Sex With My Best Friend, Nafisa

Hello people, I am Raj back with a new story. This story is all about me and my best friend or more than a best friend. Her name is Nafisa. She is 26 with a sexy figure which anyone could die for and has very fair skin. We knew each other since our school days.

Later she shifted to a different city and we were in touch on the phone and chats. Years passed we were just talking as a friend almost every day. However, I use to like her a lot. After her graduation and further studies, her parents thought of getting her married. She was 25 when all this started

One day while chatting she said that her parents are looking for a guy to get her married. I was sad and just said OK and didn’t massage her for the next two days. The third day she called me and asked me as to what is wrong with me? Why am I not talking to her? I just replied as nothing.

However long years bonding could not save me from a lie. She said there is something please tell me

Nafisa: Are you not happy that I am getting married?

Me: What if I say yes?

Nafisa: Don’t play with words, tell me what is it?

Me: Yes I am not happy that you are getting married.

Nafisa: Why?

Me: Stupid you don’t know? I like you and I think I love you.

Nafisa: What do you mean I think? Tell me frankly.

Me: Yes I love you.

She disconnected the call and there was no reply for the next few hours. I then got a text and it was Nafisa.

Nafisa: Stupid what made you stop for so long?

Me: I don’t know. I never had guts to tell you thinking that it may spoil our friendship.

Nafisa: Stupid it would have spoiled friendship but a new relationship would have started.

Me: What do you mean?

Nafisa: Even I like and love you stupid. But it’s too late now. My marriage is almost fixed and in a year I will get married.

Me: My bad luck.

Nafisa: you and I are still lucky that we have a year.

I was happy knowing that even Nafisa love me and want to be in a relationship with me. Since that day we use to talk every day, more than talk we use to be on chat almost all the time. Our chats changed from normal to casual to romantic and sexy. We use to chat about sex, use to do sex chat and exchange our nudes

We decided that we will not end our relationship even if we get married. We will continue our affair even after our marriage. We both were ready for this.

A year passed in chat, talk, love, romance. It was a week left when Nafisa was about to get married. I received her invitation card and I was all set to attend my love’s marriage. A week before when we were chatting Nafisa told me that she wants to lose her virginity with me.

I asked her how will that possible as before marriage we can’t meet and after marriage, she will not be a virgin. Nafisa said that she will manage all. Let anything happen she will have sex for the first time with me only. A day before her marriage I left for her city.

Nafisa had booked a room for all the guests in a hotel. For me, she had booked it in a different hotel where no other guest would be available. To my luck, the hotel was close to her house. Nafisa had planned everything. She messaged me stating that she won’t be able to talk or message until marriage.

She shared the hotel details for me to check-in. I checked in a day before the marriage in the morning. While checking in, I got to know that the room for me is booked for a week. I didn’t know what was her plan. I text her confirming that I have checked into the hotel.

She immediately replied and asked me to attend a function in the evening at her place. Without waiting a second I replied OK. She shared her location and asked me to be there at 6 pm. I took rest till 4 pm and then got ready to go to Nafisa’s place.

I booked a Zoom car and with the help of the map, I reached her place at 5.30 pm. I was excited to see her. I wanted to hug her and kiss her but had to control as her family would be around. I was going to see her personally after so many years.

I reached her place and asked a guy for Nafisa. He asked me to wait and went to inform her about my visit. After 5 minutes, Nafisa came running towards me and stopped in front of me smiling and blushing. I think even she wanted to do the same what I was wanted to. But we had to control.

She held my hand and asked me to follow her in. She introduced me to all her family members. Her parents recognized me as her school friend and welcome me and asked me to be comfortable as a family. I was happy and soon got comfortable with her cousins and parents. We had a few chats about ourselves.

I then looked around and Nafisa was standing on top near the door of a room. She was signaling me to come up. I made an excuse and without anyone’s knowledge, I went up and entered the room where Nafisa was. She immediately shut the door and came near me and hugged me tightly.

She relaxed in my arms for almost 10 minutes and so I was about to kiss her. However, she stopped me and said that we don’t have much time and listen carefully. She then told her plan, she said that as per the rituals she will be back to her home the next day after marriage.

The day after that she will come to meet me in the hotel in the evening. I asked her, what about husband and family? She said that she will manage everything and me just to be ready. I just said yes and gave her a small kiss on her lips and left the room and joined all in the function

The next day I attended her marriage. Nafisa was looking too beautiful and gorgeous. She was wearing ghaghra and choli which was deep and almost backless with just two hooks in the back. I just wanted to hug and feel her then and there. However, I controlled myself and was waiting for my day to come.

The day passed. Nafisa was married and left for her home. I was sad and happy as well. I reached my room in the hotel to rest for the day. The next day morning I thought of shopping to gift something to Nafisa. I went to a mall and started looking for something.

I ended up in a sari store. I bought a sari and a matching blouse. I step out of the sari store and the next store was a lingerie store. I stood there for a minute and thought if Nafisa would like me to gift her lingerie or not. I went into the shop and asked one of the sales girls to help me with buying lingerie.

I told her that I want to gift to my wife. She asked me for a size which I knew perfectly. I told her the size and she showed me a few pairs of sexy lacy lingerie. I then showed her the sari and blouse and asked her to give me something matching to the sari and blouse.

She smiled and got the best of lingerie. I bought one yellow color lacy bra and panty. I also bought something for myself and left for my hotel. I reached the hotel. As soon as I kept my phone on the table, it rang. It was text from Nafisa.

Nafisa: Hi, how are you, what doing?

Me: Nothing, just came back from shopping.

Nafisa: Oh! What did you purchase?

Me: That is a surprise.

Nafisa: Really, is that shopping for me?

Me: Surprise, surprise.

Nafisa: OK listen I am at my home and all are around so I can’t talk much. But tomorrow afternoon at around 1 pm I will come to your hotel to meet you. Then we will spend time together

Me: Ok great.

Nafisa: Okay bye for now

Me: Bye take care.

The day passed and I was eagerly waiting for the next day. I woke up early in the morning, shaved, shave my body and privates as well. I was ready and waiting for Nafisa to come. I was around 12.45 pm. There was a knock on the door. It was none other than Nafisa.

She had a small bag in hand and was wearing a black suit and jewelry and bangles in hand. She was dressed as a newly married girl and was looking gorgeous I welcomed her in and closed the door. Nafisa kept the bag and ran towards me and hugged me tightly.

She rested in my arms for some time and then whispered slowly. “I love you, dear.” I replied, “I love you too and miss you.” After 10-15 minutes of a tight hug, she stepped back. She held my face and kissed me on my lips. I could not resist and respond with a slow and passionate kiss.

We were kissing passionately, rolling our tongue with each other. While kissing we explored a complete room and finally ended up on a wall. I kissed her forehead, cheeks, lips, going down I kissed and bite her neck, ear lobes. She was moaning softly with closed eyes.

I turned her around and started kissing her from the back. I slowly unzipped her kurti which ended up just above her waist. I put my hands in her kurti from the back and explored her back. I moved my hands on her boobs over the bra. I pressed her boobs softly and could feel her hard nipples from her lacy bra.

I then took her kurti off her shoulders and kissed her shoulder and exposed her back. In no time I took the kurti off completely. She was standing in her black lacy bra and salwar She then took the charge and started kissing me passionately.

She took my t-shirt off and started kissing on my chest, biting my nipples and all over. I was just enjoying the moment. While she was exploring my body, I untied her salwar and it fell on the floor. She stepped back and was standing there in her bra and panty

The look of Nafisa just in lingerie with all the ornaments and bangles in hand made me horny and crazy. I went near her, took all her ornaments off, kept it safely on the table and left only the bangles in hand. I then lift her up in my arms, kissed her and took her to the bed.

I made her lie on the bed and took my jeans off. I was only in my underwear and went on top of her. I kissed her from to bottom, reached her boobs and started licking her boobs over her bra. I made it completely wet with my saliva, Nafisa was moaning in pleasure.

I then took off her bra strap from her shoulders and pulled it down. I licked her boobs and nipples. I took her boobs as much as I can in my mouth. I started at a slow pace and then started sucking her boobs hard. Nafisa was moaning loud now and I was liking it.

After a few minutes, I went down licking and biting her stomach, rolling my tongue on her navel. She was shivering like a fish out of water. I went further down and reached her panty line. I teased her by pulling her panty down with my teeth and again rolling it up.

Nafisa was just moving her body too and fro. I held her waist and took her panties down slowly. Half of her pussy was visible, I kissed her over it and slowly took it off completely. I kissed her all over while taking her panty down and she liked it all.

I then spread her legs and went between them and placed my lips on her pussy. She held my head tight and with my touch, she started moving up. I held her from waist tight so that she could not move up. I started licking her clean shaved pussy slowly.

In a few minutes, she resisted and allowed me to eat her pussy. In no time I started licking and biting her pussy hard. she was moaning loudly. I then spread her pussy with my finger and inserted my tongue inside her pink pussy. She screamed but didn’t stop me.

I started tongue fucking her and after 15-20 minutes she had her first orgasm. It was her first orgasm ever in her life I looked at her and she was looking happy with a sigh of relief on her face with her first orgasm. She just said that she loves all of it and want more.

With this, I took my underwear off and showed my penis to her. She asked me if I am going to put that complete inside in her pussy. I said yes and assure her that I will be gentle and that she would love it. She said OK and asked me to be slow.

I then spread her legs. I asked her to fold it from knees and hold it for me to get complete exposure to her pussy. She did as I guided. I licked her pussy and lubricated it with my saliva. I applied saliva on my penis as well and placed my penis on her pussy.

I rubbed my penis on her pussy. She started moaning and resisting for me to enter. While rubbing my dick on her pussy I tried penetrating but Nafisa resisted by moving up. I asked if she is OK and ready for me to insert it. She nodded yes and got into the same position as I asked for.

I placed my dick on her pussy and gave a small push. Nafisa closed her eyes and helps her legs tight. I gave another push and my dick head was inside her pussy. She was in pain and was tilting her head here and there. I paused for a second and gave another hard push.

My complete penis was inside her pussy. Nafisa screamed in pain, tears started rolling down her cheeks and blood started to flow from her pussy. I did not move and looked at her and asked if she is OK. She said that it is painful but not to stop. She was waiting for this pain for long.

I then started going in and out slowly and soon Nafisa’s pain turned into pleasure. Nafisa was now moaning in pleasure which made me comfortable to penetrate her fast. I started fucking her hard in that position. After a few minutes, I asked her to turn around.

I got to fuck her in the doggy style. This was something new for her. So she started laughing. with her laugh and without her knowing about it, I inserted in her pussy from the back and she screamed. I didn’t stop and started fucking her. Her boobs were bouncing with every push.

While fucking her from back I held her boobs and started pressing with every push She liked it and after continuing the same for some time she had her second orgasm. Her juices started flowing out. I waited for a minute or two and made her stand.

I pressed her on walls, spread her hand and held it tight pressing on the wall. I asked her to place her one leg on my waist and inserted inside her pussy in standing position. After a few strokes, I took her in my arms with her legs around my waist. I started pumping her from down.

She was hugging me tightly and biting my neck. After almost 20 minutes, I made her lay on the edge of the bed. I spread her legs and started fucking her while I was standing. She was going up and down and her boobs were bouncing with every push.

After a few minutes, I went on top of her and started fucking her in missionary position After a few strokes, I was about to come. I told Nafisa that I am coming. She asked me to come inside her as she wanted to feel the heat of cum inside for the first time ever in her life.

I agreed and loaded all my cum inside her. I fell on her kissing and cuddling her. She thank me and said that she enjoyed every moment of it. She then went for a shower. I was waiting for her to come back to show her gift. She was back in 30 minutes wrapped herself in a bathrobe.

She was looking sexy with wet hair, bangles in hand. I made her sit next to me and handed over her gift. I asked her to open when I go for the shower. She agreed and kissed me and I went for shower. All the while I was thinking if she will like the gift, especially the lingerie.

I was back in 30 minutes. Nafisa was ready in the sari and blouse I gifted her. She was looking gorgeous in that sari and blouse. She was looking happy and made me happier by saying that she will be staying tonight with me and leave tomorrow morning.

I hugged her tight and then we ordered our dinner. We were so excited that soon after dinner we had another session. I got to know how sexy that lingerie was looking on her body, the one I gifted her. She thanked me for all the gifts and asked me to fuck her all night.

She wanted to experience the pain of ass fucking as well. So that night we did all that was possible, in every position and every corner of the room. I will share the experience of that night in the later part of my story.

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