Guitar Lessons Turn Into Sex Lessons – Part 2

Hello guys, hope you are doing well and having a great time. It’s me, Mike, again with the continuation of the first part in which I and Asha had a great first session. If you haven’t checked the first part, check it out here! Maybe you will get an idea of how we both got engaged in a great sex session.

Asha was a wonderful human being having a great appeal and personality. That indulged me into a craving for her. The night after our session was the best. I jerked twice thinking about what and how things happened so quickly. I was eagerly waiting for our next guitar class session.

There I could get more practice for my dick instead of guitars. Fortunately that day came and as usual, I went to her place to teach. We just had a small text conversation prior to class. But I went with condoms as I wanted to last longer and get more of her body.

But, as the session started we both were quiet at first. I was dying for her to come close and make the first move. Unfortunately, she was quite and it was getting a bit awkward. We were towards the end of the session. I made up my mind and said, “Is everything okay?”

She said, “Obviously, what’s going to happen? I am alive, in front of you, means I am not dead. So none of your concern.” I felt a bit disheartened and she was rude. So I didn’t ask anything after that and left. Next few guitar sessions went the same. We were almost at the end of our whole guitar program.

I still had a ray of hope that maybe something might happen. One night before our second last session I received a text from her. “Mike, we need to talk tomorrow as I am disturbed and can’t see myself coming out of it. Can you come a little early?”

Next day I went a little early. She gave me a warm welcome and said, “Have you got cigarettes?” I said, “I don’t smoke.” She replied, “Dude, don’t lie. I know your essence. Remember I am nearly 2 decades older than you. So please get a cigarette.”

I rushed down and got 4. She didn’t even utter a word and started smoking. I again asked her this time with a thin soft voice, “Is everything okay?” She said, “How good can you fuck?” I was surprised, and said, “You must have known in our last session.”

She gave an awkward look and said, “Fuck me again today.” My senses were lost. I approached her but she refused to kiss, and straight away pulled her pajamas. She turned behind and popped her ass up. My heart was speeding, and I was afraid even to place my hand on her.

She said, “Fast, we got no time.” I pulled my semi-erect cock out and stroked it on her ass till it got fully erect. I slowly inserted it in, she was not so wet so moaned slowly in her cute voice, “Aaggghh.” I slowly started to pound her from behind and wanted to caress her boobs.

We were standing in her balcony and fucking while she held a half-burnt cigarette in her hand. Her moans started to increase as I began to drill her. In between, she asked, “How much you missed fucking me?” I said, “I was dying for this moment. Why couldn’t we do it earlier?”

She confessed that her husband was hurting her. He got to know about all her extra-marital fucks through their mutual friend who used to regularly fuck her. After hearing this, I stopped and was shocked. I had no words to say. Still, I added, “Stay strong.”

She said, “You don’t have to say a word. Just fuck me, fuck me hard.” I took my cock out and just stared at her. She turned around and kissed me deeply and said, “It’s okay don’t be concerned. All my life I have been used for my beauty. I feel good in your vibe but I am helpless.”

I started kissing her back again, now things were getting intense. She told me, “Let’s get inside. I don’t want to be caught again.” We came in and kissed each other continuously and my hand just went on her boob. I pressed them softly. After all, she said, “I never felt like getting wild. I wanted it smooth and tender.”

Slowly I pulled my t-shirt off and grabbed her nicely around the waist. She still was in discomfort but wanted to let go of all the stress. I slowly went for her neck and soft kisses till deep neck. These sent chills down her spine. And it actually was getting intense slowly.

She took off her top by herself. And unhooked the bra. As soon as her melons popped out I sucked them till the core. My tongue was rolling on her nipples. She was pushing me by grabbing my hair. I went for side boob. I gave a small bite to which she opened up her left arm to pull me up and kiss.

As we kissed my hand slowly took a grab of her left arm. I took it little up so that I can lick her armpits. That was her weakest point. She couldn’t control her wet pussy and started humping my cock. Again I came back on her boob to feel it getting reddish by my slow bites.

Darn, it was so good. Her soft tender nipples getting hard and perfectly shaped boob covered in reddish skin tone. Then she began to stroke my cock. My cock was never so pumped up. I told her to blow me. She went down and gave a few licks. Then placed her sweet lips on my cock.

I could feel her warmth already. Her cock sucking was great. She then went for my balls which were totally filled. She licked them and stroked my cock on the other side. Only once she looked at me while doing this. But trust me I still remember that face.

I was about to cum so I stopped her as I wanted to fuck her so badly. She asked, “Why?” I said, “Maybe we should fuck in a good way finally.” She smiled and told me she will do it and hopped on my lap. We were on her sofa. Her long hair was all over my face.

She was slowly catching pace to get my cock deep in her pussy. I moved them back and kissed her. Unfortunately, I couldn’t last as long as I was already too excited to fuck. But she was satisfied for sure. It was a stress buster for her.
We continued in the same position until she read my face.

It clearly indicated I am cumming and pulled it out. She quickly got down and put my cock in her mouth and stroked. I dropped my load on her warm tongue. Yes, I was exhausted and so was she. But it was a good session. We cleaned up and smoked again.

While smoking she asked me, “Can you fuck harder?” I said, “Maybe I can, but I don’t get what’s in your head.” She smiled and said, “You are a kid yet. Fuck me hard next time,” and gave me a peck kiss.

So, guys, this was the second edition of my story. There are still a few incidents which have to be shared, maybe in the next part. You guys can send me a feedback mail, opinions, views, whatever the fuck at [email protected] Stay blessed, thanks.

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