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Hi, I am Anil from a tier 2 city Warangal in Telangana. My age is 24 with an average built body and an average dick. This story is about how I had sexual adventures in a group with my friends.

I asked the 2 boys to make me hard. They started to suck my cock while the girls didn’t waste any time to take their cocks in mouths. Within sometime all three of us were rock hard.

Now I was completely in the mood to fuck asses only. I wanted to take the asses of Saba and Sadia.

Me-“Today I wanna take the virginity of all your asses.”
Mushtaq-“Mine is already taken, lol.”

I asked the boys to lay down on the bed and the girls to take the dicks in their pussies. Sadia took Mushtaq’s dick and Saba took Sadik’s dick. It was easy for Sadia to take Mushtaq’s cock as it is thin. But once she sat on him completely, she let out a loud moan as his cock was long and touched her inners.

As Sadik’s cock was very thick Saba couldn’t take it in easily. Her pussy was tearing apart and she was screaming. I held her mouth from the back and caught her body to push it down. She screamed into my hand once the dick was completely in.

There Sadia was enjoying Mushtaq’s cock. She was gliding her pussy slowly on and off of the dick and bent down to kiss him on his lips. I was between both the pairs Sadia on Mushtaq to my left and Saba on Sadik to my right. Their milky white bodies were shining with sweat as I had switched off the AC.

It was hard for me to choose whose ass to take. Both were gliding and bouncing on the dicks while their assholes invited me. I slapped both the asses hard and the girls were moaning loudly. I slapped them until they turned red. Saba’s ass was more tempting.

But I choose Sadia’s ass because Saba was already struggling to take Sadik’s huge dick in her pussy. She needs some time to settle. I bent down to Sadia’s ass with Mushtaq’s dick inside her pussy an inch away. I held her ass cheeks with both my hands and parted them.

I licked her pussy area along with Mushtaq’s dick and up towards her back hole. She shivered. I used my saliva onto her hole and with the help of my thumb pushed the saliva into her ass. I poured and poured my saliva and pushed it inside also greasing my fingers.

Sadia was having heavy moans and breathing heavily. She tried speaking but nothing came out of her mouth except the sexy groans. I replaced my thumb with middle and index fingers at once. She became stiff and her ass became tight on my fingers.

I bent her over Mushtaq and asked him to divert her. She felt relaxed and loosened her ass. I resumed my fingering and also added more saliva. It was time to expand her asshole more so I inserted a third finger and started rolling it and making it much more stretched and flexible.

As I realized Sadia’s ass was wide enough to take my dick. I signaled Mushtaq to close her mouth. He took in and kissed her. Before removing my fingers and putting my dick I greased my cock nicely with my saliva. As my dick became well slippery I removed my fingers.

Within seconds I inserted my dick in Sadia’s ass. It went only half as she tried to scream but Mushtaq held her tightly not to. She used her hands to push me back. But I held her hands to her back and started giving strokes halfway. When I felt like Sadia got calm, I inserted my whole dick slowly.

Saba looked at what is happening to Sadia and seemed to be shocked and excited at the same time. Without wasting time I held Sadia’s waist and pounded her ass while Mushtaq drilled her pussy from below. Finally, one of my fantasies to double penetrate was fulfilled.

We both fucked her for quite a time. Meanwhile, I was also making Saba ready for her ass fuck. As I continued to fuck Sadia I placed my right hand on Saba’s ass and massaged her asshole. I used Sadia’s saliva by putting my fingers in her mouth before going to Saba’s ass.

So within no time, I was fingering Saba’s ass with three fingers while her pussy was being banged by Sadik. I didn’t want to cum in Sadia’s ass because it would delay my dick to get hard again to take on Saba’s ass. So I removed my dick from Sadia’s ass and moved to Saba.

Sadia’s asshole was looking like some giant circular entrance because of all the fucking. Saba was looking eager as she saw me shifting towards her. I made her bent over Sadik and told him to shut her mouth. He also held her hands tight. Unlike entering Sadia halfway I wanted to enter Saba completely in one go.

I removed my fingers and positioned my dick at her ass. I held her by the waist and at one stroke pushed my cock into Saba’s ass. She arched back and screamed. Sadik couldn’t hold her mouth.

Saba-“Please, it’s paining please remove. Already having a huge dick in my pussy please remove.”

I didn’t listen to her and didn’t care about her screams and started banging her backdoor. Meanwhile, Sadia and Mushtaq turned into a doggy style where Sadia faced Saba. To clam Saba down Sadia took her head and kissed Saba making her screams die down.

As Sadik slowed down I picked up speed and rammed Saba’s ass. There Mushtaq also changed his hole and entered Sadia’s ass. He was nearing his orgasm and wanted to fill Sadia’s ass.

As soon as he gave 5-6 strokes in Sadia’s ass his huge load filled up her back hole and fell upon her back. As Sadia didn’t cum yet she mounted Sadik’s face while Saba was still kissing him. Saba took over Sadia’s pussy while Sadik’s mouth was drenched with Mushtaq’s cum dripping out of Sadia’s ass.

I increased my speed and fucked Saba’s ass like an animal. Sadia was facing directly into my eyes. Her sexy horny eyes made me crazy and I further rammed my dick into Saba’s ass. I sensed Sadia’s orgasm through her eyes and continued my assault to get my cum out.

As the heat between us increased I erupted my seed into Saba’s ass. Sadia’s juices flooded from her pussy onto Sadik’s and Saba’s faces. That was the best fuck I had. It was more fantastic than fucking Mushtaq’s ass and cumming in him. Saba and Sadik were yet to cum. And Sadik increased his speed.

My dick was going down but it was hard enough. So I tried inserting it in Saba’s pussy accompanying Sadik’s dick. Even before entering half her pussy gliding through Sadik’s dick Saba released her juices. Her pussy became so tight that it made Sadik also to release his cum.

I stayed there and felt his cum drown through my dick. Exhausted from an outstanding session we all fell on the bed and cuddled together kissing each other.

So, guys, this is how I fucked another two asses. Read my other stories here. And continue your support by your feedback at [email protected] through hangout.

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