Red Ants In Cousin Heena’s Shorts On Strawberry Farm

Hi guys, this is Rocky. This is my first story. Write back to me with feedback for any improvements or suggestions that you would like me to implement.

Alright, without any further delays, let me begin my story. My family consists of me, 25 years, my little sister 23 years old, and my mom and dad.

Dad is in his final year of central government service. Every year we go on trips all over India with his passes. Last year also we decided to go to Shimla and that’s when this story began.

We were almost done booking our hotels in Shimla and that’s when my mom received a call from her distant relative who has been staying in Shimla for quite a few years. They offered that we should stay at their place. They have two kids just like us and but both are girls. Heena is 23 years old and Priya is 21 years old.

Heena is the heroine of this story. My mom readily accepted their offer of staying with them in Shimla as there will be safety for my sister and some company of locals for the trip too.

We reached Shimla, and received a warm welcome from their family. My eyes were dumbstruck when I saw my distant cousin Heena. She was wearing a t-shirt and tracks. Her t-shirt had some huge treasure inside and they were dying to be discovered and come out from their prison!

I was hardly able to look away from those huge melons of 38D (which I came to know about later).

My cousin had a flat tummy and when she turned back to go inside, what a swaying ass she had. I just thought of grabbing them and jumping on them then and there. But it was only a thought.

I came back to my senses and moved to our big guest room. As Shimla was quite cold, Heena was asked to put a heater and hot coffee in our room.

Mom and dad were talking to uncle and aunt. And my sister was freshening up. As I heard my sister almost finishing up, I wanted to change into a towel to take a hot shower next.

Just then my hot cousin Heena entered the room with 4 coffee cups and a plate in one hand and a big hot heater in the other hand. I was facing the window and removed my t-shirt and pants.

I quickly removed my undies and turned to pick up the towel from the bed. Seeing me butt naked, she was in a trance! She was just 3 feet away from me.

My cousin started shivering and spilled hot coffee on my legs and dropped the hot heater down and she fell on it. My left leg got some burns. I quickly tied my towel and helped her get up and called my parents to help her with first aid.

In the evening, my sore burns increased and my parents got confused about our plans for the next day. Actually, we had planned to go river rafting on the river Tattapani.

I insisted that they carry on with their plan as my sister loved river-rafting. I enquired about my cousin Heena and they told me, she had got bandages on both hands. I felt sorry for her.

The next day everyone went river rafting in the morning. I was told to check out the strawberry, carrots, and honey farms in the farmhouse in the backyard.

I went there and was surprised to see my hot cousin Heena lying down there in a salwar-kameez with both her hands bandaged. Definitely, that dress was not hers and I was sure it will tear anytime due to the size of her melons.

I greeted her and said, “Sorry for what happened yesterday.”

She said, “I am sorry for not knocking and entering as both my hands were occupied with cups and tray.”

To break the ice, I asked her, “Did you see everything?”

She had a sheepish smile on her face. As she was silent, I asked her whether she had a BF? She said she had a break up with her BF 3 months ago.

I quickly jumped back to the topic and said, “Then, of course you would have seen his full body.”

My cousin laughed bluntly and replied, “Nope. I just had kisses and hugs and cuddling and nothing else.”

Me: So this was your first time seeing…

Heena: Hmm… Sorry for being dumbstruck. I haven’t seen anything so huge in my real life.

Me: Come on, so you do watch porn then?

Heena: Very rarely, but yes.

Me: Now I know, the secret of those big and huge things in your top (winking).

My cousin started laughing.

Me: Do you want to join me on the strawberry farm?

Heena: I want to go to the loo first and when I come back then we can go.

She went inside the washroom, and took a long time, and then called out to me.

Heena: Can you please untie my nada of this kameez? I am unable to do it with my hands in bandages.

I was not expecting this but as no one else was around, I helped her untie and loosened it. And in the process, it slipped a bit revealing her cleanly shaven, puffy, and juicy love hole.

My cousin immediately grabbed the kameez and shyly, she went inside and took her pee and came back removing the kameez completely. I couldn’t see any inners but her salwar was covering her private parts.

She went to her room and wore elastic shorts and a t-shirt and came back. I was sad for not getting another chance with her kameez. We went to the farm and had lots of fun.

In the afternoon, we were tired and slept for some time in the farm. I woke up with her screams of, “Ants.” There were ants all over the place where she had slept.

I quickly ask her to jump and get rid of some of the ants. What a sight it was when she jumped in her tees! I had two big melons jumping up and down, to eat that day.

There were lots of ants inside her t-shirt and shorts already. She asked me for help shouting, “It’s nothing that you haven’t seen before.”

I was aroused and shocked by her words. But I quickly went to her and helped her remove her t-shirt releasing her big melons from the cage. I started staring at them.

Heena: Stop staring. You will have lots of time for that. Please get rid of the ants in my shorts.

Me: Sorry, sorry. But they are huge, and couldn’t go unnoticed (I was referring to her massive boobs).

My cousin blushed.

I removed her shorts and now she was butt naked in front of me and wow, again that puffy pussy was the one to watch and pounce on. I started removing the ants by tapping them with a cloth.

When I was done, she was standing there in pain and also shy covering her pussy with both her hands. Her boobs cannot be covered with her hands though (I wink).

She was looking like a sex goddess. To comfort her, I said, “Now you are even for yesterday.” She blushed pink. Some ants bit her in lots of private places.

I will describe it all in the next part of the story. This is a real story.

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