Young Virgin Aunty Deflowered In Mumbai

Hi readers, I am a 30 years old guy from Mumbai. I want to share my first experience with my young aunty. This is my first story.

This all happened when I was 19 years old. I had completed my 12th exams and I was on vacation. The heroine of the story is my young unmarried aunty – my mother’s cousin sister.

One day my dadi came to our place to meet my parents and asked me about the exams. I told it was over and as it was a long vacation, my dadi insisted me to stay at her house in Mumbai suburbs for a few days. As I was feeling bored at my house, I agreed.

We went to their house. I met everyone. There were total of 4 persons living in their house – dadi, mama and 2 aunties.

As I reached home, we all were happy and chit-chatting. Then we had dinner and slept.

Now coming to the heroine of the story. This aunty is 5-6 years elder to me. At that time, she was 23 or 24. I never had any bad intentions towards her. I respected her a lot. The first day passed normally.

It was a small house. I, mama and dadi were sleeping on the floor. And 2 aunties were sleeping on the bed.

It was 7 in the morning and my dadi woke me up and told me to sleep on the bed as she had to clean the floor. I got up and saw my mama had left for office and the second aunty left for her exams. And dadi had to go to work after doing household work.

To my good luck, the heroine aunty was sleeping in the bed. Still, I had no bad intention.

I went to bed and slept beside her. She was in deep sleep. After some time, dadi left. I was in half-sleep. After some time, I was also deep asleep.

Now, let me describe this young aunty more. She looked stunning and like, Bollywood actress Mouni Roy. She had a great figure, slim waist and perfect bums. I don’t know the exact statistics but her boobs must be 34 in size.

As dadi left and I was in sleep, I realized that something was pinching on my shoulder. I ignored it. But after some time, the pressure was too high that I woke up. To my surprise, it was my aunty’s nail. She was pressing her nails on my shoulder!

I opened my eyes a little more. I realized it was me who made her do this. I was sleeping on my stomach and she was on her back next to me. My one hand was on her left boob that must have made her horny.

Aunty didn’t know I was awake. She was breathing heavily and kept her one hand on my head holding my hair and another on my shoulder. I never had bad intentions towards her until that moment but this scenario made me horny too.

I was thinking to remove my hand from her boob and sleep but the devil inside me didn’t let me. I started caressing my aunty’s boobs over her nighty. She was breathing heavily, her nipples were erected and I was circling over them.

I was looking at her face. She was really aroused and biting her lips and moving her head here and there that turned me on more.

I finally took her boobs in my palms and started pressing it slowly. At that time, my virgin aunty let out a moan and opened her eyes. And she was shocked to see me awake.

Before she could say anything, I looked at her, just smiled and pressed her boobs. She was already turned on so she closed her eyes and that gave me the green signal to go on. I adjusted myself and started pressing her boobs wildly now. Aunty’s boobs were so soft.

It was my first sexual experience. Aunty was out of control too. She started kissing me on my lips and all over my body. I removed her nighty even though she tried to stop me. But she also wanted me to do more to her.

Now my aunty was in her black bra and panty. Until that moment, I hadn’t seen such a beautiful body in my life. Aunty was very fair and I noticed that I had made her boobs red by pressing them wildly.

Then I jumped over her and started licking her boobs and body. I was pressing her boobs like mad and she was moaning and asking me to press slowly as it was hurting her. But I was not in the mood to listen.

I removed aunty’s black bra started sucking her nipples. My other hand went inside her panty. Aunty tightened her legs when she felt current in her body.

I started playing with her pussy which was too wet. Aunty was moaning loudly now and calling my name. I started fingering her. Aunty grabbed my shorts and removed it. Then she started stroking my dick. As it was my first time, I could not control and within a few minutes, I came. I was in heaven I couldn’t believe what just happened.

Then I went back to fingering aunty wildly. She kept moaning. She pressed and shook my dick again and again.

After some time, aunty gave a loud moan and hugged me tightly. I realized she had her orgasm.

I kept caressing her pussy. She pulled me over her and hugged me tightly. My dick was now at the perfect place and I tried inserting it. But aunty’s hole was too tight for my penis. As I was trying to insert my penis, she was crying in pain. She was trying to push me away too but I was not in the mood to let her go.

I tried to penetrate aunty’s tight pussy a few more times and finally, I succeeded. Then I pushed it in one hard stroke and was inside her. She was crying and asking me not to take it out.

I started making to and fro movements slowly inside her. Soon, my dick started moving smoothly inside aunty’s pussy. She also started enjoying it. Slowly, I raised my speed and she was moaning heavily and was enjoying a lot. She was biting me and was wildly moaning with my name and scratching my back with her nails.

I fucked my aunty for 10-15 minutes and then ejaculated outside her vagina on her stomach and slept beside her.

Both of us were tired and breathing heavily. It was already 10 am. We got up to get fresh. My young virgin aunty had scratched my whole back with her nails and it was bleeding at some points.

She smiled and said sorry to me and kissed me. It was my best experience. And I can never forget it.

I tried to have sex the second time but she denied and she told me it was by accident and it was not good for our relationship. I did not force her as I respect and love her a lot.

She got married after one year. But before her marriage, we had another session. After that, we never had sex. But whenever we come face to face in family function, the feelings and expressions of both are totally different. We have a special attachment.

Now she is happy with her family and has two kids now. Hope you all have liked my first story.

I will try to share my other experiences in the best way. Your comments will be appreciated.

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