Extra Marital Adventure With Family Friend – Part 1

Hi, Rahul here from Kerala. This is a real-life story about a sexual adventure I had with my family friend Reena.

I am 32 years old, a well-built figure as I exercise daily, and married. Even though I am happily married, some adventures come in between, which I feel is good.

My family friend Reena is 28 years old, married, and has a 1-year-old baby. Her husband works abroad and she stays with in-laws post-delivery of the baby.

Her journey back to the UK got delayed because of Covid issues. Reena is a gorgeous woman around 165 cm tall, 68 kg weight, very fair, and has a cute smile. Her figure is 34C-30-36 with fat at the right places. Her 34C boobs are full of milk as she is still feeding.

I and Reena met in a common marriage and as only a few guests were there, throughout the function, our families were together and we got gelled well. Our parents were family friends but we met then only for the first time.

The moment we saw each other, there was a spark in each other’s eyes. I felt like we both were looking for opportunities to speak to each other during the function.

Once I went back home after the marriage function, I searched for her on Facebook and sent her a request and she accepted it in no time. The same day we shared numbers and started chatting on WhatsApp. We became friends quickly and in 4 or 5 days, we admitted we have attraction toward each other.

We started sharing personal secrets and also about our sex life. Then I came to know that she was unsatisfied with her unromantic husband who was more interested in work and booze.

In a week, we planned to meet outside alone for a drive and she emphasized we won’t get naughty. The maximum extent she was ok was holding hands. I accepted it and we planned the drive.

As she had a small baby at home and was staying with in-laws, she couldn’t be outside for a long time. She made a plan for one hour and we met outside in a supermarket.

I took permission from the office and picked her from there in my car and we started our drive. My married family friend was blushing and shy as it was her first date drive after many years. She was wearing a normal churidar, which was totally covering her assets. I made her comfortable and we spoke on general topics.

We had soft drinks which I bought already for us and we removed masks and sipped our soft drinks. In around 15 minutes, she was comfortable and silence came in between. I asked her for her hands and started holding her hands and with my left hand and continued driving.

We firmly held each other’s fingers and again started talking. My fingers started pressing her palm in between which made her smile in between. We were getting aroused and I asked her for a hug and she accepted it.

We parked the car on a by-lanes and we hugged. It was not so cozy because of the front seat and I started breathing into her neck and ears and slowly moved my lips near her lips. We looked into each other’s eyes and our lips locked.

We had a long juicy smooch and the sweetness of the soft drinks also was mixed in the smooch. My hands caressed her back above her churidar feeling the bra straps above her dress and also pressed on her sides on her baby fats.

I purposefully avoided pressing her boobs as I know they may leak. So I slowly glided my fingers slowly brushing her boobs.

My fingers went down from her boobs to the stomach and found my way to the slits of her churidar.

We were enjoying deep slow smooching exchanging a lot of saliva. We played with each other’s tongues and lips. Meanwhile, my fingers found their way inside through the slit and started running on her stomach.

I started circling her stomach and also played with her belly button. She was breathing heavily I could feel my dick getting erect inside my underwear.

We found that it was not safe to stay like that on the roadside, so we broke the smooch and drove back to drop her. Throughout the way, she was leaning close to me holding my fingers. I knew we were fully attracted to each other.

From that day, we started sexting, sharing about our likes of positions, our body sizes, and our fantasies. I started finding out her favorite color, her innerwear styles, etc as I wanted to buy her sexy nightwear and lingerie set when we meet again.

I started asking her daily about her undergarment color for the day and she started sharing bra strap photos and panty band photos with me. I was a big fan of thin-strap innerwears and she started wearing a thin strap bra most of the days and was very much happy sharing strap photos.

She would sometimes tease me showing more than strap’s photo and even little cleavage. I also used to tease her showing my erect dick above my boxers like a flag pole.

We refrained from sharing photos with faces or nudes considering safety. We accepted each other as friends with benefits and not as a serious relationship as we don’t want to spoil our marriage.

Reena accepted the fact that we should meet for a full course of sexual play and she really wished to enjoy it with me. We started planning the same and continued sexting. In a week, she found a plan for a way out from home for around 6 hours

We had well-planned steamy sex on the planned day. I will share the remaining story of how we executed the plan and how everything happened in the next part of the story.

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