First Sex With My Janhvi Bhabhi In Nagpur

Hello guys, my name is Rahul Kumar and I am from Nagpur. I joined my dad and his partner in business. I am 21 and an avid reader of this site. Finally, I have decided to share my own experience with you guys.

I like mature women a lot and today, I am going to tell you about how I fucked my fat ass bhabi.

So, about my bhabhi, her name is Janhvi. She is 7-8 years older than me and has 2 kids. I had an eye on her for a very long time. Janhvi bhabhi has wheatish complexion, big ass, and normal size boobs (34D).

Coming back to the story, everything was normal when my cousin brother got married. I got quite close to my bhabhi. I started sharing every detail of my daily life with her. Soon, we became closer to each other.

We use to crack adult jokes and she use to check my phone and even watch all the porn videos I got on my phone!

Once we were talking about my girlfriends and sex. I told Janhvi bhabhi that I was a virgin but she didn’t believe me. I told her I was not lying and that I want to learn how to kiss a girl. But I don’t have any girlfriends.

Once while chatting with bhabhi on Whatsapp, we were talking about sex and stuff and her sex life. I guess she was horny at that time that she agreed to teach me how to kiss a girl.

The very next day, I went to her house. Bhabhi was upstairs in her room with her kids. I told her kids that I had brought some ice cream for them and kept it in the refrigerator downstairs. They ran down.

Now I and bhabhi looked at each other and smiled. All of sudden, I pounced on her like a hungry tiger! *Boom* we kissed for the first time and it lasted for a good 10 minutes. Then I heard the kids rushing upstairs. So, nothing more happened that day.

I was waiting to make the next move. After 5-6 months, bhabhi told me that she will tell me what was the next step after kissing. I said I already knew. She asked me to come to her house and show her what was next.  I ran there and there she was! Wet hair and black salwar kurta! Bhabhi was looking like a sexy slut ready to be banged!

I grabbed her by her big butts and pulled her towards me. We started kissing. I asked her if it was safe to do then. She told me that everyone had gone to a nearby temple for some puja and will return late in the evening.

I got excited and pushed her on the bed. We began undressing each other. Bhabhi saw my dick from above the undies and was shocked to see the numerous veins running around it, slim and hard! My milf bhabhi was smelling nice and beautiful!

Without wasting any time, she took the tip of my cock in her mouth. My body shuddered as she swallowed my dick slowly! I began mouth-fucking bhabhi and came in her mouth after 10 minutes.

The mature bhabhi swallowed my cum and then she spread her pussy inviting me to eat that up. I quickly went down on her and started hitting my tongue there. She shouted in pleasure, “Aah Rahul!!! Fuck me like a bitch!”

After that, I pushed my tongue inside bhabhi’s wet pussy and she withered in pleasure, moaning loudly. After a good 8-12 minutes, she squirted a big load and I licked it all up.

Then bhabhi started telling me to fuck her nicely! As it was my first time, I asked her if it was safe to have sex without a condom. She told me that she had the surgery and cannot get pregnant. I nodded my head in excitement.

I rubbed my dick on bhabhi’s pussy and she started going mad just by that. I did not know what to do as it was my first time!

Seeing that, the horny milf quickly grabbed my dick and inserted it inside and locked her legs around my hips. Immediately, I pushed it deep in one stroke. Bhabhi screamed in pain and stopped me. Then she told me to go slow in the beginning.

I started moving slowly in to and fro motions. Bhabhi was moaning, “Aah… oooooh.. Rahul darling! Wreck this pussy!! Fuck your bhabi hard! I want this pussy swollen..”

I was teasing her by pinching her nipples while licking her neck! She was moaning heavily.

After about 10 minutes of fucking. I was about to cum and she told me to cum inside her. And I did exactly that! It was the best feeling in the world!

My bhabi was lying beside me, all sweaty!

After a few minutes, the horny married woman got ready for another round and now she wanted to be on top. So, she came on top of me and we started kissing intensely. In between, bhabhi slid my dick inside her pussy and started jumping up and down. Her boobs were juggling up and down which was a wonderful sight!

I started plucking her nipples very hard! Bhabhi was literally shouting in pain. Then she got all aggressive and started talking dirty! It made me so excited and I was about to cum. So I started pumping bhabhi very hard. Just before I came, I pulled out and made her suck it and shot my loads in her throat.

I held her face so firmly so that she would have to swallow it all and she did exactly what I wanted.

We relaxed for 15-20 minutes and then I left her place after kissing her goodbye.

I never got a chance to fuck my cousin’s wife after that yet. She would be free during the day time but I would be busy with my work!

I hope you guys like my story.

I would like to get feedback and any interested girls/women from Nagpur can email me at [email protected] as this is my first time writing the story. I would like to hear from you guys about this story.

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