How I Seduced My Hot Neighbor

Hello, readers, this is Aryan Khanna back with a sex story of mine. This story is about how I seduced my neighbor.

I am living in Kolkata with my family. Six months ago a middle-aged couple shifted to a flat next to us. They came to our flat to introduce themselves. As soon as I saw the lady I could not take my eyes off her. She is such a beauty. Fair complexion, short height, nice pair of boobs.

She was wearing kurti and leggings. They had a long chat with us. I came to know that her husband frequently goes on official tours. I understood that I’ll get a chance to seduce her. My mom said we’ll never let her feel lonely whenever he’ll go on tours.

After that day she started visiting us frequently. She used to chit chat with my mom for hours and sometimes with me too. We exchanged numbers and started chatting in WhatsApp. After a few months, I started visiting her flat whenever she was alone and have long conversations.

She also started sharing many things with me. She wears casuals at home but after a few months, she wore saree on some days when I insisted. I got turned on when I saw her in saree but controlled myself.

I used to flirt with her a lot. She also used to take it as a compliment. I only used to visit her flat when her husband was out for a tour. Gradually we became good friends. One day we were sitting and chit-chatting. Then she said she was getting bored because her husband went on a tour of 15-20 days.

I said not to worry as I am there. I took it as an opportunity and stayed at her flat for a long time. She also became comfortable with me. After a few days, I found some changes in her. She became quite casual with her dressing sense. Earlier she used to wear a long night.

But now she started wearing short ones and that too without a bra. I was like, “Omg, what’s going on?” I could not stop myself from flirting with her. She blushed as she understood why I suddenly started flirting with her. Her nighty was quite see-through.

I noticed her nipples getting hard whenever I complimented her by staring at her upper body. One evening when she was done with her household chores I asked her if she wanted to accompany me to the terrace. She readily agreed. It was a dark and cool breeze that was setting the mood.

I put my hand on her shoulder while talking and she didn’t react to it. Then I started rubbing her shoulder. I noticed her breathing got heavier. I took it as a green signal. I hugged her from the back and kissed her neck. Her eyes were closed. I was roaming my hands on her belly. Then I touched her boobs.

She opened her eyes. We had eye contact for some time. Then in the same position, I started pressing her boobs. While having eye contact I planted a kiss on her lips. I lifted her nighty and touched her wet pussy. She looked at me and said let’s continue this at home.

As soon as we reached her flat I locked the door from inside. Then I took off her nighty which was the only thing she was wearing. Omg, she was standing stark naked in front of me and she was blushing like anything. I lifted her naked body to her bedroom and threw her on the bed.

Then I got on her and started kissing her. I started with her lips, then her neck, then her upper chest. Then I sucked her hard nipples and pressed the other boob. The room was filled with her moans. I kept sucking, pressing, biting her boobs for some time. Then she asked me to show her my cock.

I stood up and removed my clothes. My cock was very hard and was ready to fuck her brains out. She kissed my cock and gave a wicked smile. I spread her legs and gave a long lick on her pussy. Her body shivered. Then I inserted my tongue in her pussy. I tongue fucked her pussy for quite some time.

She was pushing my head towards her pussy and moaning loudly. After licking her pussy for quite some time. Her body shuddered and her juices started squirting. Then I came in a missionary position and placed my cock on her pussy lips. I was rubbing my cock on her pussy lips.

She got restless and shouted not to tease her and start fucking her pussy. I pushed my cock in her wet pussy. It was very tight. I entered her slowly and she was screaming in pain. Then I pressed and licked her boobs for some time to make her feel better. I gradually increased my pace.

Finally, my whole cock entered my pussy and I started giving long strokes. She was also moving her hip to match my strokes. It was a long session. Then I said I am about to cum. She said cum inside me. Fill my pussy with your semen. I increased my speed. She was saying fuck me hard.

Then I shot all my cum in her pussy. Then I lay on top of her for some time. Then she got up and took my cock in her mouth. She gave me a nice blowjob. My cock became ready for another round. I fucked her in doggy style this time and kept pressing her hanging boobs. This time the session was longer.

I came in her again and we slept hugging each other.

From that day onwards we became fuck buddies. I fucked her almost daily whenever her husband was on tour. So this was my story of how I fucked my neighbor and satisfied her.

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