Satisfying Rimi During Lockdown

Hello once again to all the horny and lusty readers of this wonderful platform. Let me take this opportunity to thank for the wonderful response to my previous two sexual encounters. My mailbox and hangout were flooded with emails and messages.

I am sharing one more sexual encounter over this wonderful platform. Let me once again introduce myself. I am Mr. X (name changed), a 24-year-old lad working in an MNC in Kolkata. Height around 6 feet with a normal body but great sexual stamina. My dick size is about 6 inches.

But if any bhabhi showers her love onto it, it can grow even bigger. I am also a ‘Temporary Companion’ to many lonely and sex-starved married women in Kolkata. I try to entertain them either mentally or physically without any cost as it fulfills both my mental and body needs.

The female lead of the story is Rimi (name changed). She is a housewife and in her mid-thirties. She has a married life of 12 years and two kids ages 10 and 7. Her body stats are 38-24-36 with a D sized boobs. Height of almost 5.8 feet, long hair, and a fair complexion.

Although after 12 years of her marriage, she has maintained herself very well and can make any men look at her lustfully.

Coming to the story. It was a lockdown situation around the country due to pandemic COVID 19. The Government has announced a complete lockdown for 21 days. Everywhere there is was a state of fear about the availability of essentials and all were rushing towards the grocery shops for their daily needs.

I being no different also went to one of the grocery shops where the queue was small. I was in a loose tracksuit and a beautiful sexy lady was standing in front of me. Her hair was tied. She was wearing a backline strip tied blouse giving a sexy view of her back from neck to waist.

That gave me an instant boner but as I was in public I controlled myself. The lady was looking a bit frustrated, irritated and disturbed. I was looking for an opportunity to start a conversation with her. She was continuously looking at her watch murmuring something to herself.

She had tied her pallu at her waist giving a complete view of her sexy buttocks. I slowly whispered from the back to be calm and wait for your turn. She turned back and looked at me from up to down as if she was checking me out and just smiled. That smile can kill a thousand.

After that, we started a normal loose conversation. After buying our essentials, we asked for each other’s addresses. She lived nearby my house around a walking distance of 10 minutes. She also asked for my number as she told that she lives alone. Without thinking, for a moment I shared my number with her.

As I came back home I jerked off my dick in her remembrance. After half an hour I received a WhatsApp message from an unknown number. On looking at the DP, I recognized that she is the same lady whom I met at the grocery shop. As we both had no work during lockdown we started chit-chatting.

After a few minutes of conversation, I came to know that her name is Rimi. She is in her mid-30s and a mother of two having 12 years of marriage. Her husband is a salaried employee. He has recently gone to Mumbai for some office related work and is stuck there due to lockdown.

On interrogating further, I came to know that they are in an ‘Open Marriage’. Her husband is in a live-in relationship with one of his married colleagues. As both of them don’t want to ruin the public image they are living in an ‘Open Marriage’. Because of that both the sons stay in a boarding school at Darjeeling.

There clicked an idea in my mind about how to reach the heavenly tight black hole of the sexy lady. I asked if it has been long since she had sex. She said that it has been almost 3 years since someone has touched her body to provide sexual pleasures.

Without wasting another second, I asked, “Will you allow me to end this long thirst of your body?” She didn’t reply for almost two hours. I thought that my eagerness for that damn holy pussy has cost me. But after two hours I received an image of boobs captioned ‘Waiting for your Appointment’.

I was in cloud 9 and my dick was saluting those 36 sized boobs. At night when I reached her house, she greeted me with a smile. Bowing down and showing her cleavage as a signal that she ready. She pointed towards her bedroom and with a wicked smile, she said that the bed is ready.

I went to the room and opened my T-shirt. She entered the room with a glass of milk with a pinch of turmeric and saffron in it. She pleaded me to have sex with her as if it is her first night after marriage. She was wearing a transparent black color saree and a tight bikini blouse.

Her boobs were bouncing with each step as she was coming forward. She tied her saree at her lower waist showing the navel and her gorgeous belly. The blouse was sleeveless and she put both her arms around my shoulder. We were looking at each other.

I drank the milk in one gulp and we started a liplock. Though we started the liplock gently, it turned very wild within a matter of seconds. We started fighting with our lips and biting each other’s lips. We couldn’t control ourselves and fell on the bed and broke the liplock.

Coming back to our senses, we laughed at each other and then undressed. Rimi was well prepared for the act. She had shaven her pussy and armpits and was not wearing any undergarments. Without wasting a second I started sucking her heavenly pussy so that she cums and it gets lubricated.

I sucked that hole for about 10 minutes and she cummed twice during the act. Now her pussy was ready to welcome my cock. I placed my dickhead upon her pussy and we were on a missionary position. I hold both her boobs and started to go down slowly.

Rimi started breathing heavily but there was a sign of satisfaction in her face. I started stroking her slowly and steadily. Rimi was moaning in a low voice and tears were rolling down her cheeks. I didn’t want to interrupt the act. So without consoling her, I continued to stroke.

I was adjusting my pace of stroke as per Rimi’s moans so that she enjoyed every bit of the sexual intercourse. After stroking her for near about 7 minutes, I fell beside her and started pumping her boobs. She was looking at me with satisfaction and thanked me. But it was not over yet.

We had 3 more sessions of sexual intercourse on the same night which I will share in the next part. This was just the beginning of the night. The rest of the sessions were legendary.

Sorry for making the story too long but promise that you all will enjoy the upcoming parts. Till then any bhabhi or aunty interested in sex chat can mail me. Please give your valuable feedback at [email protected] Your feedback and proposals encourage me to share my experiences.

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