Game Of Truth Or Dare With SIL Ends Up In Hot Sex

Dear readers, this is the true story of my life. This incident happened between me and my sister-in-law Shriya. For privacy reasons, I have changed her name.

I am Abhi, 6 feet tall, with a dick that is 7 inches long, well built, and with good fair looks. My sister-in-law is 5 feet 4 inches, beautiful, fair looks, medium-long hair and her size is 34C. We both are happily married in our own lives.

Now, let me come to the main story. One day my wife was traveling out of town for office work. She called me to say that Shriya was in town for some work, and she will stay at our home at night.

Occasionally, I used to fantasize about my wife’s sister, and I thought that day was the day! When I reached home, she was already at my home and so we went out for dinner. After returning home, we were chilling and watching TV, and the story begins from here.

I was in my shorts without a boxer and t-shirt, while Shriya was in her pyjamas and a loose white t-shirt. I could see that she was wearing a black bra. It was Friday night, so I was relaxed. We were casually talking about our college days and all the fun we had with our respective friends.

We never realized it, but our discussion was getting very exciting gradually. Suddenly, I asked my SIL to play an old college game of truth and dare.

She said, “Yes,” right away. Shriya took the first turn and asked me truth or dare. I said, Truth.

Shriya: Tell me about your first kissing experience.

I told her story that it was with a friend in my car. While sharing this tale, my dick was getting hard, which was pretty much visible!

Then it was my turn and she opted for truth.

Abhi: Shriya, tell me about your first kissing experience.

Shriya: It was in the college hostel-bathroom.

My sister-in-law told me a quick story about how it happened. It was getting difficult for me to hide my tool and she was also enjoying seeing that and having fun.

Then it was her turn and I opted for truth.

Shriya: Jiju, have you slept with any girl post-marriage other than my sister?

Abhi: No, but I would love to spend one night with someone special.

Next it was my turn to ask. She opted for the truth.

Abhi: What is your bra size?

She said 34C right away. Now it was her turn and I opted for truth again.

Shriya: Jiju, who is that someone special that you would like to sleep with?

Abhi: That someone special is you.

My sister-in-law was a bit surprised to hear that, but she immediately controlled her emotions as if nothing had been spoken. Now it was my turn to ask, and she opted for dare.

Abhi: Shriya, I would like to have your bra in my hands.

She was not expecting such a dare from my end, probably. She said, “No,” as she was feeling shy suddenly. I told her, “You can’t run away from the game.” She told me to close my eyes and after a few seconds, she gave in my hand her black bra. And now, I was able to see her round boobs and erected tits under her white t-shirt.

There was some silence in the room for a few seconds as the temperature was rising. Now it was her turn to ask, and I opted dare.

Shriya: Ok Jiju, are you ready for dare?

I said, “Yes.”

She said, “Take off your shorts.”

I told her that I was not wearing anything inside. She said, “I know that.” I took off my shorts. My wife’s sis was looking at my tool and having a big naughty smile on her face.

Then, it was my turn, and she also opted for dare again. I brought some ice cubes from the kitchen. She was a bit clueless about what I was going to do.

Abhi: Shriya, rub these ice cubes over your tits for a few seconds until I tell you to stop.

She started rubbing and her t-shirt was getting wet. I was able to see my sister-in-law’s tits clearly now. She let out a soft moan also but was trying to control herself. After a few seconds, I told her to stop.

I opted for dare on my next turn.

Shriya: Jiju, simply take off your t-shirt.

I did it right away. I was sitting naked in front of my sister-in-law and my tool was rock hard. I guess we both were playing with each other’s patience. It was clear that we both wanted to have a memorable night with each other.

After this, she opted for dare and I asked her to sit in my lap. That was all. Now she knew that we both were crossing the line. She was a bit hesitant and was walking slowly towards me. We both knew by then that it was the beginning of a wonderful night which we both probably wanted to have.

My sister-in-law sat on my lap and my hard tool was trying to get inside her shorts. She was also teasing my cock without showing any expressions on her face. I could smell that she was so wet from inside. Her boobs were touching my bare chest and our lips were just about to meet. We both were breathing heavily.

Shriya: Enough, Jiju!

Before I said anything, she came close and we both started kissing passionately! After a few seconds, she stopped and I told her, “I had been waiting for this day since I saw you at my wedding.”

She was blushing and we started kissing again. This time, we both were aggressive and she knew very well how to give a French kiss. We both were getting wild, and licking each other’s lips. She was rolling her tongue so seductively and holding me very tightly.

While kissing, we were rolling over the couch. I took off my sister-in-law’s t-shirt and shorts, and she was left only with her black coloured panty. She was moving her hand all over my body with so much passion. I was enjoying each and every move of hers.

After kissing so wildly, I laid her down started licking my sister-in-law’s pussy over her panty. I was licking her slowly and she was moaning and getting wet.

I removed her panty with my teeth and rolled ice cubes around her wet pussy. She was moaning heavily now. She held my hair and forced me to lick her pussy deeper. It was tasting so nice and her moans were forcing me to lick it hard. I did this for a good 20 minutes, and she came so hard while screaming very loudly.

I thought she would be tired but she got up and started kissing me crazily and after few seconds she pushed me back and started sucking my dick. To make it more exciting, she got chocolate sauce from the fridge, and put some drops on the tip of my hard dick. My sister-in-law then started sucking it as if she was having a bar of real chocolate.

Shriya was a pro in giving blowjobs, and I never had such kind of experience. After a few minutes, I came in her mouth and she enjoyed it like anything as she swallowed every drop.

We both were so tired but didn’t want to stop. We went for a hot shower right away. During the shower, we were kissing so hard and were tightly holding each other. Our hot bodies were against each other, and we both were making out like porn stars.

After some time, I lifted her and put my dick in her hot pussy. It was such a beautiful moment. She was looking in my eyes with so much lust, and I wanted to be in this position forever. I was stroking slowly and kissing her. She was holding my hair with one hand and spanking my ass with the other hand.

After a few strokes, we went for doggy style in the shower. What an experience, it was! I enjoyed banging my body against my sister-in-law’s nice, curvy ass. She was moaning so loudly as I was gradually increasing my speed.

After a few minutes, I came in SIL’s hot pussy and we both were breathing heavily. She hugged me tightly. After that, she put nice candles around the bathtub and we both relaxed inside the tub for some time. It was pure bliss.

We were in each other arms, just enjoying this moment as we knew this would never come back. We were kissing in between and finally, we slept there only for a few hours.

After that, we both went to our beds and by this time we both were fresh again for fun. My dick was hard again. She sat on top of me. I was able to see her beautiful, curvy boobs. She was looking so gorgeous in that position.

My sister-in-law started riding slowly and then increased her speed. I was playing with her boobs. Her moaning was making me wild. After a few minutes, I removed my dick and put it between her sexy cleavage. I started stroking between her nice shaped boobs. She was playing with her own pussy.

After some time she came so hard and I shot my semen on her boobs. We both enjoyed the session and couldn’t control kissing each other.

Later, she had to get ready to catch her flight. We decided to meet after a few months and repeat this fun. That story I will share with you in the next episode.

Till then, enjoy this story and let me know your feedback on [email protected]

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