Fucked By A Food Vendor On A Rainy Day

Hey, this is Hashita back with another story. This happened when I was 23 years old, before my marriage. I used to stay at my Uncle’s house in Chennai as I was graduating with my MBA there. Uncle and I had sex every day. We enjoyed ourselves a lot.

Uncle was the one who taught me about sex and sex techniques. It went nasty sometimes as I became his toilet slave. My life was going smoothly until one day. I got fucked by a food vendor.

While coming from college to home, I used to have pani puri (typical Indian street food). So there was this grandpa, whose name is Kiran. He was in his late 70’s, and he has a grandson of age 6years. They used to run this vendor.

I became very close to him. I used to come there daily. Sometimes I used to help him in making food. Sometimes I gave him money. I even played with his grandson. I enjoyed their company.

One day evening, while I was returning from college, it started raining heavily. I got drenched badly. On my way, I saw that Grandpa was also getting drenched as he pulled his vendor back home.

So I got down from the auto and went to help him. The auto driver followed us secretly.

Grandpa: What are you doing here? Go home.

Me: No, grandpa, I shall help you.

Grandpa was shivering like hell. He must have some high fever. I was wearing a saree then. My blouse and my bra were seen. But it is difficult to see through in the evening time and with dark clouds. But I felt that my private parts were exposed.

As I got even more drenched in the rain, I started to shiver too. We somehow reached his home, a small hut with only one room. The wash area was their bathroom.

We entered and closed the door. I immediately called my Uncle and said I was struck in rain and will come home after the rain subsided. He agreed to it. I was so cold and shivering.

Grandpa couldn’t control and removed his shirt and lungi. He was left with a torn underwear. I was shocked by his actions. He was very dark in complexion. His grandson went to the neighbor’s house to play but had to be there as the rain started to pour down.

So it was grandpa who was only with his underwear and me.

Grandpa: Child, If you don’t mind, I shall take a bath. I have put some water over the stove. But the wash area is only the bathroom.

Me: No problem, grandpa, you carry on.

With that, I sat on the floor and started to wipe my hair with an old towel. Shockingly, the grandpa removed his underwear and threw it away. His cock in flaccid condition was humongous in size. I imagined what size it would be when in the erect state.

Grandpa saw me staring at his dick. He went to the wash area and started to pour, and had a hot water bath. The wash area had some boundaries around it so that the water doesn’t go out. The height of the boundary may be some 15-20 centimeters.

Grandpa finished his bath and wrapped himself in a lungi. He came to me. My nipples were seen in that light. He was gazing at my nipples. I felt horny.

Grandpa: Child, why don’t you have a bath too? Else you would catch a severe cold.

I knew his intentions, though. So I wanted to see what this old man could do. So I agreed, and he boiled some water for me as well. He was eager to see me naked. I asked him for a spare dress.

Grandpa: I have sold all my wife’s belongings to clear my loan. You can wrap my old lungi and dry the clothes on the rope.

Me: Okay, grandpa, give it to me.

He gave me an old torn lungi. He gave that torn lungi on purpose. I gave a wicked smile.

Grandpa: Hurry up. The water will cool down. Have a bath.

I knew the old man wanted to see me naked. So I did what he wanted. I removed my saree and put it on the rope. Then I removed my petticoat and blouse and kept them on the rope.

I was nervous as I had never been naked in front of a stranger other than my Uncle. His eyes were fixed on my body. To add some more spice, I said.

Me: Grandpa, could you remove my bra hooks? I am not able to remove them.

He was very happy and quickly came to my back. He removed the knots in a flash. I removed it, and then he suddenly bent down and removed my panty also. He was indeed into me.

I thanked him and turned over to show my naked fair body to a food vendor. I turned, and he was shocked to see such a fair lady. I then went to the wash area and started to pour water, and I could see that he was getting a hard-on.

I bent several times to show him my asshole. He was silently rubbing his dick from the lungi. I finished my bath and dried myself. I wrapped the lungi grandpa gave over my boobs, and it hardly covered my pussy.

He then made some food. He told me to sit on the cot, and he sat down facing me. He now has a clear view of my pussy. That made me horny. Cold weather, hot water bath, and such a lustful grandpa. What an atmosphere.

I got horny and started leaking fluids. He must have noticed it. Then I took the initiative to clean the utensils. While cleaning, the outlet in the wash area got clogged, and water stagnated all over.

Grandpa had to urinate urgently, but the wash area was already full of water. So I thought this was the perfect chance to start our sex life. I pulled him close to the wall and knelt before him, and removed his lungi.

Grandpa: What are you doing? (His cock was in an erect position.)

Me: Do you want me?

Grandpa: Yes, I want you. I love you, Hashita.

Me: Then pour your waste into my mouth.

He was quite surprised and later agreed. I took his erect dick, which was huge, and pointed it towards my mouth. As I have drunk my Uncle’s piss so many times, it wasn’t new to me.

He started to pour. It was very dark yellow and had a heavy pungent smell. Here I am, a beautiful young unmarried lady, drinking a food vendor’s urine in rainy weather.

I gulped in and drank it all. Then I started to suck his dick. It was huge, so hardly half of it went inside my mouth. Then the grandpa pushed my head towards his cock.

Still, I couldn’t take it in. His cock tasted like rotten cheese. Very bad smell, but somehow I controlled it. I kept sucking, and grandpa was having the blowjob of his life and moaning heavily.

Grandpa: Hashita, I’m going to cum.

He kept my head tight and, in no time, released his sperms inside my mouth. It was a huge one. I tried my best to take it in, but some drops fell on the floor, which I licked shamelessly. Grandpa started to laugh at knowing what a slut I was.

I then got up and kissed him madly. We kissed for about ten minutes. He then pushed me on the cot and started to suck my boobs. He bit my nipple so hard. It turned red. It was painful but gave me pleasure as well.

He then moved to my pussy and started to lick it like a mad dog. Then he came over to me and started to kiss my lips. His nipples were on mine. Slowly I felt something entering into my pussy. I knew it was his cock.

He kept kissing me, and his dick was entering my wet pussy. What a feeling it was. Hardly an inch entered inside. He kept pushing hard. I let loud moans as it was raining. I assumed that no one would hear my voice, but it did.

I heard an auto passing by. I ignored it and continued to have fun with grandpa. I was making huge moans. The auto driver must have heard it.

Grandpa was pumping hard and hard. We were reaching the climax. He pushed his dick deep inside. He hugged me tightly and kissed me even harder. My boobs were crushing with his chest. My pussy is being drilled.

And he stopped all of a sudden and released his load inside. I let a huge moan – a huge one this time. I didn’t care about being pregnant as Uncle would take care of it. He then collapsed on me, and I hugged him tightly.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I was shocked, and so was grandpa.

Grandpa: Cover with this bedsheet and sleep. I will open the door.

He opened the door, and It was the auto driver who used to drop me home every day. I turned to the other side. His name was Ravi.

Ravi: Who is that old man? And what are those moans?

Grandpa: That’s none of your business. Get lost.

Ravi: Oh, is it? I know who she is and will complain to her parents. They will call the police and put you behind bars.

I got scared. So did the grandpa. He knew that the grandpa had nothing to resist. Ravi entered and closed the door. He called my name. I had to turn. I got up and kept my head down.

Ravi: I have always wanted to fuck you since day 1. Now I will enjoy your body.

Me: Please, Ravi, don’t do this.

Ravi: You enjoyed with an old grandpa but denying me?

Well, that’s true. When I had sex with the grandpa, why was I acting like an innocent in front of him?

I removed the bedsheet around me and was naked in front of two men. Ravi soon got naked, and he had a huge cock too. I knelt and took his dick inside, and started to suck him.

Meanwhile, grandpa came behind me and started to apply some cooking oil in my asshole. He was lubricating it. An auto driver was fucking my mouth while a food vendor was lubricating my ass for a fuck. He then lubricated it well and tried to push his dick in. The pain was unbearable.

Ravi kept thrusting his dick in and out of my mouth, and the old grandpa was entering my virgin asshole. I never let my Uncle fuck me there as it was a pure one to get used by only my soulmate. But the situation was different. So I didn’t deny him.

Ravi was fucking me madly while grandpa was fucking my virgin ass. They both fucked me for about 10 minutes and released their load in their respective holes.

To make it more erotic, Ravi opened the door. It was raining heavily, and I could see some vehicles passing by. I gave him a wicked smile.

Then Ravi had other plans. He made me lie on the floor and said something to grandpa. I was wondering what they were talking about. Ravi came and told me to get up, and he slept.

Ravi: Hashita, sit on my dick and lay on me with your boobs facing the roof.

I came and positioned his dick into my pussy and inserted it in, and it took time. Then I lay back on him. The back of my head was over his head. Then Grandpa spread my things wide and lubricated my pussy. I was confused.

Then grandpa knelt before my pussy and kept his dick at the pussy entrance in which Ravi’s dick is already inside. He tried to insert inside my pussy. It was hurting like hell. Double penetration hurt badly.

But as time went by, things got comfortable. They both were having a smooth ride in and out, and I was enjoying the pleasure. They fucked me for more than 30 minutes and released their load inside. I was tired and slept off there itself.

They fucked me all night in different positions. I was awake at times and enjoyed every session. I just slept off and allowed them to do whatever they wanted to do.

I woke up while I was outside the hut on the grass. It was early morning, maybe around 5 am. I was being rested upon a tree. I could see Ravi and grandpa standing facing me with their dicks facing me.

They told me to open my mouth, and I did. They started to urinate, and I didn’t drink this time. I was naked outside the hut and drinking the piss of two strangers. What a feeling I had. The auto driver dropped me home later.

I narrated the whole incident to Uncle, and he was very happy listening to it. Whenever aunty was out of the house, I called them both, and we all used to have a foursome.

I enjoyed every single session and soon got a marriage proposal to a businessman in Hyderabad. I got married to him, and still, those memories are roaming around my mind. I hope to see them someday around.

This was my story about how I got banged by a dirty old man. I hope you like it. Thank you.

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