Erotic Events At Female Friend’s Party

Hi, my name is Rahul (name changed) and I have been a regular reader of this site and thought about writing and sharing my own personal experience which happened totally unexpectedly.

Let me introduce the primary characters (names changed obviously).

Rahul – I was 20 years old when it happened. I am 5ft 8in, average-built and into sports. My tool is about 7.8-inch long and about 3.7-inch thick when I am hard.

Manasi – She is the friend I was visiting after 7 whole years and it was her birthday. I had plans of staying at her house for the duration of my stay over there. Her stats are 5ft 7in height with a hot amazing body of 34-30-34. Anyone would drool over her even if she is dressed casually.

Nandini – She is one of Manasi friends and I had never met her until I reached Manasi’s place. She had a stats of 32-30-34. And also, she is a bit short in height of about 5ft 5in so her ass looked extra huge and amazing.

Vaishnavi (‘Vaish’ for short) – She is another friend of Manasi who used to stay in London and is very open-minded and all. She is very pretty and cute to start with and a height of 5’7 and stats 32-28-30.

Now coming to the story. I had just arrived in the city and my friend Manasi had come to pick me up at the station. As soon as she saw me coming out of the station, she ran and hugged me which I felt great.

After she pulled out from the hug, I noticed her properly. She was looking so amazing in tight-fit slim jeans and a top. I started getting a hard-on which I tried to hide and tried to make her start leaving for home in a hope that she doesn’t see the hardon.

As soon as we reached Manasi’s house, I met her friends and we all talked for a while. Since it was pretty later, we decided to sleep off. I left the room and went to the guest room leaving those three in the room to sleep.

The next morning went by. As it was Manasi’s birthday, we all were helping her out to do the party preparations. I had jerked off twice before so as to make sure I don’t get a hard-on while with the girls.

The party went as planned and we all had drinks and all. Later only four of us were at Manasi’s house her mom had gone out to some relative’s place after the party. We all started having some shots and more champagne until someone suggested playing “truth and dare”.

The game started and went off as normal fun game for about an hour after which I got a dare to apply makeup (which I obviously did as it was a dare). The nature of the game changed a little after that. After about another hour of drinking and playing, Vaish gave me a dare to dress up in a skirt and a top as I anyway had makeup.

I refused but Manasi and Nandini also liked this dare and started forcing me. Manasi got up and got me a pair of her clothes which was a pink tight top and a just-above knee skirt. Being outnumbered and drunk, I took those clothes and went to change.

On my return, they were ready with their phone cameras to take pics and then we went back to the game with me dressed in her clothes.

In the next turn, I gave Nandini a dare to kiss Vaish. And Vaish had already done a dare like this and was ready for it. Seeing the two kiss, I got turned on and got a boner.

After another few rounds of the game, I noticed Nandini staring at me and later realized that she was staring at my hardon which I didn’t know I still had. Then she pointed Vaish to look towards it quietly.

Vaish gave me a dare saying since I was wearing girl’s clothes, I should complete the attire with bra and pantie.

After a long argument, I was forced to do it. So I had to remove my pink top so they can help me with the bra. I also had to remove my underwear in front of them secretly from the skirt and wear panties which I did make sure they don’t see my dick.

Then they stuffed the bra like I had boobs. When we went back to the game, my friend Manasi said, “Dude Rahul, your hard-on is bigger than your boobs. Make your hard-on disappear.”

I tried to adjust my dick so as to move the bulge from the view and seeing this, Nandini moved her hand on my dick very quickly saying,

“Dude, let me help you. You are drunk and taking too much time. I can adjust it for you better or I will keep a hand here so no one can see”. She then moved closer and kept both her hands on my dick, grabbing it very tight and hiding it.

Due to this, my skirt moved up to my thighs and before I could do anything, Vaish moved her hand inside from under the skirt saying, “Got it! Don’t worry, adjust your clothes. I got my hand here and no one will be able to see”.

I stood up, turned around with my very hard dick and adjusted it carefully. And then I sat back and Vaish said, “You can even remove the panties if that feels better. Anyway, your dick is too huge to fit in that”. It caused Manasi and Nandini to stare at my dick.

They gave me the next dare to remove the panties which I did and passed it to Manasi so that she can keep it back. But it turned out that the panties had stains of my precum which she started smelling and licking, making other girls join her.

Once the pantie was all wet with their saliva, Manasi said, “That tasted amazing”, making them all quickly come upon me and lift my skirt. I had Vaish and Nandini held me down while Manasi started to suck my dick making me shoot my load in just a few minutes on Manasi.

After that, I was still erect. Vaish and Nandini were licking and sucking me. Manasi sat on my face giving me a chance to lick her wet dripping pussy while I shoot my last and fourth load of the day on Vaish and Nandini before passing out right there, all exhausted.

My hands were on Manasi’s boobs and Nandini’s ass. Vaish slept with her face near my dick and balls.

If you liked the story, wait for part two because that’s where all the surprising stuff happened.

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