Hot Sex With 35-year-old Virgin Manager Kavya

Hi all, This is Rahul, and today, I will share my most recent experience with my unmarried and virgin manager.

I work in an IT company and this story is about me and my manager Kavya, under whom I work. Kavya was 35, unmarried by choice as she wanted to focus on her career. On the work front, she was hard-working and career-oriented, worked late hours, and climbed the corporate ladder fairly quickly through her hard work.

She had very few friends and was my manager. She always stayed back and made sure she motivated the team and everybody completed their tasks.

I am 28, 6 foot tall, regularly exercised, and had a good physique and athletic build. I was the team lead and reported to Kavya. I had a good rapport with Kavya even though she was my manager. She was helpful to me and I made sure I helped her whenever possible so as not to miss any deadlines.

Kavya’s cubicle was diagonally opposite to mine and I had a clear view of her working. We often worked late into the night and I had dropped her home a couple of times. I used to fantasize about having sex with her and masturbated on her at my home but always professional at the office. I did respect her as a manager.

One evening, we had a team party and everyone was drunk. I am a teetotaler and I was the only person who was not drunk. The manager Kavya had drunk a little too much and was high.

I was dropping her home and she was blabbering the entire journey. She kept telling how she works hard but never considered for promotion and it is a man’s world and nobody cares for her happiness, etc.

I was worried for her as she was too drunk, so I decided to help her inside. Once inside, she started crying and was inconsolable. I asked her what happened and she said she feels sorry for herself as she was 35 and confessed she was still a virgin. She asked me if I could fuck her and be with her as she was feeling lonely!

I felt bad for her and consoled her. I knew Kavya was drunk. I gave her some water made her sleep on the bed and quietly left.

The next morning, I met my virgin manager Kavya in the office and we went to the food court together for lunch as usual. Kavya was silent and I was not sure if she remembered the previous night.

Me: How are you, Kavya? You look dull.
Kavya: Am fine. Just a little hangover.

Me: So, is it true?
Kavya: What?

Me: About what you told me yesterday.
Kavya: What did I say?

Me: That you are a virgin.
Kavya (clearly upset): None of your business. I expect you to forget and be professional.

I was quiet and didn’t utter another word. A couple of days went by and we never spoke about it. One afternoon during lunch Kavya just blurted out.

Kavya: I didn’t expect you to leave that night.
Me: So, you remember?

Kavya: Of course, I remember. Why did you leave?
Me: You were drunk. I was not even sure if you were in your senses.

Kavya: Hmm.
Me: Did you mean it?

Kavya: It doesn’t matter now. You left anyway.
Me: Sorry (I kept cursing myself for my stupidity.) We can meet some other day.

Kavya: Not needed. I am not a slut.
Me: That’s not what I meant.

Kavya: Just think that it never happened and focus on the work. I am sorry for my behavior and I ever asked you.
Me: I am sorry.

We didn’t utter a word again and I let things cool down. A few days passed and it was 10th November and it was my manager Kavya’s birthday. I came to the office early and placed a flower bouquet in her cubicle with a birthday card and a note saying, “World’s best manager.”

Kavya saw it and smiled and said, “Stop buttering me. This won’t get you a good rating.” I smiled back and wished her a happy birthday. I asked her if we were good and she nodded.

That afternoon we were having lunch as usual and just before we were to leave, Kavya said, “Before I changed my mind, I wanted to let you know that I will be alone today” and left.

My heart was pounding and I was not sure what to do. Fantasizing sex with my virgin Indian manager lady is one thing and having sex with my manager for real is a totally different ball game altogether. I was not able to focus all day after that thinking about the evening.

At 6 pm, Kavya stood up and just told everyone she needed to leave early and asked me to complete my tasks before I leave. I nodded and tried to focus.

I reached Kavya’s home at 8:00 in the night. I rang her doorbell and Kavya answered the door. I let myself in and Kavya enquired about the tasks of the day.

Kavya: Are today’s tasks completed?
Me: Yes. Am I here to give you a status update?

Kavya: Listen, I am still your manager. Today doesn’t change anything. You are still my lead and work is the priority. I expect you to be professional. Understand?
Me: Yes Kavya. (I felt like a puppy.)

Kavya: Good. (Saying this, she just kissed my cheeks and left.)

Kavya was approximately 5’10” and regularly went to the gym, at least thrice a week. She was slim and had toned legs and arms. Her arms were waxed.

She was wearing black jeans and a red t-shirt. Her jeans was skin-tight and her buttocks were tight and firm. She was wearing a cotton t-shirt that stuck to her body. Her padded bra line was clearly visible underneath which gave her breasts a smooth finish.

She always wore bright red lipstick and had a vampire-like jawline and pointed nose. Her feet were well maintained and her toenails had bright red nail polish. Overall, Kavya had the physique and body of a 20-year-old.

Kavya was older than me by 7 years and I was slightly nervous. Kavya was at the dining table, setting up something. I went to her from behind and hugged her. I gently whispered in her ears, “Happy birthday, darling.”

I put my hands around my sexy manager lady’s waist and wrapped her tummy with my arms. My hands were just below her breasts. I sniffed her neck and hair and she smelled nice. I could smell her shampoo and conditioner.

I planted a kiss on her shoulders and gently sucked it. I hugged her tightly from behind and sucked her neck very vigorously and passionately.

I removed her t-shirt and she was in her bra. I turned her around and she was covering her breasts with her hands as she was shy.

Me: Kavya, you might be my manager in the office, but right now, I am your lover. I want you to let go of any inhibitions.
Kavya: Yes. This is the first time I am naked in front of someone.

Me: It’s okay. Don’t worry. There is a first time for everything. (I reassuringly kissed her lips.)

I made Kavya sit on the dining table. Kavya’s height matched my standing height. I widened the virgin manager’s legs and proceeded to smooch her. With my right hand, I pulled Kavya’s face toward me and sucked her lips. She reciprocated and she sucked my lips back.

It was a slow gentle kiss where we both were exploring each other’s lips. I alternated between sucking Kavya’s lips and exploring her mouth with my tongue. Our work rapport continued here and we were able to sync our kisses and explore each other’s bodies.

I reassured her and said, “See Kavya, it’s so easy. Why are you tensed?”

Kavya: Yes. You are my baby in the office and in my bedroom.

We started smooching again. I was still holding Kavya’s head with one hand and with the other hand, I was caressing her back. Kavya was giving out gentle moans while we were smooching. I kept asking her to relax and calm down.

With each passing second, I started moving away from her lips and explored her face. Kavya was a quick learner and she pretty much reciprocated whatever I did. Every time I kissed her cheeks, she reciprocated by licking my cheeks, every time I licked her nose or ears, she reciprocated by kissing or licking my face.

While kissing her lips, I unhooked my unfucked manager’s bra! Kavya let out a gasp realizing what happened. I replied, “Relax darling, I am with you.” She nodded. I removed my t-shirt to reassure her.

Kavya had the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. It was firm yet juicy. The nipples were dark and erect.

Me: You have the most beautiful breasts, darling. You have no idea how lucky I am.

Kavya didn’t respond to anything either out of arousal or she was lost in the moment.

I bent down a little and touched her erect nipples with my tongue. I was licking and circling her left nipples with my tongue tip and circling her right nipples with my fingertips. Kavya was enjoying this and moaning now.

I alternated between my virgin office manager’s right and left breasts. I asked her if she liked it. All Kavya could do was a nod and a heavy breath which was an indication that I was on the right track.

I removed my pants and she could see my erect penis bulging underneath my underwear. I could see an anxious expression on her face.

I unhooked her pants and removed her jeans. It was quite a task to remove the skin-tight jeans. I kept wondering why she had to wear such tight jeans if she knew she had to remove them sometime.

Kavya was wearing red underwear. She was clearly anxious. I placed my hand on her underwear and could sense it was slightly wet, but for her to be comfortable I had to make her more wet.

Kavya was breathing very heavily now and I knelt and kissed her feet. I started with her feet, kissed her ankles, sucked her toes, and licked her legs slowly moving upwards. I widened her legs and licked her calves and proceeded towards her inner thighs.

While licking her inner thighs, I circled my virgin manager’s nipples and caressed her breasts. Kavya was moaning, breathing heavily and each time I licked her inner thighs, I could sense a shiver or gasp in her.

I could see a wet patch on top of her underwear. She was sufficiently wet which meant she was ready. I removed my underwear and Kavya saw my erect penis, I grabbed and removed her underwear.

I asked Kavya if she was ready. Kavya was breathing heavily and could hardly respond! She just nodded and I could feel that she was hot.

I widened Kavya’s legs and I held my erect penis head in my hand and proceeded towards Kavya. I put another hand around Kavya’s waist and gently placed my penis head on Kavya’s vaginal tip.

I first kissed Kavya on her lips and while kissing her, slowly penetrated my unmarried manager. There was a gentle jerk from Kavya and she put her hands around my buttocks indicating she liked it.

Slowly, I moved back and penetrated again. Kavya gave out a gentle moan and squeezed my buttocks with her fingernails. The gentle sucking of Kavya’s lips continued while the penetration.

After 5-6 strokes, I stopped and asked Kavya if she was okay and if she was liking it. For the first time, Kavya found her voice and she said, “ baby.. Please don’t stop.”

Kavya was properly lubricated and I slowly increased the speed of my strokes. Kavya was moaning louder now and I was holding her waist. She was holding my buttocks and I was moving in and out as fast as I could.

After around 7-8 minutes, I finally ejaculated inside her. Kavya gave out a loud moan and was literally panting for breath and her whole body was shivering. I kissed her lips and asked her if she was fine and she nodded, “Yes.”

I and Kavya crashed onto the couch and both were naked.

Me: Not so shy now, are you?
Kavya (kissing my cheeks): No baby. Not with you.

Me: Did you like the birthday gift?
Kavya: Yes baby. Very much.

Me: Do you want more?
Kavya: Yes, baby.

I and my lady manager had our dinner naked. After dinner, we had a shower together and had sex once again under the shower. After the shower, we slept for a couple of hours.

Later in the night, we had sex in different positions – once in the doggy style and then in woman on top position which I will explain in a different story.

The next morning, I went straight to the office from Kavya’s home. Kavya arrived a little later and there was a calmness and happiness in her face never seen earlier which satisfied me.

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