Gay Kink For First Time In Hyderabad

Hola there, fellow Indian sex story readers. I am a gay bottom of age 21 from Hyderabad. I have a fair complexion, 6 feet height and a bit chubby. I will go by the name Kumar. So, let’s jump into the story.

I have always pictured myself as a slave/kinky bottom in my mind but never tried it because I chickened out every time I wanted to. I have an unusual level of libido which is a curse as well as a blessing.

I was horny as high and wanted to be pounded like a whore. So, I use the gay dating app which I usually use for hookups and change my bio name as “Any hard top?”.

Naturally, in a couple of hours, I started getting many pings from guys about stats, place, etc. I couldn’t find any genuine guy, so I kept hunting and a particular profile named “lusty dirty sex” gained my attention. I pinged him, we chatted for a while and agreed to meet at my house.

Let’s call the guy “Akash”. He is 5’7 feet tall, medium colored and had a bit of tummy but was good looking to me.

He came to my home. We chatted for a while and then he came close to me and kissed me. I smooched him back and we made out for a while.

He then took off his shirt. (my god! I actually wanted to rip that shirt off) and he pushed me onto the bed. He climbed on me and stared into my eyes like a hungry beast about to devour its meal.

He started kissing me again and unlike the first time, he was using his tongue this time, licking my lips, mouth, and face. He went on doing that for a while and my horniness kept increasing.

Then he unbuttoned my shirt and ordered me to lose my clothes. I undressed in front of him. He climbed on me this time. Hr spat in my mouth, my face and kept kissing me.

Then he turned to me and said, “You’re going to love this!” and started biting my nipples. I started moaning “just like that” and pushed his head further towards my nipple hinting him to bite me harder.

He licked my body from chest to groin, spat on my penis and started to lick my balls. I pushed his head down near my ass, he understood that I want my ass to get eaten. So, he uses his tongue, started licking my asshole and the area around it. My moaning goy louder as I enjoyed him rimming my ass.

He kissed my asshole, dug his tongue deep inside the hole, then rolled his tongue all around. It was making me hornier. I liked the way his tongue was getting my ass wet and the feel of his delicate tongue touching my smooth was inexplicable (something you have to experience by yourself).

He winked at me and bit my left butt cheek playfully. He licked my balls and started to lick the area between my thighs and penis as he squeezed my ass. I asked him to squeeze my ass harder. So, he started to squeeze it like a toy and licked the same area delicately. I was moaning so loud this time, I think my neighbors might have heard me.

Then he made me lay sideways and lifted one of my legs and started fingering my ass with one of his fingers (personally, I’ve never liked it, because most of the guys I met never did it properly), so I kept resisting. But, this guy Akash was different.

He inserted his second finger and I started feeling good. Then, he inserted the third finger and kept thrusting his fingers deep inside my asshole. It was like a medium-sized thick penis inside me which was loosening my ass. It felt good as I closed my eyes in pleasure and enjoyed it for a while.

After fingering, he put those same fingers (which he used for fingering) in my mouth and made me lick them. It was hot. Then, he smooched me wild, his lips dominating mine and his tongue touching my own.

He ordered me to lay on the bed facing my back up. Once I did so, he licked between my butt cheeks and moved up, kissing my back up until his way to my neck.

It was my time to return the favor. So, I made him lay on the bed with his cock erect. I smelled his cock and asked him to wash it. He looked at me and said, “You wash it yourself”.

We both were totally naked and I took him to the washroom. I was filling the mug and then to my surprise, he suddenly grabbed my ass from the back and spanked me (this guy was sneaky and I liked it).

I washed his cock and started licking the tip of his dick with my tongue. We returned to bed. I suggested to pour honey over his cock and he agreed. I brought the honey, took a spoonful of it and then put drops of it carefully all over his cock. A few spilled on his groin and balls.

I used my tongue to spread the honey evenly over his cock by licking it slowly. Then, I licked the vicinity of his penis finishing off any drops of honey I spilled.

After this, I kissed his penis sideways, licked the whole penis top to bottom whilst I enjoyed the sweet layer of honey covering his cock.

Now, I started taking his cock in my mouth slowly and took it in inch by inch. It was a thick cock, 6-7 inches long. So, imagine I had to open my mouth wide enough to fit his in my mouth.

I spat on his cock and kept blowing it. I took it deepthroat and held his cock in that position for a while, as my tongue was licking it in from inside. Then, I increased my pace of blowing and he started to fuck my mouth which went on for 15 minutes.

Now, coming to the main act. I was a bit afraid that I might feel pain because I didn’t have sex for like a couple of months and his cock was one of the thickest ones I’ve ever seen. So, I put some lubrication in my ass and put a condom on his penis.

I sucked his penis to make it erect again and he asked me lie down on the bed with my ass facing upwards in doggy style. He then stretched my asshole and inserted his penis slowly. Fortunately, because of the lotion, I didn’t experience much pain.

That feel of his cock entering my ass inch by inch was good. Once he entered deep inside my ass, he started thrusting it fast. I was moaning, “Oh Akash, fuck me, just like that!”.

He kept penetrating me in that position as my moans kept getting louder and at that point, I was so horny that I didn’t care if my neighbours heard me.

He asked me to lie down completely on my belly. Then, the beast inside was awakened as penetrated me and asked me to talk dirty to him.

Me – Akash, I like your lund.
Akash – Bolo, chodo mujhe.

Me – Akash, chodo mujhe, gaali do, make me your bitch!
Akash – Madarchod, teri gaand phod dunga aaj.

Me – Mujhe tera lund acha lag rahaa hein, chodo mujhe randi ke jaise. (Once I said this, he increased his speed of thrusting and dug deep inside my ass as I kept moaning to make him fuck me harder.)

Akash – Tere gand ka bhosda banaa doonga aaj.
Me – Ahhhh..Fuck me just like that.

This conversation went on for a while as kept penetrating. God, he was a beast. He kept fucking me very fast and deep. I was feeling like a bitch who loves getting fucked hard.

After 30 minutes of fucking, he took his cock out and asked me to open my mouth.

I opened it as he ordered and removed the condom and pushed his cock in my mouth and said, “Pee lee mera doodh” and cummed a load in mouth. That taste of his was like salty lemon (I never thought cum had such a good taste)!

I was so horny that I liked the taste of his cum and drank it. Then I licked his cock for any residual cum and blew him for a while.

Well, that was the first time I experienced kinky sex. I hope you guys liked it too. If you want to contact me mail to [email protected]

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