A Naive Mistake Turned Into An Erotic Journey

I ran as fast as I could, dragging my heavy suitcase behind me. It was 9:15 and my train was about to depart. It had already started moving as I reached the station. I, using all my strength, threw my suitcase inside the coach and made a big jump. Once I was on board, I took a sigh of relief and settled into my berth.

I had a week off in my college and I wanted to surprise my parents and family. All was going well until as middle-aged man boarded the train at the next stop. He came up to me and claimed that the berth was his. I protested. He produced his ticket.

Surprisingly, it did have the same berth number and the same coach number as mine. I produced my ticket in response, and now, it was his time to be surprised. Seeing us argue, the Ticket Collector came in. He saw both of our tickets and gave the berth to the man.

When I protested, he pointed out a naive mistake that I made. While booking the ticket, I got the date wrong. The boarding date on my ticket was of a day before. I was so embarrassed. I requested him to allow me a different berth but, unfortunately, all were booked and taken.

I asked him if anything could be done. He mournfully denied and told me that I have to get off at the next station, as I was practically traveling without a ticket. It was well past 11 p.m. I found myself stranded on an extremely small train station. It was deserted. There wasn’t any sign of human activity.

There was no station master or anything of that sort. Just a long and empty single platform station in the middle of nowhere. I took my suitcase and dragged it along with me, out on to the dark and empty road. I walked for a long distance, in hot and humid September night.

The sky was covered with heavy rain clouds that looked ready to pour down at moment’s notice. As I was wondering this, they decided to grant me my unwanted wish. Bright lightning flashed in the sky, followed by heavy rainfall. I rushed for shelter and found refuge under a thick tree.

The station was long way behind now and I didn’t know where to go next. I had no idea where I was. I sat on my suitcase, depressed and scared. I had my face buried in my knees when I heard a beeping sound. I looked to my right and saw 2 lamps racing in my direction.

A white SUV zoomed past me. It stopped just a few meters ahead and came in reverse. It halted in front of me and the guy in the front seat pulled his window down.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

With a heavy voice and tears dangling on my eyelashes, I explained to him everything.

“You won’t find any ticket counter in this station. They are just for emergency stops,” he said. “The nearest town is about 4 hours from here. We are going there. If you want, you can come with us. From there, you can board a train or a bus to your home.”

“Thank you. That is kind of you,” I said gratefully, wiping my eyes.

He stepped out of the car to help me with my suitcase. He put in the trunk of the car, along with a few bottles of whiskey and some chains that were dog leash. We both got in quickly and the car moved forward.

“Hi, I am Raju,” said the guy who helped me.
“Hi, I am Alyssa,” I introduced myself.
“This is Kailash,” he pointed at the guy in the driving seat, “And this is Bharat,” he introduced the guy sitting next to me.

“So, Alyssa, which country do you belong to?” Bharat inquired.
“India,” I answered firmly.
“What!” they all said together, surprised. “How is that possible? You don’t look Indian. Blonde hair and white skin.”

“Yes, that is true. Ethnically, I am not Indian. But I am a born citizen of this country,” I laughed.
“How?” Raju asked curiously.

“Ethnically, my family belonged to western Europe, but my ancestors moved to Uganda a couple of centuries ago. In the ’70s, when Idi Amin ordered the Indian community to vacate Uganda and was prosecuting white people, my parents fled the country.”

“Since their neighbors at that time was an Indian family, they helped my parents to board the plane that was carrying them to India. That’s how my parents got here. Once they got here, my parent decided to call this country their home and have lived here ever since,” I explained.

They stopped, after a while, in front of some shops that were surprisingly open even at that time. There were a few small dhabas with a pharmacy thrown in the mix.

“Would you like to eat something?” Raju asked.
“No, it’s ok. I don’t want to cause you all any more trouble than I already am,” I denied respectfully.

“It’s fine. You are not causing us any trouble,” he replied.

He and Bharat stepped out of the car and made their way towards those shops. A few minutes later, they returned with 4 plates of samosas. They handed me a plate and we moved along the road. After I had my samosas, I threw the plate away and began chatting with them.

I couldn’t continue with our chat much as I was feeling sleepy. With their permission, I closed my eyes and dozed off. I don’t know how much time had passed, but my sleep got disturbed with a very funny feeling. Something was rocking me back and forth.

My whole behind felt wet and I felt something heavy over my body. There was a bright light that blinded me for some time. I tried to move my hands, but they were stuck somewhere. My body felt hot and aroused and I was moaning. My legs were stretched wide and I felt a hard and wet rod inside my pussy.

As my vision cleared up, I saw the whole picture. I was lying on a wet bridge, completely naked, with my hands tied to the columns of the side railings, with those dog chains. Bharat was licking my boobs while fucking me slowly.

“Wha… ahhhh… what’s… what’s happening?” I inquired, moaning.
“Look who is awake?” Raju remarked, stroking his dick.
“Ahhhh… what…what are you guys doing?”
“Fucking you, what else,” Bharat replied coldly.

“Please,  please don’t,” I moaned.
“Now don’t give us this crap,” Kailash shut me down. “We know you like to be fucked. We saw your purse while you were asleep. You had condoms in there.”

“Ahhhh,” Bharat began thumping me hard.
“No, but and all,” Bharat said furiously. “Raju already fucked you while you were sleeping. Now, I and Kailash will also like to feast on you.”

“And, by the way,” Kailash added, “You were enjoying it when Raju was fucking you. Even in your sleep, you were saying, ‘Fuck me, oh, fuck me, Raju.’”

They were not wrong though. Raju was a good looking guy and, when I first saw him, I did kind of fantasized being fucked by him. But, I had no idea that my fantasy would come true in this manner. Now that my deep desire was publicly known, there was no point in me to make any protest but to enjoy the fun.

“Ahhh…unchain my arms. I am not going anywhere. There is nowhere for me to go.”
“Now you are on the right track,” Raju said, and he released my arms from their bonds.

Bharat grabbed my big and round boobs and fucked me harder. Zup Zup came the sound out of my wet and already cum filled pussy. His grip was so tight that I felt he could have ripped my boobs off my body with his bare hands. As he increased his pace, my moans grew louder.

Soon, his dick exploded inside me. He kissed me and got off. Kailash pulled me up and made me bend over the bonnet of the car. He placed his dick on my pussy and in one go, pushed it all in. It was big and hard and thick. He grabbed my ass and stuffed me hard from the get-go.

“Yes, do it like that, do it,” I gritted my teeth.

Kailash, unlike Bharat, didn’t last much longer, and he too came inside me.

“Raju, give me yours now. I want to feel your dick inside me,” I urged.

Raju took me away from the car and made me bend over the side of the bridge. My boobs hung like fruit from some tree. He spread my legs and pushed his dick in while holding on to my breasts. One by one, they all fucked me 2 more times, cumming inside me on all the occasions.

When they were done, their mixed cum was oozing out of my vagina, like cheese from hot pizza.

“No,” Raju said, as I picked up my shorts from the car. “Stay like this. The whole way.”

“But I can’t get out of the car like this on a train or a bus station,” I argued.
“Who said we are going to drop you on a train or a bus station,” Bharat replied, smiling.

“What do you mean?” I asked firmly.

“You said it yourself. Your parents don’t know that you were traveling home. Which means there is no one waiting for you. And you also have a week off from your college. So, for 1 whole week, you will be with us,” Bharat explained.

“Oh, boy,” I muttered under my breath.

“You are coming with us, either way. The choice for you is, if you come with your free will, we will let you go after 1 week. You can resume your college and studies. If you resist, we will still take you with us but will certainly keep you way longer,” said Kailash.

I pondered for a while and gave my answer: “Fine, I’ll come with you guys.”

“Now that’s like a good girl,” Raju exclaimed joyfully.

We all got in the car. Bharat and Kailash in the front while Raju and a completely naked me in the back. After all that fucking, I was really tired. Raju pulled his dick out and asked me to put it in my mouth while I slept. I smiled and did as he said.

He took my right leg, place it behind the headrest, and inserted his finger in my cunt. As the sun came up on the horizon, the car moved ahead. Unaware of where they were taking me or what would happen next, I closed my eyes and dozed off once again. this time, with a dick, stuck in my mouth.

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