Birthday Night – Part 1

Paru and Lalli had been the closest friends ever since they explored each other bodies that drunken night. They were in relationships with other guys. But that did not stop them from making each other cum in Paru’s boyfriend’s bedroom.

The next day, they confessed to their significant others, acting like they regretted their actions and were under the influence of alcohol. It was far from the truth. They were drunk, but they got drunk as they kept fingering each other and drank out of the vodka bottle that they shared.

Sunil (Paru’s boyfriend) and Sahith (Lalli’s boyfriend) listened to every word their girlfriends said to them. But they did not react. They kept silent. It took a few days, some fights. Finally, they made peace with it only after taking a word from their girlfriends that this won’t repeat.

It was a month later when the two couples met in one of the posh restaurants of the city. A few drinks down on an empty stomach, and the topic came up. Sunil and Sahith brushed it off. “It’s all in the past, ” they said. Sahith stood up and went outside as he got a call.

“Listen, I’ve booked a room in this hotel and asked them to put a cake with some decoration. We can blindfold him and take him there,” Sunil informed the girls of his plan.

“Sounds good,” Paru spoke, her eyes half shut and intoxicated.

“I really want to spend time with him tonight. It’s his birthday, after all, I wanted to make it up to him for the…you know…” Lalli hesitated. She did not want to waste the time that she had with him.

“Don’t worry, we’ll leave the room to you both after the cake cutting, ” Sunil consoled her with a hand on her shoulder and slightly squeezed it.

The drunk girls were not in a position to think this through and agreed. Sahith came back, and they wished him a happy birthday. Sunil started tying the blindfold. Paru was already tipsy and was wobbling side to side.

Sunil was leading Sahith to the room while the girls followed them behind. They reached the room.

“Can you take the key from my pocket and open the door, Lalli?“ Sunil was pushing his hips towards her so that she could take the keys.

Lalli took the keys from his pocket and opened the door. She helped Paru get into the room, followed by Sunil and Sahith. She switched on the lights, and the room was empty.

With a loud bang, the door was shut. Before they could turn around, two sets of strong hands pushed the girls onto the bed before them. Their hands were tied with a set of handcuffs.

“What the-,” Lalli was getting angry. One part of her wanted to get out of her clothes. She turned her face to the side, and there was Paru, still drunk, screaming and getting her hands cuffed by Sahith. That meant Sunil is the one behind her.

Sahith grabbed Paru’s hair, led her like a dog, and put her down on the bed. Lalli was still bent over onto the bed. Sunil grabbed her ponytail and lifted her head. He pushed her forward. Lalli was looking down at Paru’s face. She tries to lift her face, but Sunil keeps it down.

“What the fuck are you guys trying to do?” Lalli screams, her eyes fixated on Paru. She was being undressed to the point where there is nothing on her body. Paru tries to move, but she can’t.

“Punishment,” The guys both say at once, looking at each other while Sunil takes off Lalli’s clothes. They take their dicks out, already hard and ready to go. Sunil positions it over Lalli’s ass and Sahith over Paru’s pussy. The drunk girl murmurs something in a slurred way.

Grabbing the girl’s bodies, they start entering the girls. Lalli moans out loud. She loves anal, and Sahith must have told him about it. Her eyes are half shut, and she looks at Paru. Paru’s eyes open wide as Sahith’s thick 8 inches cock enters Paru’s pussy.

The dizziness is knocked out of her, and she screams, begging him to stop. Watching her boyfriend dominate Paru brings a smile to her face. It vanishes immediately as Sunil starts moving his hips faster and at an angle.

He’s touching the right spots, and she can’t help but moan. Moan like she’s becoming a slut who loves a good fuck.

“He is too big. He is going to rip me apart, ” Paru screams at Lalllu in between moans, her words breaking off as Sahith starts pumping her. She starts moaning, and tears roll down with pleasure. His cock is so big that she literally spreads her legs almost like a split to accommodate it.

She’s dripping down there. Above her, Lalli is moaning, biting her lips and her tits bouncing with each stroke of Sunil’s cock.

“It seems like he is doing a good job,” Paru smiles, and they go in for a kiss. Lalli is pulled back as Sunil pulls her ponytail. Sahith pushes Paru onto the bed and pins her down with his hands on her tits.

“You girls won’t be touching each other today,” Sahith informs them of the punishment, and they both start fucking them hard. They exploit the girl’s weak spots and go hard on them. They start pumping as hard as they can.

Going mercilessly, fucking the sluts on the bed. Pleasure surged through the girl’s bodies. They both try to kiss, touch each other, only to be stopped by the guys. They want each other so badly.

They start getting closer. The guys don’t stop. They are going harder and harder than before. Finally, the girls scream at each other and cum all over the guy’s cock. They are held in that position by their boyfriends.

“Shall we switch positions?“ Sunil suggests, and Sahith takes Paru and sits on a chair. Lalli is on the bed and looks at Paru from the side.

“What now?” Paru says, fully out of her drunken state. Sahith’s cock wakes her up fully. Sahith grabs Paru and takes her into his lap. She doesn’t resist at all. Her legs shivering as she is held in mid-air. His cock starts rubbing over her ass.

“Please don’t,” Paru immediately begs him. She never did anal, and she is too tight. But Sahith is already entering her. She is screaming as her body is pushed down by him onto his cock, and it tears her ass apart. He leaves her, she falls, and his cock hits the spot inside her ass, going deeper.

Her mouth is wide open, and she doesn’t breathe for a second. She wants to get off, but she can’t move. She feels as if she is impaled by a spear. She looks at Lalli for help. Lalli’s mouth is wide open and eyes closed. She is grabbing the sheets, and Sunil is at her pussy, shoving his fist inside her.

“Lalli, I’m an anal virgin, ” Paru informs Lalli, and Lalli starts moaning and crying as she is being fisted. Tears roll down her eyes, and she is so fucking wet that Sunil’s forearm goes inside her. Sahith grabs Paru’s waist and starts bouncing her ass on his cock.

Paru’s ass slams onto his thighs only to be taken up and repeat that as he takes her anal virginity.

“Fuck, you,” Paru takes a deep breath “ Guys even shared….” She grabs her hair as she goes crazy with his huge cock hitting her insides. Lalli screaming throughout, “…our fantasies”.

With that, the girls squirting like fountains onto the guys. Sunil’s face is hit with a gush of Lalli’s juices as Paru cums all over Sahith’s lap. The guys leave the girls. Lalli curls up, shivering, while Paru lays down on the ground panting.

The guys take off their clothes, stroking their cock, “There are two punishments. Who wants the first?”

Lalli smiles weakly. She knows what’s coming, and she says. “Paru.” Sahith lifts Paru’s limp body and makes her stand between them. Paru looks at Lalli over Sahith’s shoulder. Suddenly, her eyes open wide, and she lets out a huge big moan, biting into Sahith’s shoulder.

Sunil and Sahith are entering Paru’s both holes at once. Double penetration, the punishment Paru was going to receive. She is stretched out. Lalli sits back on the bed and helps herself, rubbing her clit. The guys lift Paru’s body and keep her in the mid-air while they fuck the shit out of her.

She grabs her hair, starts banging her fist against Sahith’s bodies and bites her hands. Nothing works, and she cums. She lets go of all her inhibitions and cums onto their cocks. They don’t stop. They haven’t had enough. They keep going faster. Paru is exhausted.

Her body is fully tired, and she takes her tongue out and pants like a dog. Lalli is going hard on her clit, rubbing it, squeezing it, watching Paru being treated like a slutty whore. Lalli edges and grabs her crotch, her thumb rubbing against her clit, and she lifts her body.

Paru makes a whimpering sound like a dog and cums again. Her body shakes and shivers like hell, and she falls limp onto Sahith. Lalli does the same, and her legs are shivering like hell as she lies on the bed. Sahith puts Paru onto the bed and grabs Lalli’s hair.

“I’m too tired. Please….” Before she could complete the sentence, Sahith shoves his cock inside her. He starts fucking her face, and she sucks it, hoping he would stop once he gets his satisfaction. But all of a sudden, Sunil enters the scene, and he starts shoving his cock, on the side of her mouth.

Lalli is stretched out. She has two cocks in her mouth, and she is not breathing. Saliva flows down her mouth like a river, and she struggles to breathe. They both move their cocks inside her mouth, and Lalli chokes. Her vision gets blurry, and she almost passes out.

The guys leave her, and she falls onto the bed, panting, exhausted, and watches Paru, fully asleep. They get on top of her and jerk themselves off. Lalli smiles as she opens her mouth and takes her tongue out.

The guys shoot their loads all over Lalli’s body and face. She licks whatever falls on her mouth and gulps it down. She falls asleep.

The next morning the girls wake up to their pussies being fucked by their respective boyfriends.

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