Sex Adventure Time With My Neighbor – Part 3

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It so happened that one morning while I was still in my sleep, the maid came to my house. She said the first-floor Gujarati woman has some issue with the shower in her bathroom. The water is not flowing freely from the shower.

I told her that some dirt must have accumulated and needed to open the showerhead to clear it.

Maid: There are no known males in the building whom I can ask for help. Her sons are out of town for some days, and her husband is on a business trip.

Me: Ok. I will come and do the job. Let me just freshen up. I will be there in 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, I left my house to go to the Gujarati lady’s flat. Just wearing boxer shorts and a t-shirt and no underwear as I had just got out of bed. The flat door was open, and I knocked on the door. The maid was there, and she asked me to come in and check the tap.

The Gujarati lady, an awesome heavy figure with a brownish complexion, was standing there in her dark black silk nighty, sleeveless and covering up to her knees.

I wished her Good morning and said, “I am Rocky, your top floor neighbor,” he replied with a smile. “Hi, I’m Ritu.” I said, “Let me check the showerhead,” and then I proceeded to her bathroom.

I asked for a spanner to open the shower head as it was very tight. I presume it must not have been cleaned.

Ritu: Oh, the spanner is kept in the loft storage area and kept backside. Let me get it.

Me: Let me help you.

Ritu: No. You will not find it as I know where it is kept. Just hold the step ladder for me when I climb.

Me: Ok.

As we left the bathroom, I saw a black panty and black bra lying on her bed. A dildo vibrator alongside a laptop, and I remembered the words of my maid. I presumed Ritu was only wearing a nighty and must have been pleasuring herself before the maid came.

I held the step ladder as Ritu climbed the step ladder and reached the top. She stretched and bent over to get the spanner. At that moment, I could see her massive buttocks and luscious shaved brown pussy. My tool made a tent in my shorts.

The maid stood there smilingly, realizing the beautiful sexy view of Ritu’s buttocks and pussy I was observing. Ritu came down without realizing that she had given me a good sexy view. She handed over the spanner and went into the kitchen.

The maid who was there watching me said to me, “I am leaving as I have finished my work, but your work is yet to be finished. Hope you enjoy your work with Madam. I know you liked her figure. Remember, women have physical needs, and don’t worry, I will not tell this to anyone.”

I pulled my maid aside in Ritu’s bedroom. I pressed her buttocks and squeezed her boobs, and said, “You are teasing me for the situation I am in. Yes, I understood what you said.”

My maid smiled and said, “Don’t waste too much time with Madam, because you have to satisfy me too. Also, there is a surprise waiting for you in your house.” She winked, taking the house keys from me, and pulled the door of the flat.

Ritu came and asked: Has the maid left?

Me: Yes. She said her work is finished.

Ritu: Ok. Can we check the shower?

Me: Yes. Sure.

Ritu and I went under the showerhead and opened the cap with the spanner. After opening it, a lot of dirt was seen, blocking the flow of water.

Me: Let me this showerhead with a forceful spray of tap water.

Ritu said, “Use the tap.” But she was unaware that she had changed the lever on the shower side instead of tap water. I unknowingly opened the tap to clean the showerhead with the tap water.

But the shower water came on forcefully on Ritu and me. She was totally wet, and I could see the nighty sticking to her sexy heavy figure.

Me: I am sorry.

Ritu laughed and said: Not your fault. I turned the lever for the shower, which was when I realized it was not working properly. Before you came, I forgot to change the lever to the tap. I am sorry that you are also wet. Let me give you a towel to wipe off. Also, let me prepare some tea and breakfast for both of us.

Me: Since I am already wet now, let me clean the shower and fix it to avoid an issue in the near future.

And I cleaned the showerhead and fixed it back.

Then we stepped out from the bathroom to the bedroom, where she gave me a towel to wipe myself. She also picked a towel and sat on the bed to wipe herself. She noticed I was looking at her thighs while wiping herself. My eyes went on the vibrator and her black bra and black panty lying on the bed.

Me: (intentionally) You must be using the laptop for chatting with your family. Can I see it?

Ritu: Yes, sure. Let me help you with the password.

She opened up the laptop. Little did she realize that she had not shut down the porn video web page. As she entered the password, the browser page opened, and there were various porn videos. I looked at Ritu.

She looked at me and said: You must have realized after seeing the vibrator and my bra and panty on the bed that I pleasure myself. I look at these videos also as women have physical needs too.

Me: I don’t judge you. You are free to do what you want to do in your privacy.

Ritu: Thank you for understanding me. Please don’t tell this anyone.

Me: I will tell no one. You can trust me.

Ritu smiled and hugged me tightly. As she hugged me, I felt her massive breasts. It gave me a hard-on which immediately poked over her nighty near her pussy area.

She immediately felt my tent and looked at it, and said, “I guess someone is getting hard. Even though I am 47 years old, someone is still attracted to my figure.”

Me: I have been attracted to heavy-set women. Your figure appeals to me even though you are 47 years old.

Ritu: I am lucky that a young stud is complimenting me on my figure. Thank you. Wish someone could also satisfy my physical needs likewise so that I don’t have to use the vibrator.

I held Ritu’s hands and said: This young stud can satisfy you if you wish to give him a chance.

Hearing this, she hugged me as my hands rolled over to my favorite part of the woman, her massive buttocks. Lifting her nighty, I started squeezing her buttocks. She moaned as I opened her nighty. She was nude now with the glory of her brown complexion with dark brown nipples and her shaved brown pussy.

I laid her on the bed, started massaging her heavy figure with soft kisses all over, and started sucking her nipples and kneading her boobs. She was moaning heavily. I licked her pussy. She spread her legs invitingly for me to lick her clitoris, and she gave loud moans.

I saw her juices flowing. Ritu said to me, ” Don’t waste more time. Penetrate into me. I haven’t had a man penetrating me for the last 7 years. Let me feel you in the skin. I trust you, so no need for a condom.”

I spread her legs and penetrated her brown luscious pussy. I wrapped her legs around my waist as she went with me in motion while I rammed her pussy. She put my palms on her boobs and squeezed them. I pounded her pussy in a missionary position. She was moaning and ecstatic.

After a while, I asked her if she could be on all fours to penetrate her pussy from behind and then try the cowgirl position. She smiled and said, “You seem to be experienced and know which positions climax the maximum.”

She went on her fours, raised her buttocks, and spread her legs, which gave me a fantastic view of her luscious, juicy pussy. I held her boobs with my palms, penetrated her pussy from behind. I started ramming her pussy as my thighs thudded against her massive buttocks.

We both enjoyed every moment of the position. We then shifted to the cowgirl position, where Ritu rode me like a pro by taking the lead. She felt me deep inside her pussy, climaxing and having multiple orgasms as I watched her massive boobs bouncing.

We were tired, and she kissed me and told me, “I wanna have sex under the shower with a young stud like you. That’s my fantasy.”

Me: You can fulfill your fantasy as many times as you want. I am just a call away.

She smiled, and we kissed each other deeply. We went and had another steaming sex session under the shower. I explored her heavy-set figure with my lips and palms under the running water of the shower, with both of us climaxing.

We were kissing each other like lovers. Ritu then said, “Thank you for satisfying me. I am satisfied after such a long, long time by the touch of a real stud. Let me make some tea and breakfast for you before you leave.”

I realized that I had another sex session with my maid, who was waiting for me. I told Ritu, “Next time, please, I need to clear some things at my home as the maid is waiting.”

But Ritu was adamant and said, “Ok. You can go home but on one condition. You have to come back at 12:30 pm for lunch. I want to have a date with you.”

I said to her with a smile, “Ok. I will come.” I was also mesmerized by Ritu’s beauty.

I went home and rang the doorbell. My maid opened the door and said, “Hope you enjoyed the session with Madam. Are you ready for the second round and a surprise?”

I asked, “What surprise?”

She turned her eyes inside and showed me the caretaker’s wife cleaning the house and utensils.

She said, “I have an emergency and have to leave for my native place for 10 days. Hence I have told the caretaker’s wife to take care of cleaning and utensils washing. I know she will try every bit of her luck to have sex with you. I will not stop you from having sex with her.”

“But be safe with her and use a condom while having sex with her, and don’t tell her anything about your sex adventures with Sandhya or me or Ritu Madam. This is a secret with me only as no one else should know about it as it will be bad for your image.”

The caretaker’s wife went to the bathroom to get the cleaning bucket. I hugged my maid and started kissing her madly. I said to her, “You really care about me.” She said, “You made love to me without judging me, Babu. I can only show my care for you in whatever way I can,” and left.

Now the caretaker’s wife was a short person but had many oomph factors at the right places. She realized it was just her and me, and it was her real chance to have sex with me. She raised her saree above her knees on the pretext of cleaning the floor to seduce me.

She showed her hairy pussy to me and looked me in the eyes to catch me looking at her pussy. Then she bent down to clean and intentionally dropped her pallu in the bucket full of water and said, ” Oh no, the saree pallu got wet. Can I remove the saree while cleaning?”

Me: Whatever way you are comfortable.

She removed her saree and kept it aside, and raised her petticoat up on all sides much above her mid-thighs. Her boobs were popping out of her thin fabric white blouse. I could see her nipples protruding as she wasn’t wearing any bra and the blouse fabric was thin.

She looked at me and smiled mischievously. Then she sat down and started cleaning the floor with her legs spread wide purposely to give me a full view of her pussy. Then she turned around and bent down so much to clean the floor that she gave me a view of her shapely buttocks.

She had raised her petticoat very high intentionally. Then she turned towards me and saw my tent in the boxer shorts and teasingly said, “Don’t suppress your feelings. Do what you want to do with me.”

I rushed inside and opened a pack of condoms, and wore one of them. She realized I am going to fuck her. She opened her blouse and petticoat and stood naked in front of me and said, “Babu, since I was giving you invitation regularly. Why it took you so long to realize I thirst to have sex with you?”

I held her shapely buttocks and put her on the bed, and started fucking her madly in missionary position as I was now pumped up stud. She gave out loud moans as I squeezed her big boobs. I sucked her hard black nipples and bit them.

Then I fucked her pussy on her fours, and she asked, “Can you fuck in my buttocks? That’s my fantasy. Anyways you are wearing a condom, so there will be no infection?”

I said, “No. I don’t fuck in a woman’s buttocks. If you want, I can rub my tool on your buttocks and asscrack?”

She said, “Ok. I want to feel your tool in my asscrack and buttocks.”

As I rubbed, she again pleaded to penetrate her buttocks with my tool and spread her legs and buttocks wide open for me. Now, I was also horny looking at her shapely buttocks and fucked her buttocks as she gave out loud moans.

Then I fucked her in my favorite cowgirl position holding her buttocks as she went up and down on me. We went into the shower and cleaned ourselves, where I again licked and massaged her shapely figure under the shower.

The caretaker’s wife said, “Babu, next ten days when I come to your flat for cleaning, please satisfy my physical needs.

I said, “One condition. You are going to be naked when you are cleaning till the time you leave this house, and you are not going to tell this to anyone.”

She smiled and said, “I have been trying to seduce you for so long by showing my cleavage and my boobs. But you were never impressed by me. And why will I tell anyone about our sexual relationship? It will only spoil my image as I am a woman.”

She dressed up to leave. I grabbed and squeezed her shapely boobs and buttocks before she left. She smiled and said, “At last, you are enjoying my sexy figure.”

I then did my other work and, at 12 noon, dressed up immediately to go to Ritu’s place. Ritu opened the door, and she was wearing a transparent white knee height nighty with no bra or panty.

I asked her, “If anyone comes to your place and looks at you in this transparent dress.”

She said, “No one comes, except the maid who has come and gone. I was expecting you only. Do you wanna join me in the kitchen as I prepare lunch? I also got some ice cream?” to which I said yes.

I stood behind her and touched her flirtingly while she prepared the salad. She said, ” I know you are unable to keep your hands off me. I also like the feeling at this age that a young stud is romancing me.”

Without hesitation, I opened Ritu’s nighty and made her naked and kissed her back and buttocks. She was wriggling with ecstasy and laughed. I decided to play naughty and dropped some ice cream on her boobs and started licking her boobs and nipples.

She was sensuous and told me that I am making her wild. I dropped some ice cream on her pussy and started licking her pussy. She started to moan and held my head, and pressed against her pussy.

She said, “After such a long, long time, all my inhibitions are being explored. You are driving me wild.”

I could not control myself to see her in such an aroused state. I went ahead to fuck Ritu on the kitchen table, which she enjoyed. She said, “Thank you for taking my mind to explore my wild side. I am enjoying every bit of it.”

We sat at the lunch table. We could not get enough of each other as we both sat naked and enjoyed the lunch and each other.

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