Sarita, My Girlfriend- And Her Friend!

Hello, this is Rahul. I was working in Hyderabad for about 3 years and was in a relationship with Sarita. She shared an apartment with a girl named Nazia. I spent just about every Saturday staying at their place. The reason was that in the apartment building that I lived, some far away relation of Sarita lived.

So she didn’t want them to know that she is sleeping over. So the next best option was that I sleepover at her place. Her apartment only had one bedroom. I usually ended up sleeping on the sofa. I didn’t really know Nazia that well, and things were rather awkward at first.

It wasn’t long, though, before Nazia felt comfortable enough to start walking around in her bathrobe in front of me. Or just a t-shirt and shorts when she was getting ready for bed. I found it quite arousing to catch glimpses of her cleavage when she reached for her coffee in the morning. Or to see the dark shadows of her nipples through her t-shirt before she went to bed.

Nazia had big tits, and her tits would jiggle when she moved around. I could not avoid looking, no matter how many times my girl Sarita would pinch me. Some times Nazia’s robe would be half-open. I would be shifting my position to get a good look at them when we were sitting around watching television.

I would ensure that I had a sofa cushion handy to cover my erect dick at times like that. Due to lack of privacy, whenever Sarita and I fucked, it had to be late-night rendezvous on the carpet in the hall. We tried to be discreet about it, at least at the start. But once we got into it, it was difficult to be quiet.

Our breathing became uncontrollably heavy and ragged. We grunted and moaned. Sarita couldn’t help but moan as I thrust my dick in and out of her pussy. Sarita loved to take it from behind. She leaned against the heavy wooden center table, holding the sides tightly in her hands.

Her tits pressed flat against the wood, her nipples hard and erect. Added to it was the thrill to keep quiet so Nazia would not hear us. But sometimes I thrust my dick into Sarita harder than usual. Trying to make her cry out loud enough that Nazia would hear and come and catch us in the act.

But Nazia never did come out. We would sleep on the same bed, just sleep, all the three of us. Sometimes I would wake up and press my erect dick between Sarita’s legs. If she was horny, and then we would go out into the hall and fuck over there.

Soon, I began to fuck her on the same bed without waking Nazia, who was sleeping only just a little away. Sarita would reach back and give my dick a squeeze to let me know she was interested. Then she’d raise her gown and pull me toward her wet and waiting pussy.

I would push it in slowly, burying it deeper and deeper with as little movement as possible. With my hand, I play with her nipples while kissing on her earlobe and neck. After getting the whole of my dick deep inside her. I would just keep pressing into her, gyrating my hips slightly while she worked me.

In no time my throbbing dick would be shooting its load. We would lie there panting, spent and satisfied, happy that Nazia had no idea. But we were wrong. Once when we went out for dinner, Sarita told me that Nazia had confessed to hearing us having sex.

She admitted to Sarita. It made her hot to hear us fucking so close to her there in the darkness. She would be touching herself while she listened, pushing her fingers into her pussy. She would quietly masturbate, trying to come at the same time we did.

Sometimes she had even thought of joining in but didn’t know how we would react. My dick was at its full mast hearing all this. I finished dinner and took her back to her place. Sarita knew that I needed some action, knowing how much the story had turned me on.

She took me into her mouth, working her lips over me and stroking my balls until I came. I was all the while imagining that the lips that were wrapped around my dick were Nazia’s.

“Do you really want to fuck her?” Sarita asked afterward.

“Well, I don’t know?” I replied. But Sarita had already made up her mind. Then she told me her plan, assuring that we all be satisfied when the night was over. She said she would set it up for the coming Saturday.

Boy, I could hardly wait for Saturday to come. When that night came, the three of us sat watching a movie. Sarita made drinks for everyone. Making sure they were a little stronger than normal to loosen everyone up. We were all fine-tuned before we hit the sack.

As soon as the lights went out, Sarita spread her legs invitingly. Once between them, I began pumping my hard dick in and out of her. She moaned and bit her lip. Then began to whimper as she always does when she’s aroused.

“Do you like it?” I asked. “Do you like my hard dick, Sarita?”

“I love it,” she breathed. “Fuck me.”

That was the prearranged signal. We both fell silent and held our breath. We couldn’t miss the rasp of Nazia’s labored breathing. The moist sounds of her fingers working away between her legs. We heard a sudden, frightened intake of breath. I got off Sarita, went over to Nazia, and drew back the sheet. She froze.

She was lying on her back, her nightgown hiked up around her waist. Caught in the act, she could only giggle nervously and blush. “Looks like someone else needs a dick,” Sarita said. “Go ahead, give her what she wants.”

Nazia bit her lip and stared at my rock-hard dick, still sticky with Sarita’s juices. Then reached out to touch it. Her hand shook in anticipation as she pulled me toward her waiting pussy. She rubbed the head against her clit, rocking her hips up and down. I removed her nightgown and freed her giant boobs.

The nipples were hard and erect like grapes. I rolled them between my thumb and forefinger before working them over with my tongue. At that point, she couldn’t take it anymore. Grabbing me by the hips, she pulled me into her. Because she was so lubricated, there was hardly any resistance.

“Oh yeah, yes yes, Rahul Fuck me, fuck me hard!” she screamed. “I’ve dreamed of this so many times. Sarita, you’re so lucky!”

Nazia’s tight, wet pussy felt as if it were on fire. I kept pulling all the way out, then jamming in again. So my balls slapped against her ass, keeping time with our frantic movements. It was Sarita’s turn to watch and listen. She lay on her side, playing with herself and teasing her nipples.

“Shoot your cum in her mouth,” she moaned. “Come on, do it!”

Nazia threw back her head and licked her lips, moaning, “Oh, yes. Cum in my mouth, yes!”

Hearing them tell me what to do sent me over the edge. I moved in and out of Nazia’s juicy pussy a few more times. then pulled out and put my dick into her mouth. When I was empty, I presented my still-hard dick to Sarita for her to lick clean. She did so with lovingly wet kisses and strokes of her tongue.

I was in heaven. Sarita, Nazia and I continued to have fun together thereafter. Nazia then found a guy, but even then sometimes she would join in. I guess I am a lucky guy.

I continued to fuck them until I had to shift to Chennai for a better job. I am now settled in Chennai, any women interested can connect with me on WhatsApp 8939071002.

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