Gangbang In The Gymnasium

It was a silent night. Yashu, Stuti, and Avani were roaming and laughing along the streets. Three beauty in their 20s were enjoying the silent moonlight and cold weather. In their own world, they crossed the roads and by mistake, the three reached a Gymnasium which was located on the outskirts of the city.

The lights were dim in the gymnasium and three of them didn’t know what was inside. Suddenly in between their talks, three of them heard some voices.

“Sabash yahan se utha aur vaha patak.”

“Yeh vala daav laga” and all.

With the noise, they came to know they reached outskirts of the city. They were a little scared. They knew that the Pahelvans were good by heart and the voice was coming from them. So they decided to talk to them and tell them to drop three of them again back to the hotel.

Coming to their clothes and shape. Yashu was slim and had 34-32-36 figure. Her shapely waist was the attractive part. She wore shorts and a red top with no bra. Her nipples were stiff due to the cold breeze.

Stuti was little short in height than Yashu but her ass was to die for.  She has this huge 38 size ass which can make anyone erect. She wore tight black leggings and white sleeveless top revealing her boobs in ample.

Avani was smaller than Yashu and Stuti. But her assets were way bigger than her age. She had 34 size of boobs and 36 of ass. She wore a pink top and black skirt. Her nipples were poking through her sports bra.

The three beauties went towards the door of the gymnasium and peeked inside. All three were shocked. The Pahelvans were doing their practice. Every Pahelvan was just in his underwear inside. They had this huge and well-toned body. There were almost 15 Pahelvans. Yashu counted quickly.

Avani hesitated to go inside and told Yashu and Stuti to find the way by their own. But Yashu and Stuti little knew about the danger of the area at that time of the night. So they preferred to talk to the Pahelvans. As they went inside all the Pahelvans started staring at them like they never saw girls before.

It is obvious as it was night time and just three girls that too with such beauty had visited them. All the 15 Pahelvans gathered around the three girls. Stuti’s huge ass, Yashu’s huge boobs all went in vain in front of those huge Pahelvans. Yashu started their talk and told then how they got lost.

Now they need to go back to the hotel. All the Pahelvan gave a smirk seeing each other. Stuti came to know that something fishy is going on. Soon all the Pahelvans made a circle around the three girls. All three of them got scared. Then started the flirting of all Pahelvans.

“Dekh bhai woh pink wali ki gand dekh. Maar maar ke suja deni hai aaj,” showing Stuti, “Bhai woh red wali ke nipples dekh. Randi bina bra ke ghum rahi hai,”  seeing Yashu. “ Bhai yeh hai chhoti lekin figure bada tagda hai pehle main isse chodunga,” seeing Avani.

Heartbeat raised to an extreme level of all three girls. They knew in corner of their heart that they were trapped and their figure is going to get improper tonight. All the Pahelvans came near them and started touching them. They almost ran their hand all over their body.

Three of them tried to push the Pahelvan but was all in vain. They tried to shout but Pahelvans put their fingers in their mouth. One Pahelvan just was about to tear Yashu top when she stopped and said that they had no new clothes. All the men laughed and one by one they removed their clothes.

First Yashu was made nude. Seeing her braless one told, “Dekha bhai kaha tha na randi hai,” and started laughing. Then Stuti was made nude. As soon as her panty was removed 5-6 slaps were given to her ass tightly. Almost a tear came from her eye.

Avani was scared of seeing this. But helpless. She was last to get nude. 5 Pahelvan made a group and shared each girl. 5 were grabbing Yashu. They were biting her nipples and slapping her tits hard. Her lips were chewed. Her pussy was rubbed hard.

She was made scream to the loudest by inserting a fist in her wet pussy. Though it was against her will she was enjoying the most. Stuti’s mouth was filled with one thick dick. She was unable to gulp one dick such thick it was. One without asking her or lubricating her ass hole put her dick in her ass.

Her eyes almost popped out. One pushed in her pussy and both started ramming her hard. Two were given in her hands to masturbate. Avani begged to be slow and gentle. But no sign of mercy was shown to her. Her ass was also filled with dick and pussy with one.

They were fucking her like a small doll. One in her mouth and two were sucking her nipples to make her more n wetter. Yashu opened her eyes in between her fist fucking to see the loud screams of Stuti and Avani. She shouted seeing them fucking. “ Kamino mujhe chodega nahi bas hath se kaam chalaoge?”

The 5 covering her laughed. Two thick and long dicks were placed on her pussy. She quickly refused, “ Waha nahi gand mein dalo mujhe gand mein jyada khujli hai.” The Pahelvans were happy to hear this. They quickly shifted their dicks to her ass hole and gave a hard push.

Though she had a huge ass hole, that huge dicks just went half in her ass. She gave out a loud scream. It almost tore her ass. Both of them gave hard push again and fixed their huge dick in her ass. Yashu was squeezed like a small doll between these men.

Just after 5 minutes of fucking Stuti squirted in huge amount on the dick. Avani too came on the dick as they were too huge for them. The two dicks stretching Yashu’s ass and one fist fucking her pussy made her orgasm too.

Pahelvan increased their speed of fucking seeing them cum. They were ruthless. The two dicks in Yashu soon came in her ass and the other two started fucking her ass. Stuti ass was filled with cum and the other two were fucking her. Same with Avani changing positions.

Fucking them for half an hour all the Pahelvan one by one came in their ass and pussy. Yashu ass was stretched the most and filled with a lot of cum. Stuti ass was stretched further. But less than Yashu and Avani was stretched less than Stuti. But all three of then were unable to stand up or walk.

Seeing huge bodies around them with thick and long dick was a new adventure for three of them. Due to rough fucking all three were tired but not the Pahelvans. They were never going to get a chance like this. Their dicks were erect again without any foreplay.

They were the horniest guy three of them ever met. The 5 groups interchanged the girls. They fucked them almost the whole night long and made them scream. They stretched three girls ass and pussy. Three of them came a number of times during the whole fucking.

Their bodies were turned red and pussy and asses were just huge and filled with cum. Before bidding them goodbye in the morning they fucked them one more time. This time no group was made. Three of them were blindfolded. They never knew who fucked them.

They were just kept bouncing from dick to the other. They were picked up and pushed on dick harder and harder. Yashu was slim so she was made to jump on the dick more. The deepest in her ass was hit by the dick. Stuti was made to jump on two dicks together.

Avani was lifted and two dicks were fucking her from down. Yashu ass was getting wet and wanted more. She was made them jump on three dicks together. That was the best anal Yashu could ever get. She just came feeling three dicks at one time.

All of them fucked them for an hour and made them drink their cum as a breakfast. Yashu’s ass was spread. Stuti’s ass became bigger. Avani ass was huge too than her age. They barely wore their clothes and Pahelvan dropped them to their hotel.

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