Erotic Fun With A Matured Guy

Hey, friends, I hope everyone is doing fine with work and personal life. I am Aditya. So, let us begin with the erotic fun story directly.

The incident happened in 2018 when I traveled to Delhi for a company conference. As it was company work, my stay was arranged in a Roseate House near IGI Airport. It was a lavish hotel with a top luxury room. I was staying on the 5th floor with a huge balcony.

The meeting was scheduled the next day, so I had plenty of time to roam around. I ordered food and had it peacefully. Then I sat on the balcony and was enjoying the view. I was busy on my phone, and there was nothing to do. So I got into Grindr app and chatted with friends and strangers.

After some time, I got a ping from some stranger. I investigated his profile, and the distance it was showing was very less, like 10-15 meters. There were some hot pics as well, which was uploaded by the user. I texted him back, we kept on chatting for a while.

He was staying in the same hotel, but on the floor above me. He gave me his room number and asked me to visit if I like to have face to face chat. I thought for a while and replied, “Yes, I will be there in the next 10 minutes.” I got ready and got out of my room.

I took the stairs to the next floor and was searching for his room. His room number was 613. Finally, I found his room and knocked. He opened the door, and I saw him in real standing in front of me. Let me describe him, he was 6.2 ft tall, clean shaved 42 years old muscular man.

He invited me in and guided me to sit. His room was much bigger and beautiful compared to my room. He offered me wine, as I don’t like wine, I had smooth berry juice. His eyes were scanning my body from head to toe. He asked me what I was here for.

I said, “There’s a company meeting tomorrow afternoon in the same hotel. And I am here to attend it.” He said, “I am here for my business meeting held yesterday, and now I am just resting.” We had some professional talks. Then he asked me about my relation like are you married or any girlfriend or boyfriend.

I replied, “I am single right now.” I told him that he might be married, and he said yes. “Then, for what do you use this app?” He said, “I am bisexual and love meeting new people and have fun.” This made me excited, and I responded, “I am bisexual too. My priority is male and then female.”

He heard that and gave me a different look. He got up from his seat, came near me, hold my hand, and took me to the balcony. We both were leaning on the balcony. Later I felt his hand on my hips. I didn’t have any reaction as I loved it. He pressed them, and I turned around to him.

He placed his lips on me without any delay and broke it in a while. I was horny as hell. He grabbed me again and started smooching me wildly. His hands were on my ass cheeks and pressing them hard. I left soft moans while he was still kissing.

He then moved down, kissing my neck. My hand was on his head, fingers playing with his hair. He grabbed my t-shirt and pulled it up, revealing my firm boobs and belly. I showed him my boobs on chat, but he was happy to see them in real.

Pressing them hard with his fingers, he sucked one boob while he kept pressing the other. My nipples were popped, and he gave them a bit, and I screamed. I spat on both my boob, and he licked them too. I unbuttoned his shirt and was surprised to see his sexy body and such an age.

Flat stomach, but the bulky body was turning me on. I started kissing his chest and tingled with this nipple. He was moaning as I was sucking each nipple and biting them. Meanwhile, he removed my pants, and I was completely naked in front of him.

But he was still in his shorts, and I could see his bulge clearly. I was eager to rip down his pants and swallow his cock. But he refused as I touched his pants. He wanted me to wait and get hungrier. He sat on the chair, and I was standing naked in front of him.

He grabbed my waist, pulled me closer, and kissed me for a long time. It was so damn erotic. We were sucking each other’s tongue, swallowing saliva, and some was dripping down from our mouth to the floor. Closely to 10-15 minutes after we broke the smooch. He placed his hand on my cute little cock.

He said, “I have never seen such cute and little cock in my life,” and just swallowed it whole in one gulp. Next, he took my balls too in his mouth. His right-hand fingers were entering my ass crack, and the left hand was caressing my ass.

Continuously sucking my cock for about 5 minutes, he removed it from my mouth and kissed me again. I could taste and smell my own cock. It was awesome, and I cleaned his mouth surrounding with my tongue. He was teasing me by pointing at his dick but was not even giving me a glance.

He grabbed me again, a strong current passed in my body as he kissed my belly button. Then turned me around and was enjoying my ass with his hands. He was sitting, and my ass was exactly in front of his face. I pushed my ass on his face just for fun, and he entered my crack.

Moved the front again and said, “Your ass smells good. Did you come prepared for it?” I replied, “No, it’s always like that. Don’t know who will find where,” in a seductive voice. Hearing this, he grabbed my ass and pulled me close near his face, and smelled it deep.

Parting my ass cheeks with both his hands, he rubbed his nose inside the crack and on the butt hole. Suddenly I felt his tongue licking my ass hole in the bottom to the top position. The action of licking the crack than kissing the hole and spitting on it was going. I enjoyed it to the fullest.

He inserted his middle finger into my tight hole, and I moaned softly. Playing the finger back and forth, he inserted a second finger. His fingers were big and fat. He went from 2-3 and from 3 to 4 after some time. His all 4 fingers were inside me. I could feel the last finger going in too.

It pained very badly, and I was moaning and shouting. All his fingers were playing inside me and are touching the internal parts. Slowly he removed his fist and gave it in my mouth. I was licking each part of his hand. It tasted odd, but I loved it.

I finished cleaning his hand and turned toward him on my knees. He kissed me wildly. He enjoyed my ass odor from my mouth and again spat in me and swallowed it. He got up from the chair and stood in front of me, where his dick was exactly to my eye level.

Looking at me and directing his eyes on his dick, he said, “Yes, dear, what are you waiting for? Take it. It’s all yours now.” Without wasting any time, in a fraction of a second, I pulled his shorts down. The moment of truth was swinging in front of me.

I was in shock after seeing his lovely cock. I was 8.2 inches (yes, I did measure it) uncut brown with an awesome dark pink head and fully cleaned. His huge balls were dangling down there. I placed my right hand and then the left one and grabbed in the palms. I could feel the popped nerves of his dick.

With both hands, I pulled the foreskin back and revealed the sexy dick head. It was oozing precum. I rolled my fingers on the opening of the dick, covered it with his precum, and put it in my mouth. I didn’t have any taste. I pushed him back and made him sit on the chair again.

Pressing his dick with both hands, I started stroking it and spitting on it in between. He, too, spat on his dick. Now the cock was sloppy, covered in both of our spit, and the aroma is tempting me. After stroking it for a while, I moved my face closed to his dick and smelled his sexy pubic area.

It was making me hornier. I took out my tongue and licked his tip for the first time while looking towards him. He left a soft moan as I placed my tongue and licked his pre-cum. Licking his dick from the bottom to the top, he felt it every time he was moaning in pleasure.

My mouth was hungry to swallow the cock. I took the top pink plum in my mouth and sucked it with my lips. Teasing the tip with my tongue and sucking it like a vacuum. Slowly in took it deeper and deeper till my throat. I can feel the dick touching my uvula (the pendulum-like thing in mouth).

Sucked it deep for a while, and the saliva was dripping down from my mouth. He pulled the dick from my mouth, bent over me. He kissed me, licking my mouth and the saliva around it. He loved the taste and told me to suck it again. I began to blow up his dick like a freaking hungry bitch.

His whole dick was inside my mouth, and his balls were hitting my chin. I was blowing him for about 10 minutes, and my mouth was hurting. I took out his dick, and he stood too from the chair. As I was kneeling, he turned and faced his ass towards me and pushed it over my face.

He wanted me to show some love to his ass. I grabbed his ass cheeks and squeezed them firmly, and kissed both his cheeks. With my fingers, I parted his cheeks to get a view of his ass hole. His ass hole was pinkish red. I spat on his hole and kissed it. He moaned and understood that he loves it.

I made it wet with my spit and licked it from bottom to top position. His ass was a bit smelly, but I loved it. Continued my licking, and one of my hand was playing with his balls. I tried entering my tongue tip in his hole, but it was too tight. So I placed my middle finger on his hole and slowly tried to enter in.

He was shouting as it was hurting a lot. But he did not tell me to stop, so I proceeded to dig in more, and finally, it went in. I moved my finger in and out for a while till it was a bit lose. I took the finger out completely and gave him to lick it. He liked it without any hesitation.

I again inserted the finger in and now was moving it fast, and he loved it. Now my ass was all freaked out to take something inside. So I removed my finger from his ass and licked it. The taste was not that bad. I stood up in front of him. He hugged me tightly and kissed me.

We were into deep smooch and could taste the ass from each other’s mouth. Squeezing my ass hard, he asked, “Baby, are you ready for some real fun?” I replied, “Yes, baby, I was ready when I stepped in this room.” Without wasting time, he threw me on the bed corner, with my legs hanging down.

Took a packet of condom from his bag and was about to put it on, but I stopped him. I got up from the bed and told him, “I will put it for you.” I took the condom from him, went down on my knees, placed the condom on his dick tip, and rolled it down with my mouth.

He liked it, and I sucked it nicely to make it wet and lubricate. Then I got on the bed in the same position he told me and spread my legs wide to give a nice glance of my ass hole. Taking his saliva in hand, he rubbed it over my hole and spanked it with his dick.

He placed the tip on my hole and was pushing it firmly. It was hurting slightly, but it was bearable. He pushed it even more, and it was inside a bit. I was moaning. He asked me he can stop if it is hurting too much. To which I said, “No baby, please don’t stop. I love it. Go in deep.”

Listening to my words, he gave a huge thrust, and his whole dick was inside me. I was shouted, and tears were rolling down my eyes. He saw my tears and stayed there for a while without moving. Within a few seconds, I was relaxed, and he was fucking me slowly.

He then pulled out the dick and told me to suck it. I sucked and cleaned it completely, I could taste my ass, and it was quite pleasing. We kissed again, and now we were ready for the next round and another position. He told me to lay on my back as he wanted to see my face while fucking me.

He came close, lifted my ass, and entered his dick inside. My legs wrapped around his waist and touching his ass. He was giving small thrusts to enter deep in. I was moaning and was telling him to fuck me hard. He increased his speed as he was fucking like an angry man.

My dick was jumping as he was fucking me. He placed his hand on my dick and was stroking it. He was fucking me with his full speed, and I was moaning loudly. I ejaculated after some time, and all the cum was on my stomach and some on the chin.

With his hand, he spread all the cum on my body and lay on me while still fucking. He licked some of the cum from my chin and kissed me. The cum he licked from my chin was in my mouth now. There was some on the boobs too. He spread them all over the boobs and was sucking my nipples.

His dick still deep inside me, touching my internal parts. He took out the dick slowly and bent down to lick my ass hole. He was licking and eating it just like a hungry kid eating its food. Inserting his tongue inside the hole and swilling it inside on each part.

He then climbed on to me and gave a sexy sweet kiss. I tasted my ass from his mouth, though, and this kiss went long for 10 minutes. We both were enjoying the taste of my ass with pleasure. Now it was my time to ride on him as he was exhausted.

As we kissed each other, I turned him and got on top of him. I was lying over him now, and we were in a deep smooch. We broke the smooch, and I started kissing his body. Licking his chest, biting nipples, sucking his belly button, and coming down to his dick.

I took it in my hand and then in the mouth. Sucking it over the condom, which was just out from my sexy ass. I cleaned it nicely with my mouth and removed the condom with my teeth. I sucked it again till it was fully wet. I then handled the dick erect and aligned my ass straight over it.

Without wasting any time, I just sat down and let the dick enter my ass to the fullest. It went so deep inside without any force or push and directly hit my spot. I was riding him like a cowboy on top. He was looking at me, my boobs and my cock, dangling up and down as I was riding him.

Oh! Man, I was in heaven at that time. He was stroking my cock, and I squirted my cum all over his body and face. I paused, riding for a while, bent over on him, and licked each drop of cum from his face. I collected all the cum in my mouth and then spat it in his mouth, and he swallowed it all.

I again started to ride him at full speed, and he was licking my cum from his body. He shouted he was about to cum, but I said I want his cum in my ass. I kept riding him until he was ready to cum. As I stopped, he exploded his cum inside, which felt warm and relaxing.

I could feel the cum flowing down from my ass. He told me to squeeze my ass and don’t let the cum flow down. I did so and slowly remove his dick from my ass. He told to come forward and squat on his face and align the ass hole directly on his mouth.

I squatted, and that opened my ass, and the cum flowed directly in his mouth. He placed a hand on my thighs and took my ass closer so he could lick it. He was licking every part of my ass and clean it deeply. His dick was covered in cum, so we turned into 69 position.

He was licking my ass, and I was sucking his dick clean. Both were enjoying the sweet, warm cum on either end. He stored some cum in his mouth and stood up to spit it in my mouth. I did the same with him. We both were cum swapping and enjoying each other.

The aroma in the room was pleasing. We went into a deep kiss again, lying on each other. The whole evening till the morning we were enjoying and playing with each other. Both were naked the whole day, and we had 3 rounds of sex till the morning.

He said, “You are the best partner I have ever got, and will never forget you.” We shared our contact numbers and meet occasionally, and enjoy to the fullest.

So, hope you guys like my story. If you enjoyed it, don’t forget to comment down below and share it with your friends. You can contact me personally on [email protected] if there is something personal to share.

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