Candid Photography To A Romantic Relationship – Pt 3

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Hi, I’m Vihan, back with the next part of my series. I’m really glad you liked the story so much. Without further ado, let’s start with the next part.

I kissed her forehead. We hugged each other.  In the embrace, I whispered in her ear

Me – Aunty, you should have shaved.

Sanjana – Dhat, you have become so naughty.

Me – This is just a trailer.

Sanjana – Then show me the movie too (with a wink)

I couldn’t control myself after this. I pounced on her. I started kissing her all over her face. Licked her ears. I was eating her neck to the point that I gave her hickeys

Sanjana – Vihan halu na. I’m all yours take it slow.

I was not going to listen to her. I slowly started going down on her.

I was kissing her lips. I sucked her lips. First the upper lip and then the lower one. After 5 minutes of kissing each other, she said:

Sanjana – You’re a good kisser.

Me – I’m good with a lot of things

Sanjana – Ho ka? Badmash! (Is that so? Naughty boy!)

Me – Do you want to see it?

With these words, I pinned her to the ground. I had held both her arms, due to which she was unable to get up or get close to me. I was breathing heavily on her. First near her neck and then near her lips. She was trying to get her head up to kiss me.

But every time she did, so I used to move further away. She arched her back and was moving her head left-right. I again went near her face and looked at her.

Me – Do you want to see it?

Sanjana – Yes Vihan, I’m all yours. I can’t control anymore, please make love to…

With those words, I kissed her. This time we used our tongues. I sucked her deep and well. I moved from her lips to her breasts. I was kissing her around her boobs and not her nipples. She was holding the carpet tightly.

Sanjana – Please don’t do this, Vihan. I’m dying.

I went hard on those mounds. Kissed them. Sucked them. Left my teeth marks on them. Sanjana was moaning and screaming

Sanjana – Halu na Vihan…ahh…what are you doing? Stop biting my nipples…

She was turning in pleasure. Biting her own lips. I kissed her navel. Played with her belly button.

Sanjana – Not fair, Vihan… I’m lying naked here, and you’re still dressed

I took my clothes off

Sanjana – Come to aunty, Vihan. Let me also feel your naked body

I slept on her, and we started kissing again. I was holding her hair and was going deep in her mouth. Now I wanted the taste of her pussy. I lifted her legs and spread them. She was hiding her pussy with her hands as she had not shaved. She was feeling shy to show her pussy to me.

I removed her hands and gave a light slap on her clit. She held the carpet tightly, lifted her head up, closed her eyes, and squirmed in pain and pleasure. Once back to normal, I slapped her again

I started kissing her thighs and then went to her pussy. I spread her pussy and licked it up dry. She was enjoying my tongue in her vagina. She was holding my hair

Sanjana – Vihan…lick me dry…make me cum.

While licking her pussy I was pinching her ass cheeks and inserting my fingers in her hole too. She was enjoying it. I slapped her again on her pussy, and before she could recover, I attacked her pussy and started licking her badly.

She came heavily. Tired, she was lying down on her the floor. I lifted her up. She gave me a hug.

Sanjana – Kaay kelas he, Vihan? I never had so much pleasure in my life. I came so heavily.

Me – Ho na aunty, the entire carpet is wet.

Sanjana – (she was blushing) Stop calling me aunty, Vihan. I have passed the boundaries of being an aunt

Me – Okay, Sanju.

Sanjana – Hearing those words, she looked towards me. I love you, Vihan.

Me – I love you too, Sanju.

Sanjana – But no one should come to know about this little secret of ours, V.

Me – Trust me, Sanjana. No one would know. I’ll never do any harm to you

I started kissing her again. I lifted her up and took her to the bed. Got onto her. Placed my dick on her glory hole.

Sanjana – Halu kar haan, Vihan. It’s been a while since I have had sex.

She took me in her embrace, and in one shot, I inserted my dick in her pussy. Making her grip stronger on me, she bit my shoulder and dug her nails into my back.

I increased my pace and kept going back and forth. I was kissing her lips and her boobs while having sex.

Sanjana – Vihan, faster Vihan.

I kept going at it.  I turned her around and made her a dog. I started eating her buns and inserted my dick in her again. This time I didn’t show her any mercy. I kept ramming her like there was no tomorrow. I spanked ass hard

Sanjana – Ahh, spank me harder.

I kept mauling her buns like dough.  Then I lifted her up and took her in my arms. Her arms around my neck and legs around my hip, I inserted my dick in her mid-air. We fucked like crazy. She was enjoying every bit of it.

My dick going in and out and ramming against her pussy was making sounds. She was moaning and kissing me at the same time

Sanjana – Aah, haan baby, Vihan, this is so good..

We then went to the missionary position and continued our fucking. I was licking her boobs and ramming her vagina. I was about to cum. I increased my speed.

Me – I’m cumming, baby.

Sanjana – I’m cumming, too, baby.

Me – I’m letting everything in your pussy.

Sanjana – Let’s come together

Sanjana and me – Aah!

We both came together. Tired, I lay down beside her. She was also very tired. She came to me, rested her head on my chest. I took her closer in my arms. Kissed her forehead.

Sanjana – That was the best sex of my life, V.

Me – I love you, my Sanju.

Sanjana – I love you too meri jaan.

I covered both of us with a blanket. Being tired of all the action, we slept in each other’s embrace.

That’s it for now. Will explore the story in the next parts. Let me know how did you like the story about Sanjana’s experience at the photo shoot. If anyone from in and around Pune wants to chat with me or meet me in person. You can ping me on hangouts or Gmail. My id is  [email protected]

See you soon. Adios!

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