Skinny Indian Maid Seduced And Fucked

Hi. I am Rocky, 27 years old, working as a fitness professional in Hyderabad. The following happened on the 1st of June 2019.

I live with a roommate in a two-bedroom flat located in a high profile community. Our maid, Raji is a 29-year-old, short, skinny one (32-24-35) with full lips and sexy eyes. She is married and has a daughter.

We party a lot and make the place a mess but she never complained and does her chores silently.

The whole perversion started on the day when my roommate left for a few days and I was alone at home. The maid came and started doing her chores. I was chatting with her casually, joking around. During the talks, I asked her how much she weighed. She said she weighed 49 kg. I said I could lift her with one arm and she said I cannot.

When I went to prove my point, Raji shied away. I didn’t force her and was putting some coffee for myself and her. As I was not really good at it, she took the coffee powder and sugar from my hand and started making coffee. I was standing right behind the maid and to my surprise, her back looked amazingly-toned.

All of a sudden, I picked her up by her waist and lifted her. She squealed for a moment and then I put her down. She was shocked first and then slapped me!

There was an awkward silence between us. I apologized and went into the bedroom. After some time, Raji came in with the coffee and placed it next to me. I didn’t look at her nor did I took the coffee.

Raji stood there and started saying that she was a married woman and I should not have done that. I was keeping silent, waiting for her to feel guilty.

She then apologized but I didn’t still say a word. Raji then stood in front of me with the coffee and said she won’t leave until I had it.

I looked at her and said I wanna try picking her up with one hand. She was surprised and said no.

I was after her pleading to check if I got such strength but she denied. She asked me to pick up a rice bag instead but I kept on insisting. Finally, she said ok. But on one condition – I should try only once. I said ok.

Then I took Raji to the sofa and asked her to lie on it. She hesitantly followed and I suddenly held her by the saree knot and tried to pick her up. She was shocked as her saree knot came out. My married maid quickly started tucking it back while cursing at me to what I was doing.

I said it was the only way to pick her up with one hand. She said not need and walked into the kitchen. I followed her.

She said, “You have become naughty and this is enough for the day”.

I went near her and she told me not to do anything funny. Then I asked her if she liked me. She was silent.

I went to intrude and asked again. She asked, “In what sense?” I said, “In the fucking sense?”

She slapped me again but this time, shushing me not to talk like that. I asked her, “What is wrong in it? I am curious that I never fucked a skinny beauty like you” (even though I have).

“What has gotten into you today?”.

“I have read somewhere that skinny pussies are very sensitive”, I said.

Raji stopped her chores and said she was leaving.

Then I asked her to leave if she doesn’t like me at all. But to my surprise, she didn’t leave. She continued her chores.

I stood there and unzipped my pajamas in a jiffy. She was shell-shocked when I showed her my flaccid fat dick. “Will this will fit in yours?”, I asked.

The maid’s jaw dropped and she stood there still. I was casually holding my dick showing it to her. Then I started playing with my fat cock which grew to 7 inches instantly.

I was looking at Raji innocently. I asked her if she liked it. Without replying, she got back to her chores. She then asked to put the cock back in or else she will not come back.

“Why are you being so rude. I am not forcing you. All I asked was if my dick would fit in your pussy. You can simply say yes or no”. She said she didn’t know.

Raji then asked me to stop stroking it. My ‘red bulb’ was so hot by then. Then I said, “My dick has only seen plumpy pussies but never a skinny one”.

The maid finished her chores, washed her hands and was about to leave. But I suddenly locked her between my hands and said, “You can leave if you want but tell me this – am I good looking? Do you like me?” She said, “Please let me go”.

I repeated the questions and finally, she said yes.

Then I caught her by the waist and started kissing her! Raji didn’t resist. I told her in the ear that she will be pleasured in the most fantastic way possible. She said no and that she was a married woman.

I said, “Not for now” and started kissing and fondling the skinny maid’s ass. This time, she responded to the kisses positively. Then I put my hand into Raji’s saree and reached her pussy lips. Boy, she was wet already. I started pinching there and she gave a light moan while kissing me back hard.

I lifted the maid’s saree and placed my dick-head at her pussy entrance. I asked her to be ready.

Before she could realize what was about to happen, I drove my dick right in her pussy at once! She gasped in a sweet pain.

Aaaahhhhh!!! (I am masturbating as I am writing this).

Raji was sweating already. I asked her how it felt. She replied, “Too big”.

Then I slowly started fucking my skinny maid. While enjoying my thrusts, she asked me not to make her pregnant. I smiled.

We were having sex in the standing position. I was fucking her slowly and giving sudden thrusts in between. Raji started biting my shoulder and our bodies were lapping in sweat.

Then I removed her jacket and bra. She was going crazy running her hand in my hair and kissing without taking breathe.

Then I asked her to see how my dick was going in and out of her pussy with white stuff around it. She then looked at me with those eyes of pleasure while breathing and moaning heavily.

She removed my shirt only to bite my nipples and pinch them hard.

I increased the pace rapidly and Raji opened her eyes wide and mouth in sweet pleasureful pain as if a hole was being drilled into her.

I asked her if I can come inside her and she said yes and not to stop the fuck.

I was sweating heavily. Moans and chapak chapak sounds were loud inside the house.

Then I increased the speed to the maximum. Raji bit my lip. And in a few seconds, she hugged me so tightly that we had no room to fuck. She closed her eyes in such a relaxation.

I told her I was not finished yet. She asked me to continue until I came. She was looking at me like I was her God now.

Then when I was about to cum, I pulled out and shot out a massive amount cum on her body. She was impressed as on how much I came.

She then cleaned me and herself. I asked her if she was ready for one more round but she was too tired already.

I winked at her saying now she knows my strength. She gave an okay nod. We kissed and then she left. While going she said it was the best fuck of her life.

Thank you.

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