How I Got My Shy Cousin Harika Into Submission

This happened when I went to my cousins’ (3 sisters and one brother) village during the summer holidays. We spent the whole day exploring the village and at night, we all gathered in a room and started playing cards.

After a while, Bhavana (21 years old) asked me to narrate some ghost stories. Dileep(20 years old) and Mounika (19 years old) also insisted that I do so because I was a good narrator.

My older cousin Harika (26 years old) kept quiet as always as she was one of the most reserved persons you can meet. Also, she was the hottest of the three cousin sisters.

Harika was tall (5.9), fair in complexion and her measurements are 34-24-34. By the way, I am Danny (21 years old), height 5.11 and proportionally muscular.

Bhavana, Mounika and Dileep sat in front of me. Harika told us that she was feeling sleepy and slept on the sofa behind me. I put my back against that sofa and sat there facing them.

The lights were off and I started narrating the stories. The room was very dark and we could barely see each other. After a couple of hours, all of us felt sleepy and we drifted off to sleep.

I was sleeping right under the sofa and Dileep was next to me. As I was about to doze off into deep sleep, I felt something on my thighs. I slowly opened my eyes but couldn’t see clearly.

After my eyes got adjusted to the darkness, I could see that my cousin Harika’s hand fell off the sofa and landed on my thighs. At first, I thought it was an accident but the next moment, I felt her fingers slowly crawling towards my dick! Her hand was hanging from the sofa and her fingers were lightly positioned on my dick.

It still didn’t feel deliberate until she started gently scratching my dick with her fingernails. This sent chills down my spine and my dick instantly got hard. My heart started pounding and I was breathing heavily. I just couldn’t believe what was happening. Harika of all people? A very shy and reserved girl like her?

I always knew she found me attractive, so I tried to seduce her many times and every single time, she shied away. I was successful in seducing both her sisters a long back and in fact, I kissed both of them that day. But no matter how many times I tried, Harika always escaped somehow.

As I was thinking all these things, my hot cousin grabbed my dick over my shorts and started rubbing it slowly. This drove me crazy. All this time, I was pretending to be asleep and she thought I didn’t notice it.

She was rubbing my dick with her right hand and fingering herself with her left hand. After seeing this, I finally lost it and pulled my dick out of my shorts and placed it in her hands. She was shocked and immediately pulled her hand away and turned to the other side and buried herself into the sofa.

I was just lying there with my hard dick in my hand and I was really horny. What? My hot elder cousin just took advantage of me while I was sleeping and now that I am awake, she turns me down? I was not gonna let this slide. I was gonna make her pay and make sure she remembered this night for the rest of her life!

Thinking this, I put my right hand on the sofa and reached my cousin’s ass. I grabbed her ass over her pants and slowly started squeezing it. I moved my fingers in between her ass cheeks and started rubbing in a circular motion. After this, I slowly got up and crawled onto the sofa. I spooned her and slid my right hand inside her pants.

I slowly pushed my two fingers in between her ass cheeks and reached her pussy. I took my dick out and slowly pulled her pants down. I slid my dick between my hot cousin’s ass cheeks and started sliding the tip of my dick from her asshole to her pussy in to and fro motion.

I could feel her body shiver in my arms and she was breathing heavily. I could hear her slowly moaning in pleasure.

I put my right hand inside her pants from the front and grabbed my dick from between her legs. I pressed my dick’s tip on her clit and started rubbing her pussy with my fingers and my dick.

My fingers got really wet with my naughty cousin’s pussy fluid and I rubbed that fluid all over her belly button in a circular motion. I took my fingers and reached her mouth but she wasn’t opening her mouth. So I started sucking her neck and around the ears and bit her ear. She instantly opened her mouth and I shoved my fingers in.

As Harika was sucking my fingers, I whispered in her ears, “Get up and get behind the sofa.” She was scared and didn’t move.

I put my hands inside her pants and started fingering her pussy very roughly. Harika started moaning louder and I closed her mouth with my other hand. She caught my fingering hand to stop me. But I didn’t give up, I started pressing harder and harder and whispered in her ear, “Your brother is right next to us, do you want him to hear you?”

Harika shook her head and I could feel her tears on my hands. I told her to turn around and get up. She knew she didn’t have any choice and slowly started turning towards me.

I grabbed her by her neck, slowly got up and took her behind the sofa. I made her lay down and put a pillow under her head. I dropped my shorts and pulled her pants down. She put her hand over her eyes and I slowly crawled onto her.

I started sucking my hot cousin’s neck while squeezing her boobs. I took her top and bra off and locked her lips with mine. After a while, she too started kissing me passionately and we kissed and kissed for a long time.

I started squeezing her left boob while sucking and biting her right nipple. I slowly started licking, sucking and biting her from neck to belly button. I grabbed both her legs and plunged my face into her pussy.

I french-kissed my cousin’s pussy lips, sucking and gently biting them. She couldn’t help but moan. I quickly took her bra and stuffed it in her mouth and started rubbing my dick against her pussy stimulating her clit.

Then I slowly penetrated my cousin and her body suddenly gave a jerk. I was very delicate with my dick and as her body relaxed, I started slowly thrusting while sucking her boobs and neck. I held her nipples between my teeth and as I was thrusting my dick inside out, her nipple got pulled by my teeth up and down.

My cousin sister quickly grabbed my hair with her right hand and squeezed my ass tightly with her left hand. This turned me on like crazy and I started fucking her harder but made sure we didn’t make much noise.

I took the bra off her mouth and locked her lips with mine with my tongue inside her mouth and fucked her as she left soft moans through our kiss. As I was about to cum inside her, I pulled my dick out and came over her boobs and belly.

I slept beside her and rubbed my cum all over her boobs and grabbed her butt and kissed her. We were just lying there for 5 minutes and suddenly, she put her hand and leg on me and pulled me for a kiss.

Harika was sucking hard on my lips and as I slowly pulled away, I saw her smiling at me. That smile made me really hard again and this time I wanted to fuck her brains out.

Outside that room, there was a balcony with an attached bathroom. I took her to the bathroom and bolted the door. We stared at each other for a while and she gave me a naughty smirk, one which I never saw her do.

I slowly approached her and put my hands around her waist and dragged her closer to me. I grabbed her hair from the back and made her sit on her knees. Holding her hair tight with my left hand and my dick with my right hand, I started using my dick as lipstick on her lips.

I pulled my sexy cousin’s hair tight and she opened her mouth. I shoved my cock inside her mouth and started thrusting slowly. She held my dick with both her hands and licked and sucked it passionately. I held her head with both my hands and fucked her mouth harder.

I grabbed her by her neck and made her stand up. I lifted her leg and put my dick inside her pussy. She put her arms around me and started sucking my lips. I lifted both her legs up and jammed her against the wall.

I kept banging her pussy while biting and sucking on her neck. I made her sit down on her legs and hands and took her from behind in doggy style grabbing her by the hair.

I turned the shower and taps on to nullify the sound as I banged her ass from behind with full rage making a loud clapping sound. Harika too started moaning loudly knowing that no one could hear us.

After I came inside my hot cousin, we started giving a bath to each other. I applied soap all over her body and she rubbed her body against me lathering up my body as she held my dick with her hand and started jerking me off.

We hugged, kissed and bit each other passionately while bathing and I got hard again. I made her lie down on the floor and fucked her missionary style under the shower. It felt like we were fucking in the middle of a sea under the rain. I came inside her again and we lied there for a while.

We got up and I started wiping her body with a towel. As I was wiping her ass, I grabbed her butt and bit her slowly leaving a scar. She grabbed my hair tightly and let out a squeal. I got up and whispered in her ear, “Now I have marked you and you are mine!”

I gently kissed her on the cheek and she hugged me. I went inside and bought our clothes sat on the balcony for a while. We spoke about how we were gonna spend the rest of the vacation, when and where again we could fuck.

After a while, we went inside and went back to sleep as nothing happened.

The end.

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