My Hot Village Wife

I am 27 years old, and my wife is 23. I am well built, tanned, and have a strong dark cock. I am a mechanical engineer working in Pune. My hot village wife is fair, slightly plump, and a housewife. She is from a very small village in Maharashtra.

We had an arranged marriage about one year ago, and we have got a good sex life. My wife is very cooperative and also likes to have sex. This summer, we decided to go and spend a week at her parents’ home and drop birth control which we have been practicing since we got married.

I was very excited about this holiday. Being a son-in-law not just of the family but of the whole small village, I can expect to be very well taken care of. Upon reaching her home, all the welcoming rituals were done.

Then we were given a room on the first floor, which overlooked the cow/buffalo shed and open fields beyond. I was already horny as the rural earthy smells, and the sweat due to the hot weather stimulated my senses.

My wife looked very happy being at her home. She looked sexy, dressed in a dark green sari. I wanted to fuck her right now! I hugged her and started to kiss her juicy wet lips, face and neck.

Her salty sweat tasted delicious. I was squeezing her love handles below her blouse. I moved on to smell her armpits which were wet enough to lick. I took off my shirt and pant and was wearing only my underwear. It was covering my tight and wet cock, which was ready to spring out.

My wife was still fully dressed. I went down on my knees, lifted her sari/ghaghra, and put my head inside. I started to lick her cunt while she was standing.

Oh, it felt so good that I could not stop licking and sucking her vaginal area and thrusting my tongue inside her cunt. After some time, I came out of her sari. I stood in front of her, took out my throbbing cock, and told her to hold it.

I am standing fully naked with my tight cock in my wife’s hands, who is still fully dressed. I started to undress her sari till she was in her blouse and ghaghra. I pushed her onto the bed and climbed over her looking at her fair, full cleavage and Mangalsutra.

I lifted her ghaghra and thrust my cock into her hot wet pussy, and started to fuck her raw. It felt heavenly. I was burying my face in her chest and pumping in her cunt till I could not hold. I exploded with my cum inside her and went off into a deep sleep.

The next morning, the malishwala came over and woke me up with a fantastic oil massage. My wife had gone down to help her mother and bhabhi to prepare breakfast.

During the afternoon, most people there take a nap. But I was in a great mood after have a great fuck last night, a massage, good food, and pampering all around. I told my wife to come to the cowshed.

I like the smells and feel of the cowshed, and I told my wife that we should milk a cow together. So we chose a fat cow, sat on the opposite side of the cow, and milk her. My wife was looking so rustic, and her bangles were clinking with the movement of her hands that my cock started to grow.

I told her that I wanted to fuck right now. She shyly took me behind the shed where the dry hay was stacked. She lay down on the haystack and told me to come over.

The whole scene with my wife on the haystack looked so sexy. I unzipped and took out my cock, lifted her sari, and fucked her on the haystack till I ejaculated inside her cunt.

The family suggested that it feels great to sleep under the open sky on the terrace during summer nights in the evening. I should experience it. So here we are, my wife and me, on the terrace under the stars. I was in a lazy mood but horny as well.

I took off all my clothes and lay naked on the mattress. I told my wife to softly massage me and play with my cock. Cock sucking is not a regular act with us. But lying under the sky, I ordered her to suck my cock, and she willingly agreed. She sucked the way I told her to till I ejaculated.

I went off to sleep and woke up at sunrise with my lovely wife next to me. The following day we went for a walk on the outskirts of the town and reached the family’s sugarcane fields. I always wanted to fuck inside a field, and this was my chance. So we went into the field towards a machaan and sat below it.

I took out my cock and told my wife to hold it. The feeling of my cock getting stroked in the middle of the field was amazing. After my cock getting tight, I told my wife to lay down on the ladder of the machaan. I could fuck her at an angle.

A couple of days later, we went to the local temple, and there was a big well behind the temple. I told my wife that I wanted to jump and swim in the well and she should sit under the Banyan tree nearby.

I took off my clothes and jumped in the well wearing only my orange-colored underwear. The feeling of the cool fresh water on a hot summer day felt energetic. I got an erection while swimming and got out and walked to my wife in dripping wet condition and fucked her under the Banyan tree.

In the one week that we spent at my wife’s native place, we must have fucked over a dozen times. I thoroughly enjoyed fucking my hot wife in the village. We hope that she gets pregnant during this time and we get our child who was conceived in such an environment.

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