Lockdown Escapades

Hey, guys, this is me, Andrew, again coming here after a long time. I hope you all are in good health. I have received a lot of emails for my previous story, and thank you for all the love. I will reply to everyone for sure.

Let me describe a story during the lockdown period where I fucked my college junior for one whole week.

This story begins with Swati, who is my junior in college. She is 20 years old with breath-taking assets of 34-30-36. She looks like a 26-year-old girl, so mature and strong. Even though she’s from Madurai, she used to be modern as she studied in a high-ranking college in Chennai.

When the government imposed the lockdown, she got the news that both her parents tested positive for Covid. So she can’t go home. So she decided to stay in the hostel for three more weeks until they become alright.

My friend Arjun left for Kerala and gave me his room keys as he’ll be returning in the month-end to take his belongings. I kept it with me as I stayed in a hostel.

Things were so boring as the classes were not happening. I was surfing through Instagram and Facebook all the time. I thought of having some alcohol as it was a Saturday night. So I went to Arjun’s place as he stayed in a fully furnished apartment. I had a nice time and slept there.

The next day I got a text from Swati, saying she has to book flight tickets to go home. So I asked her to come to Arjun’s house. My laptop was at the hostel, and I was not ready to go there.

She came to Arjun’s house by 11 AM. I got taken back, seeing her in such attire. She was wearing a low-neck top exposing those beautiful cleaves and shorts. It was hugging her body so tight that I could see the curls around her hips.

I used to see her wearing churidar and other formal dresses in college. This way of her dressing was new to me. I thought of seducing her somehow and let her in.

We were talking about college, school, and hometown. She told me she feels lonely at the hostel, and that’s why she wants to go back home. All her roommates left, and she was only in her room.

She finally got the ticket booked for next Sunday afternoon. While she was leaving, she saw the bottle of rum near the window and asked if she can have it. I offered her a peg and told her she could join me tonight for drinks.

She said she’ll think about it and left. I received a text from her by 6 PM. She asked if I can stay at Arjun’s place for a week until she leaves. I was delighted to get this text and accepted the offer right away.

She packed her bags and vacated the hostel on Monday morning, and came to the house. She helped me clean the house while I went out to buy some booze. While cleaning, she found out the condoms on the shelf and was pondering over them.

I rang the doorbell, and she dropped it down in a hurry to open the door. I noticed the condom packets lying on the floor but didn’t say anything about it. I started placing things.

It was Monday night, and we planned to have some booze. I had a shower and put on my shorts without any inner and a sleeveless t-shirt. I had my best cologne from UAE and went to the living room.

To my surprise, she prepared a candlelight session and played a Netflix movie. We both were sipping and watching the movie. I put my arm over her shoulder and started talking to her about the movie. She was starting to get intoxicated by the perfume and sniffed closer.

I stood up, went behind her, and I gave her some head massage. She was enjoying it, and I made sure my crotch was occasionally hitting her shoulders. After 10 minutes, she said she wants to do it to me and asked me to sit on the chair.

We shifted positions, and she started the massage. We both were getting turned on, and I felt it. I dragged her to my front and started fondling her breasts. She was getting horny and started enjoying my touch. I stripped her T-shirt away and started biting her nipples.

She stood up, and I lifted her to the bedroom and lay her down, swiftly she started unboxing my dick. My tool was in her mouth in no time, and she gave me the best blowjob I’ve received in recent days.

As I was strong enough to handle her, I lifted her and shifted to a 69 position. We continued to receive and give pleasure from both ends for 15 minutes. Her pussy was waiting to get rammed, and she was desperately asking me to enter.

After a bit of teasing, I made my way into her pussy using the condoms that were on the rack. I kept fucking her in the missionary position for about 35 minutes, and she was enjoying every bit of it.

We shifted to the cowgirl position where I was sitting on the edge of the bed, and she was riding on top of me. That’s when I got to enjoy the 34 sized boobs to the fullest.

I came inside her and lay down next to her. We both slept nude that night and woke up at 10 in the morning. She woke me up and looked at me in my eyes. I could see all adventures we would have for the next 6 days and got pretty much excited about it.

I guess you all are waiting to hear about the experience and excitement. I will continue it in the next part. Until then, stay safe and stay home, you all.

People from Chennai, I would love to hear from you guys about your expected and unexpected experiences during the lockdown. Do give feedback for this story which will motivate me to write more. My mail id is [email protected]

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