Wife Fucks Another Guy With Husband’s Permission

Hi Indian sex stories lovers, I am Priya, 30 years old married woman. My husband’s name is Rahul and he is 35 years old. He is working in an IT company. He is a very caring hubby.

Since we are married for 7 years, we don’t have any issues except in a physical relationship. Yes, I was not getting the pleasure in bed from my hubby. Until this incident, I wasn’t having an extra-marital relationship. I was very happy with my life other than for the physical satisfaction from my hubby.

Even after 7 years of our marriage, we didn’t have kids. I knew the reason. But we never told anyone the reason. When we were married newly, my husband was able to have sex with me daily except for those 5 days in the month. Now, it reduced to only once a month. It was very disappointing and I was not able to control myself.

I started insisting my husband to have sex with me more times and that too, for rough sex. But sometimes he finished having sex in just 5 minutes.

I will come directly to the story. As I said already, my husband was a very caring person. He suggested me to get into a physical relationship with anyone if I want as he was not able to satisfy me. But I didn’t dare to have an affair. But my hubby promised me that he won’t have an issue if I have an affair.

Deep inside, I needed physical satisfaction very badly. After a lot of pressure from my husband, I agreed to sleep with another guy. But choosing whom it was was the main issue. It was very difficult to find someone trustworthy. We avoided anyone from our close circles.

My hubby suggested me to search in social apps. We both searched for a guy. And finally, we found a decent guy. We started chatting with him regularly.

His name is Arya. He was of the same age as mine. He was running his own business.

We shared our pics. I have a height of 5.4″ and 34-32-38 stats. He was very handsome and had a good body. He complimented my structure, color, etc.

One fine day, we decided to meet that guy at an ideal location for a casual discussion.

After the meeting, even I was also having a huge urge to have sex with him. My hubby gave my number to Arya. After my hubby went to the office, Arya called me and we spoke for 1 hour.

I was really impressed by his behavior and the way of respecting women. He asked me about my opinion of getting physical. I told him that it is fully up to my hubby. He said ok.

I told my hubby about the call. He suggested me to call and message Arya daily so that I can understand him more and then my fear will go away. I was very happy.

After discussing with Arya, my hubby booked a good hotel room in the name of me and him. But actually, only me and Arya were supposed to go there. I was very scared. But my hubby told me, “Don’t worry dear, do whatever you want. Enjoy these 2 days fully.”

I hugged him and said, “I love you.”

Before going to the hotel, I went to a parlor. After coming back home from the parlor, I shaved the unwanted hairs from my body. My hubby suggested me to wear some sexy clothes and inners for the occasion.

I was fully prepared for the occasion. Wednesday afternoon, we three met in one restaurant for lunch. After lunch, my hubby left.

I and Arya proceeded to the hotel. After reaching the hotel, he finished the formalities at the hotel’s helpdesk and we checked in.

We chatted about normal topics. He behaved very coolly. Slowly, I went and sat beside him. I took his hand and rubbed it slowly. We were looking at each other with lust.

Suddenly, he kissed my lips. I equally responded with a kiss. Slowly, his hands were traveling all over my body. I was wearing a black saree that day. Arya’s hands were caressing my back and soon, he was pressing my ass. Meanwhile, my hands went to his neck and hairs. We kissed like that for nearly 20 minutes.

Then he slowly removed my saree. He was stunned at the view of my hot body in a black jacket and black petticoat. He could see my white skin and my beautiful belly button in between those undergarments. My jacket was showing my cleavage as well.

Arya immediately hugged me tightly and was running his hand all over my back and boobs. I removed his shirt. He had a muscular body with light hairs on his chest. I hugged him back and remained like that for some time.

We fell on the hotel bed. I was under his muscular body. He was climbing on me and kissing on my boobs and navel. It was tickling for me. He was trying to remove my blouse. I helped him to remove it. It fell on the floor.

I removed his belt and unbuttoned his pants. His tool was struggling to come out. I opened his zip. His pant fell on the floor. He was in his jockey now.

We both hugged with more lust. Our bodies were melting with heat. We were kissing like a real couple. Arya’s tool was touching my pussy over my petticoat. My pussy got wet and the liquids were flowing.

He removed my bra and started sucking my boobs. My nipples got fully erect. Arya bit my nipples. It was a sweet pain. The more he was sucking, the more I was pressing his head to my boob. Wow, what a feeling it was!

Suddenly, he started removing my petticoat. “Wow, what a thigh,” he said. I was not able to cover my panty. It was was wet due to my liquids.

He kissed over my panty and my thighs were shivering. My lips wanted a rough kiss. My body wanted to be crushed by his body. I touched his tool over the jockey. It was very hard.

I removed his jockey with my teeth. His 8-inches long dick came out. Wow, what size and shape! I was not able to control myself and touched it with my hand. It was very hard.

He was looking in my face. He was able to see the lust in my eyes.

I kissed the tip of my tool. He moaned sweetly. Slowly and inch by inch, I was taking Arya’s dick into my mouth. He was enjoying my act.

I was doing my best with my lips and tongue. It was very difficult to take the whole dick as it also had a decent width. The more I was sucking, the more his dick became strong.

Then he told me to stop. I stopped and looked into his eyes. He told me to lie down on the bed. He then removed my panty completely. My pussy became fully wet with my liquids. I was very shy to face him. But he was looking at my pussy and kissed all over pussy and clitoris! A current passed through my pussy.

Arya had amazing skills to satisfy women. Our nude bodies were touching each other. We were hugging very tightly, kissing.

Then I told him to enter me. He told e he wanted to taste my pussy more. I said, ok.

He immediately went to my pussy and inserted his finger into it. It was full of liquids. He removed his finger and inserted it in my mouth. I was tasting my own liquids first time in my life. It had a different taste.

Arya kissed my pussy lips and was drinking my liquids. My moans became very louder. But he kept inserting his tongue. It was a very strange feeling. Even my hubby hadn’t licked my pussy.

He did it for nearly 30 minutes of licking and I came 2-3 times in between. I immediately came on him and inserted his tool into my pussy. It went inside with some difficulty due to the size. My hubby’s dick size was 4.5-inches. So Arya’s tool was bigger than my hubby’s tool.

I was experiencing pain and pleasure at the same time. A loud moan came out of my mouth. He was very excited to see my domination.

I started to ride him from the top. His tool was going very deep and my pussy walls were adjusting to his manhood. He was pressing the boobs hard and slapped on my boobs. They became red. But I was enjoying each and every act.

I gave my boobs in his mouth and he started sucking them well. I rode his tool for almost 20 minutes and released a huge amount of liquid after reaching an orgasm. I was breathing heavily and sweating all over my body. My hairs spread all over Arya’s face. I was kissing him very mad. It was one of the best orgasms in my life.

This is the first part of my story which happened on a Wednesday. I will update the next part based on your feedback. Please mail me your feedback and suggestions and also your comments for this story – [email protected]

Thank you so much ISS for sharing my hot sex experience.

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