Pure bottom boy becomes a CD for hot uncle

Hello ISS readers, this is Rajat with my story. I am an Indian boy, but I am living in Bahrain. My age is 24, and I am a pure bottom boy. I always fantasize about being with older and mature men. I don’t like guys who are less than 30 years of age.

Let me first tell you about me. I have a very slim and smooth feminine type of body. I have small boobs and a tiny round ass.

So after the lockdown, it wasn’t easy to find some men here for dating and fun. I searched through all gay dating apps desperately and got loads of annoying messages from cheap class people. I also use Facebook, and my messenger is full of messages from Paki, Bangladeshi and Indian guys.

I was very frustrated and posted on FB that I’m looking for a decent top uncle for fun. I received a comment from an Indian guy with his WhatsApp number. I checked his profile. He looked very old, like 50+ of age, and looked exactly as I preferred. I was afraid to drop him a message over WhatsApp.

Finally, with some courage, I dropped him a Hi message. I introduced myself and told him that he responded to my post on FB. His name was Abdulla. He said he is from West Bengal and living alone in Bahrain. He shared his pic and asked for mine.

I was uncomfortable sharing my pics, so we did a video call. He was crazy by looking at me. He praised me a lot and asked if I would like to meet. His area was far from me, so he agreed to pay for my taxi.

But I was so nervous and scared. Because of it, I didn’t meet him. He kept messaging me, but I kept responding that I was busy. He was also kind of angry at me because of my stupidity.

After a few months, he again started messaging me. One evening, he insisted I visit his place. He offered me some money and also a taxi fare. The money he offered me was 10 times what I usually get offers from some useless profiles here. I was also horny.

He asked if I liked doing cross-dressing. I said I had never done that. He said it would be fun. He has a sexy lingerie set that I can wear for him, and he will treat me as his girlfriend. It was making me horny. I said I was busy with work. He was disappointed, and I was teasing him.

After many messages, I promised to meet him after my work. He was desperately sending messages as “Rajat, did you finish your work? Message me once you book your taxi.” It was around 7 PM. I checked for buses towards his area to save on money. I got a bus around 7:15.

I was scared as shit as the bus was moving closer towards his area. Around 8 PM, I messaged him that I was getting into the taxi. But in reality, I was on the bus just a few minutes away from his place. I reached there by 8:20 and told him that I was nearby.

He sent his building name and flat number. I was scared to go up. As I rang the doorbell, he opened it and welcomed me in. He pushed me in and slapped my butts. He looked exactly like his profile pic – an average body and a thick mustache.

He offered me water and asked for drinks. After some time, I started feeling comfortable. He dragged me on the sofa and started porn on his laptop. It was playing a nice daddy-twink gay movie. He started kissing my neck, pressing my boobs while watching the movie.

He then removed my T-shirt and started kissing, chewing and biting my boobs. I loved the way he was doing it. He continued for 15 minutes and then took me to his bedroom. On the bed was a lingerie set. He ordered me, “Rajat, get dressed and come back to the sofa.”

He left, and I started wearing it. I looked in the mirror. Awww, I was looking so pretty. I went back into the living room, and his eyes went wide open, looking at me in the dress. He pulled me in his arms started kissing me madly. Then put me on his laps and started spanking my butts.

I was loving it and moaning in pleasure. Finally, I made him remove all his clothes, and his cock jumped out. It was a very thick-cut cock but not too large. I started sucking it for a few minutes. He then stopped me, carried me into the bedroom. He threw me on the bed and jumped on me.

He started madly biting my nipples, then moved down and started kissing and biting my butts, asshole. Wow, I loved it, and wearing that lingerie made me feel like a girl. I wanted him to use me. After some time, he pointed his dick towards my mouth, and we went in the 69 position.

This continued for almost 20-30 minutes. Finally, he said, “Ok, Rajat. Now I want to fuck your ass.” I was eagerly waiting for it. I became in the doggy style. He started fingering my ass as I cried in pain. It’s been more than 6 months since my last sex, and my asshole was very tight.

He applied the oil and started fingering. After that, he opened his drawer and took a dildo from it and started fucking me with dildo. I was moaning in pain and pleasure. Finally, as my hole became wide, he inserted his dick inside and tried giving strokes.

As he pushed his dick, I cried in pain and moaned loudly. He again pushed his dick inside and started giving strokes. He was fucking me very hard and fast. I was helpless, crying and moaning. I looked in the mirror and saw how he was fucking me hard.

I loved that sight as I was wearing the lingerie, and this man was fucking me. He fucked me in doggy style for around 10 minutes. He told me to sleep with my stomach down and ass up. Then he slept over me, pushed his dick inside, and started fucking. Now the pain was less, and I was enjoying it.

After another 5 minutes, he asked me to sleep with my back down. He took my legs upon his shoulder and started fucking me. I was feeling shy as he was looking at me while fucking me. After another 5 minutes, he moaned loudly as he shot all his load deep inside my ass.

He then took me for a shower. After taking a shower, I wore my jeans, T-shirt and shoes. I checked the time. It was 10:15 PM. As I was ready to leave, he took the cash he promised me and put it in my bag. I was so happy that he didn’t cheat with money.

He asked if I could stay the full night next time, and he would double my payment. I said I would think about it. I booked my taxi and reached home. While in the taxi, I was thinking about getting fucked like a girl and staying for a full night with him.

I’m looking forward to our next meeting.

So, guys, I hope you like my story of being seduced by an uncle. If you’re in Bahrain, you can send me a message at my email address. [email protected]

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