Sex On Another Planet

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Aarav sneezed for the fourth time in a row.

“You can’t come down there in this state,” Raj said this for the third time, and Aarav still didn’t listen to him. He kept insisting on coming out of the spaceship onto the unknown planet.

“Sanjay, back me up here,” Raj turned to his senior and his best friend for help

“Raj’s right, Aarav. You can’t come out in this state.” His word was absolute, and with a frown, Aarav went to his cockpit and sat down. He did not say another word while his seniors suited up.

The helmets were fixed in place and oxygen pipes fastened to their suits. They were on another planet, the three astronauts whose mission was to bring proof of alien life. It was an unknown planet. Their sensors picked up some form of organic life just a few meters from where their spaceship had been stationed.

They were going to collect samples the next day, and Aarav had caught up with a cold. Their medicines had run out. Aarav had to stay back in the ship while the two went and explored the unknown region.

The two left the comfort of the spaceship, jumping up and down as gravity played with them. Aarav sat back in his cockpit, cursing his seniors and looking down at the radar. The two seniors passed by a rock, a big one. Big enough for three aliens to lurk behind.

They thought that the humans are no more present in their transportation vessel. The three aliens started to move towards the spaceship. Aarav was busy in his thoughts, wondering what his seniors would be doing right now. The radar started blinking, and he ignored it.

The aliens approached the spaceship with an egg in their arms. A plan was set in motion. The spaceship would help them transport their egg and help them extend their dying species to another planet. They were now at the door of the spaceship.

The radar started beeping faster. It caught Aarav’s attention. He saw what was annoying at the time and the image on the screen drained the life out of him. A screen was showing a green color moving towards the cockpit area. He just missed it. He couldn’t see the alien, but he could confirm that they were aliens.

He panicked. He wanted to contact his seniors about this, but there was no time. Rotating gears made a sound that made his heart skip a beat. The door to the cockpit was being opened. He grabbed the pistol at his belt, ready to fire at anything that moved.

The humans did not know the planet they were on. It was a planet famous for a specific type of sport. A sport that all aliens play. But when it had come to Earth, the dumb earthlings misunderstood it and renamed it into ‘sex.’ It was a means of reproduction, they thought.

Their biological structure was designed in that way where the sport had a consequence. The other alien races were disgusted by the humans, the lack of their ‘sportiveness.’ They never invited the humans for the Millenium games for the sport.

The aliens who were similar to ‘girls’ in human form were the hottest humans could find. Only humans find them hotter than any other being. The door opened, and three green structures entered the cockpit. They were not expecting the human to be present there.

The mission was supposed to be a quick and stealthy one. He stood there with some kind of weapon in his hand. The aliens were frightened to see him pointing it at them. Aarav stood there with his mouth wide open. He was not expecting the aliens to be so sexy (by Earth terms).

They had three eyes, a bit weird. Their body curved at the waist like the deepest valley and rose again at their waist like the highest mountain. Their breasts, yes, they had breasts, were round and perfect. So smooth and soft that they bounced even at the slightest step.

One of them had caught the egg in their arms. It was enclosed between the alien’s breasts. She was looking innocently at him. By now, the gun was not the only thing being pointed at the aliens. The aliens were worried. The eldest of them all noticed his bulge.

She did not know what it meant. She thought it was a hidden weapon. Like a last act of sacrifice, a tentacle extended from her back and caught that ‘weapon.’ The planet’s aliens’ bodies are infused with chemicals to make the ‘sport’ more effective and exciting.

Since the tentacle tore Aarav’s pants and grabbed his cock directly, the chemicals were infused into him. He moaned out loud and dropped the gun onto the ground. They knew what that sound meant, and they knew what to do now.

Sanjay and Raj are playing with a green sticky liquid with their test tube. They finally found alien life after an hour of searching. They wonder what it could have been as they enclose it in a glass tube and add it to their bags. Sanjay turns to the spaceship and speaks in the intercom.

“He must be bored right, being all alone for an hour or so,” Sanjay sympathized for Aarav. Raj shrugged as he kept searching for other samples.

“Aarav, are you there?” Sanjay spoke on the comms channel.

“Aarav?” No reply from the other side.

Meanwhile, Sanjay’s sound came out from the speakers in the spaceship. It couldn’t be heard by Aarav, though. He was being sandwiched between the two aliens. Their beautiful yet perverse breasts were giving him a massage. At the same time, one of the aliens had its tongue extended into his mouth.

They explored every inch of Aarav’s body while he kept moaning because of all the chemicals being inserted into his body. His eyes never wandered off the two aliens while the third one bent over the cockpit modules. The aliens had only one hole, and it was meant for fucking.

His cock slid in easily. The alien made a weird sound. Her tongue was out, and the inside of her ‘hole’ had weird tentacles. It brushed, massaged, and milked the cock like a car going through a car wash. It stimulated him so bad that he had nutted inside her already thrice.

But as long as his cock was inside her, he never lost erection. He kept getting orgasms, and he was in heaven. Vision blurry, and he kept switching between the two alien’s breasts.  He was sucking them so hard that he enjoyed those sounds from them. The aliens heard the human’s voice.

“What was that?” Aarav mumbled in a trance state

The alien quickly shoved him between her breasts while she signaled the third one, who was bent over and getting fucked. The third one quickly opened a cabinet and put the egg inside. It was time to go out. The third alien moved away, taking away his cock from her hole.

The second one moved away from Aarav. Aarav was confused. His senses came back, and he was getting suspicious. He looked around, thinking that something was missing. Just then, the first alien grabbed his face, turned it towards itself, and kissed Aarav.

The kiss was hard. Aarav’s dick rose like a flagpole. She extended her hand and pushed it inside his ass. It latched onto his g-spot, and Aarav broke the kiss, screaming like the Godzilla. She nutted in a big stream all over the console.

The stream did not stop until Aarav was drained of every last drop of him. The alien took out her finger, Aarav fell forward, passing out into the void, exhausted.

The next thing he remembered was waking up on a bed on Earth. Everyone looking angry around him as if he was a science freak!

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