Chinnu Masanth : The Couple Adventure

This story is long but trust me you will thank me at the end.

As usual, the name is changed. Let’s call her Chinnu. Oh, she is a very sweet and loving girlfriend I had. Don’t ever think I am sharing this story because she is my ex-girlfriend now. We would have done it here together if we did last, but fate didn’t do so. Anyways let’s start the story.

It all started with the fantasy of swapping and threesome like all extraordinary couple. There are a lot of stories about how it started. How I and my girlfriend get into the idea of having sex with other people. But right now I will share a story from the timeline which is worth your reading.

One day after achieving some good business in Kerala, I and my ex-partner decided to celebrate. We planned to go to Bangalore and have some fun. I was already interested to go because my girlfriend does her PG there. So we booked flight tickets and left for Bangalore.

On our way, we were about to surprise one of my childhood friends. His name is Sajith who lives and works in Bangalore. By the way, I forgot to say my ex-partner’s name its Antony, like always names changed. Let me give you a brief description of both.

Antony is slim and fit, with a good beard. He is on the darker side but still looks stunning because of his glamour. He is always like in his teenage even though he is a partner of the firm. He wants to always lure girls into sex someway or the other. He wants to have sex with girls he meets.

But the fact is that he has just had sex once. The sex was with a prostitute. But it did not go well because it was the first time. So after joining business he started making money and wants to spend it for his sexual fantasy. So, in Bangalore, he wants to bang some girls by paying good money for high-class escorts.

Sajith is on the thicker side. But still looks handsome with his Shahrukh Khan like hair and a good beard and wheatish skin tone. He is a kind person, unlike Antony. He doesn’t want to bang girls. He hasn’t lost his virginity. He never had sex with his ex-girlfriend because he thought it should be done only after marriage.

About me, even I look like a twin to Sajith but a little play boyish. I always like to maintain style. I’m 5’7 on the thicker side. But I look really good so never had to look into having six-packs. Similarly, I also have a good beard and a good hairstyle.

But unlike others, I have had 3 girlfriends and I have fucked 10 different women including a milf. Well, we all are almost the same in height, maybe Antony would be 5’8 that’s all.

So let’s begin with the story. We reached Bangalore with a plan of banging some chicks. I was not interested in the beginning. But Antony brought up the topic with some extraordinary chick pictures on the website Locanto. I thought I will try my first prostitute.

Even though I had a girlfriend I wanted to try something new. I knew I could convince my girlfriend because we always had the fantasy of having sex with other people. We always used to role-play. She used to blindfold me and act like any of her friends and have sex with me.

It’s such a turn on. She starts talking like her friends and would say phrases like, “What if Chinnu finds out about us? Will you fuck me when Chinnu is around? You are fucking your girlfriend’s best friend, don’t you think it is a sin?” These phrases when I heard blindfolded it turned me on like shit.

I fuck her wild. Similarly, vice versa also happened. I used to blindfold her. She would imagine some of her college seniors or some guys she wants to fuck. So this non-monogamy shit was going on with us fantasy-wise. But never happened in real.

So my point is that I thought I would be able to convince her after banging a prostitute. (It’s a bad idea always ask her first).

So since we both are in the idea of hiring a prostitute we even asked Sajith to join us. He was reluctant in the beginning because he is a kind person and had principles. But after seeing some chicks photos from Locanto he lost control. So finally he joins us for the hunt.

So we booked a 2 BHK apartment in Oyo in Bangalore and started our fun of partying booze, food, etc. The apartment we booked was cool. There were two bedrooms, 1 living hall, 1 dining hall, and a kitchen. All was well furnished and luxurious looking place with good ambient light.

So we settled and started the prostitute hunt online. During the online hunt, we were having fun with booze, jokes, old stories. It was really fun. Antony finally narrowed some high-class escorts with good pricing. We decided to go and started dressing up.

Just then my girlfriend called me and asked the address of my hotel. I was stunned and didn’t know what to reply. I tried to convince her to reach by evening so that we can head to escorts place by noon and reach by evening along with my girlfriend.

But she was so stubborn and got right into a uber and asked to send me the address. It was like god blocking me from having some mischievous fun. I was sad. So we discussed and I decided to let them both go and have fun. Finally, they left and I was waiting for my sweet girlfriend in my Oyo room.

When she arrived things changed. All bad vibes vanished into thin air. When she opened the door the sweet innocent smile will make any guy drool over her. She is curvy and short that makes her a hot goddess. Her measurements are. She is 36c-28 w-36 a.

She came to the room and gave me a tight hug. It made my sorrows of not fucking a prostitute melt away. I got wild and started undressing her and fucked her real good. Meanwhile, I was thinking about Sajith and Antony fucking those gorgeous escorts.

After our great sex, we decided to order pizzas. The pizzas arrived and we started having them in the dining table. Suddenly Antony called me and asked me to come down to the hotel reception. It’s been just two hours from the time they left. I went down to find two moody people, Sajith and Antony.

I asked them what happened. Sajith told me, “First pay the uber we are out money!” I paid for the uber and took them to the terrace. Chinnu is in our apartment and so we can’t talk about the prostitutes’ situation there. Antony finally starts explaining.

The content of the story is they could not fuck the prostitutes. One was ugly, nothing compared to the photos and the other woman wanted more money to do each activity. They paid upfront 10k to the agent and were out of money to pay the prostitute individually.

It was spam. They showcased awesome chicks online and gave my friends a third rate service. I took them to the hotel room. It was considered a joke even though we lost some money. So coming inside they met Chinnu and greeted each other by hugging.

Chinnu was very friendly and they loved her. So we did not talk about the flop prostitute scenario. To lighten the mood I decided to buy more drinks. Its almost 6 pm. We started drinking at 7 pm. Chinnu changed into something comfortable.

She took a pair of shorts and a t-shirt which she used to wear in her PG. You might know how girls wander in hostels and PGs. They wear shorts and tight dresses because there are no guys to see. She only has a pair of ultra mini shorts and a tight white t-shirt with an imprint of Harley Quinn.

She asked me what to do. I told her it’s ok. They are my best friends and it won’t be a problem. So I joined my friends for drinking. She comes in after wearing the casuals. My friends become dumbstruck seeing Chinnu in such a revealing dress. The black shorts are very small.

Her thick caramel thigh was visible. If we watch closely maybe you can see her panty. The top was clean white and tight with the photo of sexy Harley Quinn in her chest. To break the silence and the awkwardness Sajith said, “Shit, Harley Quinn is here.” We all laughed and got back to boozing.

So my girlfriend drinks but she doesn’t like smoking. By 9-10 pm we are all drunk with 2 bottles of Smirnoff and a few beers, all of us drunk. Meanwhile, when I checked Antony he was checking out Chinnu a lot. So I understood the frustration.

They went for banging hot chicks but failed. Returned home to see a better curvy chick, with big boobs. I can’t judge him, it happens. Even I would stare at my friend’s girlfriend if she is in a very revealing hot dress. I ignored it. The party went on and on.

At some point, Chinnu started dancing with me. The music played on the speaker on the dining table. She started showing some great moves. Since the light was dimmed she was shy. After a while, I was tired and sat down at the far end of the dining table.

I could see both Antony’s and Sajith’s face. They were enjoying the show. My hot girlfriend dancing with tight and mini shorts. I could see her cleavage her big ass everything in the dimmed light. My friends could also see them. I started feeling tensed but at the same time, my dick was getting hard.

This was a different scenario. You feel bad and good at the same time. Therefore the devil in me asked my friend Sajith to dance with her. So Sajith took the initiative and danced with her. Antony was happy thinking he would be next to dance with her.

Chinnu started freely dancing with Sajith. Their bodies touching, him grabbing her waist, she grinding her thick ass on him. All these actions turned me on. To break the future awkwardness and to skip Antony’s chance of dancing with my girl, I decided to join Chinnu.

But to my surprise, she pushed Sajith to his seat and pulled Antony towards her and started dancing. I couldn’t stop it cause it would turn out weird. So I decided to hold back and sit. Chinnu was drunk. She was dancing her ass off with some cool steps.

After a while, I started feeling hornier. She was dancing so close to Antony when compared to Sajith. I could see him feeling up my girlfriend in front of me. Since the lights are dimmed he thought I wouldn’t see those close calls. He was cupping her boobs while she was grinding him.

I started feeling weird and horny at the same time. At some point, I started realizing that Chinnu was allowing him to grab her boobs. She pushed her ass towards his crotch to feel his dick. These actions started making me unsettling. She looked at me in the eye and was grabbing his ass.

This visual made me too horny. She was trying to live the fantasies we used to have in our bed. But never did she imagine my friends even though she used to allow me to imagine her friends while fucking her. This idea made me rock hard. I took a glass of dry shot and walked towards them.

I pulled Antony away and started making out with her in front of them. They were surprised and Antony was disappointed at losing a hot girl’s touch suddenly. But they enjoyed the show when I grabbed her ass and started kissing her like there was no life after today.

The kiss made her so horny that she was ready to forget the surroundings and become a slut. She started cupping my dick in front of friends. She did not care. Sajith and Antony were amazed by her actions. After her dick grab, I couldn’t hold on.

I started kissing her neck and cleavage at the same time squeezing that juicy boobs of her. I even forgot that Sajith and Antony are sitting on either side and rubbing their dick. I lost my control, pulled and pushed Chinnu onto the dining table in a bend over position.

She was so close to Antony that she was breathing heavily onto his face. I started spanking her ass and pulled her shorts down revealing her red thong which was buried in her ass. I was surprised to see her in thongs. Girls normally wear a thong to reveal their ass in shorts, skirts or trousers.

So she was planning to entice my boys. It was not a slip in. Acknowledging it I pulled her g-string towards the side. She turned and smiled at me naughtily. I got on my knees and started eating her pussy from behind. Meanwhile, Antony was enjoying my girlfriend’s view from the front.

Her perplexed emotions because of me tonguing her pussy from behind. Her incapability to change the position made Antony more ambitious. He slowly slid his hands into her cleavage and started caressing it. Chinnu felt weird because of the sudden action. But she did not want to spoil the fun she was having.

So she just started enjoying it. Seeing her enticement Antony got bolder and he grabbed her boobs. He cupped her bosoms completely and started pinching her nipples. This made her moan and she started yelling, “Don’t stop, Antony.” Hearing this from her, made me freeze for a second.

There was a deep sense of shame, possessiveness, lust, love, and weirdness mixing up in my body. But the last output was extreme lust and hardening cock. Because Chinnu was enjoying every bit of it, that was making me horny and satisfied at the same time.

My ignorance made Antony more courageous and he stood up. As he got up Chinnu was looking up scared. She knew what was going to happen next. But to her surprise, he slapped her ass real hard and opened his pants zipper and revealed his hard black long dick.

Chinnu could see the hard veins running all over his dick. She unknowingly started opening her red wet lips. But she turned towards me showing Antony her red thong. She started kissing me passionately and slowly whispered in my ear, “Can I suck his cock, Chakku?” (Chakku is my pet name)

I was startled but wanted to see her suck another man. So I said, “Yes baby, suck his dick like a slut.” She was so happy to get my reconfirmation and returned to Antony who was grabbing her ass cheeks. She then kissed the tip of his dick and started wetting the tip with her red wet lips.

Meanwhile, Sajith was shocked by seeing what was happening. Even though he was a man of principles. he started enjoying the view of her stroking Antony’s long black cock. It made Antony lubricate and his pre-cum started mixing up with her saliva.

She started drooling saliva over his dick. She started licking his dick till his balls which is covered with excess precum and Chinnu’s saliva. After a while, licking his big balls was her thing. She started sucking on them for almost 15 minutes. She licked his balls clean.

Finally, she took the liberty of sucking his cock. She engulfed his cock like a hungry slut and took the tip till her throat, that’s when I realized she is a slut, “My slut.” She kept gagging on Antony’s cock like a bitch and drooling precum from her mouth.

Then she turned to me with a naughty slut smile and later winked at Sajith. So there it is, guys. I am licking my girlfriend’s pussy from behind while she is bending over a dinner table and sucking on my business partners cock with the slurping sound.

After a while of sucking her ass and pussy, I turned to Sajith. He was stroking his cock with pants down on the chair to the view of my girlfriend sucking on Antony’s dick tip to root. That’s when I asked Sajith to come in my position to have his fun with her dripping wet pussy and ass.

The story is to be continued to a better level where a lot of behaviors of the characters change and act accordingly.

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