Crossdressed To Seduce And Be Exploited By A Stranger

Hey folks. I am Anuj, 29 years old. I am 6 feet tall, extremely fair, and have absolutely no hair on my face or body. I am chubby and have a huge pair of man boobs. I have a very girly face.

When I crossdress (which I do pretty often), it’s easy to mistake me for a cute and curvy female. I have naturally pink lips. I have been groped and kissed by many men in public who cannot control their hormones whenever I am at my best.

I enjoy the pleasure and adrenaline rush in seducing and giving myself to men in public places. On one such Friday night, I was alone in Vizag and decided to have a bit of fun. I wore my pink lingerie set, donned a slit overskirt, a white t-shirt. I did the perfect makeup topped up with hot pink lipstick.

I have about 8 inches of long brown hair which I combed to one side. The t-shirt was deep, and my cleavage was visible. And since I was also wearing a pink bra underneath, I was a sight for sore horny eyes. I headed to a beachside hotel with a bar.

I could see heads turning as I seductively walked across to a corner and sat alone. I ordered a screwdriver and was quick to gulp down a couple of drinks in a matter of minutes. It was around 11:30 at night when I noticed a guy sitting at the bar noticing me for some time. Our eyes met, and I let out a seductive smile.

That was his green signal. He walked across the bar and sat next to me. He was 6’3” tall and had a very good physique. He introduced himself as Arvind. He was wearing dark trousers and a white shirt. I was already horny, and the drinks were adding to the horniness.

We had some more drinks and realized it was around 12:30 in the night. The bar was almost empty. Arvind was in his late 40s or maybe early 50s. He got up and sat right next to me. I was so drunk and horny that I gave him seductive signals, occasionally rolling my eyes and biting my lips.

I was phasing out every now and then. A couple of minutes passed. Then I felt his hand on my thighs. I let out a seductive “Aahh.” He smiled and brought his face closer to mine. He rested his head on my shoulder and started sniffing my neck.

I knew he was horny, and I could see his boner from his pants. His hand was feeling my smooth thighs from the slit of my skirt. I also saw a bartender staring at us and smiling. Since no one else was around in the bar, I excused myself and headed to the ladies’ room.

Arvind looked around and followed me. As soon as I entered the washroom, Arvind entered discreetly, latched the door from inside, and pushed me to a corner. We were staring into each other’s eyes when he suddenly places his lips on mine. We smooched wildly.

Our tongues clashed, and he started biting my lips. Within seconds, he had eaten all my lipstick. I reached out to his left ear and bit it. He started licking my neck and biting it. I started moaning, which made him hornier. His hands went straight to my crotch, and he touched my boner.

I was scared that now he knew I was a guy and would create a scene. He was obviously shocked as I sensed him retreat back a little. Then I saw that wicked smile on his face.

He held me by my hair and brought me closer to his face. I said, “I am going to treat you like the bitch that you actually are. Leave the washroom 2 minutes after I do and come to Room 218 of the hotel.”

As he left, I went towards the mirror to take a look at myself. My makeup was smeared, my lipstick was gone, and my hair was messy. My eyeliner was also spread, and I looked like a complete whore. I took my time to adjust myself and do my makeup and lipstick again.

I combed my hair and went outside. The bar was empty. I saw the bartender. He was shutting down. He came near me and got very close. He told me that Arvind had cleared the cheque and had gone to his room. I saw lust in his eyes as he came closer, took a deep breath, and grabbed my ass.

I put my hand on his crotch, winked at him. I told him I wanted to be with him too, but some other time maybe. Then I dragged my drunk ass to Room 218. The door was opened. As I entered, Arvind locked the door, grabbed me by my arms, and pinned me to the nearest wall.

The next thing I knew, he was biting my lips so violently, as if he was going to tear them apart. His tongue went inside my mouth, and I started exploring my insides. We kissed for a while.

As he let go to catch some breath, he exclaimed, “I haven’t seen any guy become such a sexy crossdresser in my life. I am going to fuck your brains out.”

Saying this, he dived into my cleavage and started licking. He was groaning like a wild horse. He slid my t-shirt out and threw it away. When he noticed the pink bra, his eyes gleamed. Within seconds he unhooked the bra and had my breasts inside his mouth. He was licking and biting my nipples.

I was moaning in pain, which made him hornier. He took off his shirt and trousers and stood just in his briefs. I was shocked to see the outline of his cock. It was huge. He wasn’t affected. He was busy undoing my skirt. Soon we both were facing each other in our underwear.

He was staring at my lacy panty while I was lost at the thought of how big his cock was. As we returned to senses, he pulled me closer and made me sit on my knees. I knew what had to be done. Wasting no time, I used my mouth to lower his undie.

And then sprang his 8-8.5” cock slapping my face. It was not only long but very, very thick. I started from his balls. I licked them like a child licks a lollipop. Then I took them in my mouth. He was going crazy. But I was drunk AF, and the slut in me wanted to seduce him more.

I started licking his dick from top to bottom and occasionally took the tip in my mouth but then let it out. I could see his patience wearing off. He grabbed and pulled my hair, and I let out a cry. Sightings the opportunity, he slid his entire dick inside my mouth.

I have taken a lot of dicks, but this one was monstrous. I was choked right from the beginning. And he was enjoying himself. I managed to suck him for good 5-7 minutes and realized he was about to cum. But he had other plans. He lifted me with my hair and threw me on the bed.

Then he climbed from behind and took my panty off. I have had these moments before, but this was scary as this was the biggest thing to ever enter my ass. But I felt a cold touch on my asshole. I realized he was licking my asshole. His tongue moved at baying paces in the figure of 8s.

And it gave me so much pleasure that I was moaning and shouting at the top of my voice. The licking went on for 2 minutes. Soon the tongue was replaced by an oil-coated finger. 2 fingers followed soon, and I knew my asshole was being lubricated and stretched.

I was being prepared for the monster. And the monster arrived. As the fingers moved out, I felt a huge rod on my hole. Which slowly made its way in. It was Arvind’s monstrous dick. At first, I enjoyed it as I was properly stretched and lubricated.

But things became painful after half of his tool was inside me. When he started pushing the rest of his tool inside me, I screamed in pain. He was slow, very slow, and waited till I had relaxed to push further in. It took about 15 minutes of muscle tearing, pain, and screaming, and his complete dick was inside me.

He started fucking me. And I was feeling the sensations all the way up to my stomach. The pleasure took over like the bitch inside me was being fucked doggy style. This went on for another 5-6 minutes.

Then with his cock inside me, Arvind made me turn around and climbed on me to fuck me missionary.  Missionary hurt more. I was getting comfortable, but Arvind was wildly biting my nipples and my lips.

Arvind then started caressing my nipples while we were tongue-clashing as he fucked me. This was more than enough for me to tolerate. With my dick between mine and his body, I came. And I kept cumming for about 30 seconds. My body shaking vigorously at this time.

As soon as my body collapsed on the bed, Arvind took his cock out and came. And his monster released rivers of cum. My chest, face, and hair were drenched in the huge amount of cum that came out of his dick. He came for good 45 seconds and then collapsed on me.

We were both so drunk that we just slept in that position. I woke up the next morning. I somehow separated his body from mine, took a bath, and discreetly slid out of his room before he could get up. We didn’t share numbers. But this, so far, has been the most erotic fun I have had with a mature guy.

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