Drinking Breast Milk From Brother-In-Law’s Wife

Greetings to all indiansexstories2.net readers. I have been a regular reader of this site and always wanted to share my experience here and today, I am going to share how I gave pain killer to my brother-in-law’s wife and sucked her breast milk.

Let me introduce myself first. I am Ajay, a 28 years old boy from Chennai. I have an average body, but my tool is big and thick enough to satisfy any horny woman.

Let me introduce the heroine of this story (my brother-in-law’s wife) Gayathri. She is 25 years old, height 5.1” and tan color. She has a beautiful figure which could attract any man. Gayathri gave birth to a baby girl one year back and she is now 1 plus.

I and my wife use to visit them every other week and she always gives extra care and offer good hospitality. Without knowing, I got attracted to her.

It all started when my brother-in-law got a job opportunity in the Middle East. Two days before the flight, we invited them to come and stay with us and had a good family time before his flight.

On the day of departure, my brother-in-law told me and my wife to take good care of his wife and child and we assured to look after both of them. After his departure, we told Gayathri to stay back with us for a few weeks and she also agreed to stay.

During this time, the quarantine lockdown was imposed and my wife had to report to work as she was working under essential services. Luckily, I was asked to work from home due to the spread of COVID – 19.

My wife use to get office transport and she use to leave by morning 7:00 am. Since I was working from home, I use to sleep a little longer hours.

One fine day, I was working on my laptop and suddenly, I heard Gayathri crying in the room. I went to the room to check whether she was ok.

Me: Gayathri, what’s wrong? Why are you crying? Tell me, what is it?

Gayathri: No Anna, nothing!

She got up and dried the tears from her face.

Me: Tell me Gayathri, what is it? Maybe I can help you? Shall I call my wife?

Gayathri: No no, don’t call her.

Me: Then tell me, what’s wrong?

Gayathri: Don’t call Anni, I’ll tell you. The baby is not drinking breast milk.

Me: I started laughing. Are you serious you are crying for this? The baby will drink milk after she wakes up.

Gayathri: Are you mad? I have severe pain in my breast due to the accumulation of milk and the baby is continuously refusing to drink milk. I am feeling feverish. I can’t bear the pain!

I didn’t know what to do and my brother-in-law’s wife was suffering from pain. I asked her shall I take her to the hospital and she refused. I thought to call my wife but then I thought to give her some pain killer until my wife comes home.

I went to the kitchen, brought a glass of water, and gave her the pain killer. I told her to drink and she will feel better. She took the pain killer and drank the water. I told her to take rest and went back to my room.

After 30 minutes, I wanted to check the status of Gayathri and went to her room. She was half asleep. Her breast area was wet and a wet patch was visible on her dress. The moment I saw the wet patch on her breast area, I got horny and I wanted to suck all the breast milk from my brother-in-law’s wife’s breasts.

Within no time, I was right next to her breast. I didn’t have time to think. I started to remove her dress. Surprisingly, my brother-in-law’s wife was not resisting even though she was not fully asleep. So I removed her bra too.

Gayathri had the most beautiful pair of boobs with nice nipples. I started to rub her right breast a little and squeezed the nipple. My brother-in-law’s wife let out a slight moan! Tiny drops of breast milk appeared and I started to lick her nipple. I placed my teeth on her nipple and began to suck. Her breath rate started rising.

The flow of milk was passing from her body and after a few minutes, I shifted my mouth to her left breast. I was very happy and excited because I got to suck the beautiful boobs of Gayathri and I was lucky to drink breast milk at this age from a beautiful girl.

I knew that Gayathri will feel better as I was sucking her pain out from her breast and wouldn’t stop me.

A few minutes later, the milk stopped coming and without knowing, I have emptied both breasts of my brother-in-law’s wife. Then I came to my room.

I came to my room to jerk off and I had the best masturbating of my life. I could not believe that I had drunk all the milk from Gayathri.

At around 2:00 pm, Gayathri came to me. I was scared but I didn’t show it on my face. She said that she feels good and her pain has reduced.

I told her not to strain and I will bring her a coffee. I went to the kitchen to prepare coffee and Gayathri went to check her baby. I started to boil the milk for tea and I started dreaming about Gayathri and her boobs with nice little tits.

Again, I wanted to suck my brother-in-law’s wife’s boobs before my wife returned. I prepared a cup of coffee and gave the same to Gayathri. She thanked me and had the coffee.

By 3:00 pm again, she was down on the bed and again I went and removed her blouse and bra. There was no objection from her side as she pretended to be deep asleep.

This time, I applied some honey to her nipple and started sucking. The breast milk started to flow and I had breast milk and honey together. This made me hot and I removed her panty to see her pussy. Her pussy is also tan color with a little bit of hair. I started to smell her panty and it gave me a different addiction toward her pussy.

I started to lick my brother-in-law’s wife’s pussy and inserted my tongue and explored the pussy and clit. I started to suck and lick. I wanted to eat her as much as I can before my wife reach home and did the same.

I’ll let you how she finally quit the play and opened her eyes and caught me while drinking her breast milk.

Thank you guys for taking your time and reading the story of drinking breast milk from my brother-in-law’s wife. Please send me feedback to [email protected] I would love to know if I can make it better for you guys.

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