready by 8 PM, but no call came from the manager. Peter was slightly disappointed. He called the manager over the intercom and reminded him.

Peter: What happened. No customers today?

Manager: Wait. Business starts after 10 PM only. Let her relax now. May continue till morning.

Manager’s call came at 10.30 or so, Champa was ready. Peter was happy. The room service boy came and took Champa with him. He took her to the customer’s room and introduced her to the customer.

The customer was pleased with the beautiful look of Champa. The room boy took money from the customer and went out.

Then they started the actual game. All activities can occur between a customer and a call girl, embracing, kissing, stripping, etc. Champa’s saree came out from her body. He unhooked her blouse. Then she removed the blouse and untied the petticoat string. Petticoat fell to the ground.

Champa, the hired call girl, was in panty and bra only. He unhooked her bra. She removed the bra and offered her boobs to him. He started playing with her boobs. When he played with boobs, Champa removed her panty and indicated that her pussy was for his entertainment.

He stood on the floor. She unzipped his half pant and pulled it down. His penis was hard inside the underwear. She removed his underwear and held his cock in her hand. It was very hard and hot. It was big enough and also thick enough to make it difficult to hold.

She kissed his cock and gave her lusty look to him. She sucked the cock and gave a blowjob for 10 minutes. He dragged her to the bed. She offered her pussy. He wanted doggy style. She raised her hips, and he entered her pussy in the doggy style.

Of course, he used a condom. Because she was a prostitute, and for him, safety was important. While fucking in the doggy style, he was spanking her butts. Then he withdrew from her vagina and inserted it into her ass hole. When the cock was going inside the ass, he started abusing her with dirty words.

“You are my randi. Your ass is tight. How many guys have fucked this ass? You randi, after my big dick goes inside, it will become loose for others. I suppose you have not seen a big dick like mine.”

After few anal shots, he got tired, but she was not. He removed the dick and took little rest. During that time, he gave a whiskey bottle and told the whore to serve it to him.

Champa poured little whiskey into the glass and added enough water. She offered the glass to him. When he was drinking, she was dancing. Full nude dance to entertain him. Her boobs were jumping. She was shaking her body well, mostly hips, waist, etc.

The guy took a cigarette. She lit the cigarette. He inserted his finger into her vagina, and she was getting aroused. She danced with more vigor and high spirit. Her nude dance helped him get an erection again.

The whiskey inside made him utter all dirty abuses to her. Words like randi, prostitute, lund, choot, etc., were coming from his mouth very freely. He got a full erection. Seeing the erection, she told him to fuck. She lay down on the bed, and he fucked her in missionary.

Of course, with another condom. Nobody dares to fuck a prostitute’s pussy without a condom. Nobody knows which dirty fellow’s dick had entered a few hours back.

Yes, she behaved like a real prostitute. He was not wrong in calling her randi. She gave a blowjob to him. He fucked her in doggy. He fucked her ass and then in missionary with a condom. After ejaculation, he told her to go.

She went to the bathroom and brought some water. She washed his penis. Then she collected her clothes. She got the saree, blouse, petticoat, and bra but not the panty. She searched here and there and finally got it in the dustbin. The drunkard man had thrown it there while abusing her as randi.

She wore her panty and then the bra, then the petticoat, blouse, and saree. She collected the used condoms and put them in the dustbin. She cleaned the few drops of semen that fell on the floor.

She stretched her hand for tips. He gave a note of 500. She thanked him by kissing him. She kept the note inside the bra. As a prostitute, she was supposed to do all these after the game. Saying bye-bye and giving one more kiss to him, she left the room.

When she reached her room, Peter was waiting there. He asked what all happened. She went to the bathroom and took a shower bath to freshen her body. After wearing fresh clothes, she sat near Peter and started narrating the details.

Then the intercom rang. The manager said, “Another customer is waiting for Champa. Send her immediately to the reception.” It was 1.30 AM.

Champa went to the reception and found that another 2 girls were there. The manager was also there. One customer was waiting in the lobby. The manager told him to select anyone from these three. He had seen the other two already and wanted to have a look at Champa before deciding.

On seeing Champa, he said, “This girl is fine.” Champa went with him to his room in another hotel which was a little away from there. There, more or less, the activities of the first case were repeated with the new customer. After satisfying his needs, Champa returned to her hotel at about 4 .30AM.

She had to walk about half a kilometer. Initially, she was afraid a little, but nothing happened to her. Just like Champa, few more prostitutes were on the road, returning after fucking. Those girls were glaring at Champa with surprise on their faces as to who is this new business girl.

Like this, three more days, they were passed. Champa satisfied 2 or 3 customers every day. Her earnings were kept safely with the manager. After 5 days, Peter decided to return to Bangalore. At the time of checking out, the receptionist gave a zero bill to Peter.

Champa returned to Bangalore along with Peter. She narrated some details of her games to him. After reaching home, she narrated every detail to me.

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