Manasa, A Massage For My Neighbor Girl

Hi friends. My name is Pramod. I am a resident of Bangalore. I am an average looking male (not a bodybuilder). Also, don’t go by my looks. I am professionally a massager. I work at a spa. I do freelancing also. I give private massage only to females at their place.

I am doing this work for 6 years and I have some regular customers at my spa and also outside I have regular female customers.

Let’s come to the story. It’s a real incident and I would love to narrate it with complete details. The main girl in this incident is my neighbor. She is the daughter of my building owner also. She is doing her final year of engineering.
Her name is Manasa (name changed).

She is an ISS reader as well. She read all my stories and contacted me on my email. She enquired about massage details. She had a normal good body. 34-30-34 is her body shape. I gave her a brief explanation. She asked is it possible to give complete sexual pleasure for an unmarried girl while giving a massage.

I said it all depends on your cooperation during the act. She enquired regarding body to body exotic and intimate massage. After I gave her the rates and details, she said the rates are reasonable. She had enquired about other people also for rates and even her friends had paid more.

She took my payment method also easy. I always meet my customers before making payments because a few females want a bodybuilder like personality for massage and other fun. After seeing me, they have canceled as well. I don’t know why.

I asked her to meet me at a local café to confirm the service. She was ok with everything and said not to waste time in a meeting. She had one day’s time as her parents and her younger brother had gone out. They would return at midnight. So it was 10 a.m. to midnight, a complete 14 hours.

She made a 50% advance payment. I think it was my luck as she didn’t meet me before. Otherwise, she might have canceled knowing that I am a resident in her building. We exchanged our numbers and had a little chat every day. The date she had asked for the service was 1 week later.

She would ask me about general things in the day time. But after 10 at night, she would directly start asking about the body and what all she wants to do while having a massage. 2 days before the massage she messaged me and asked me to help her masturbate and have an orgasm as she is too horny that day.

She had seen some couples in her college making out in a car. She even sent her boobs and pussy photo on WhatsApp. I gave her some dirty comments and she said it’s the first time she cummed while chatting. The first sex chat as well. On the due day, I got her location at 8 a.m.

I started from my home to get some things required for massage. The condoms were also over. So by her chatting I know she was hot and horny. I brought some ribbed condoms and some extra dotted condoms. After I bought the massage oils, I informed her that I will start now and will reach exactly at 10 a.m.

She sent a smiley. I still had 30 minutes. So I had breakfast at the hotel and puffed a cigarette. Then I put the location in navigation and reached my residing building. I was shocked as well as amazed. There were 4 girls in the building and all were beautiful in their own way.

I was wondering who that girl would be. I messaged in WhatsApp and asked there are 5 houses in the building and which house should I come. She said to come to the 2nd floor. OMG, so it was the other flat owner’s only daughter. I had seen her for 2 years. She was so decent in front of us.

I never thought she had a horny side. All her previous messages passed through my mind. She is a damn horny girl I thought. I reached her home and was wearing a helmet to hide my identity until I got in. Once she locked the main door I removed my helmet and she got shocked. I sat on the sofa.

She was shivering with fear. I asked her to get some water. She got me water and I said not to worry. My profession is different and personal life is different. She was confused and didn’t know whether to continue or cancel. I didn’t force her too. We talked casually for some time.

She then came to the point. She was sitting on another sofa a little far from me.
Manasa(m): I am not comfortable.
Me(p): It’s ok I will return the amount right now.
M: It’s not the amount. You’re my tenant and I feel ashamed.

P: It depends on your thinking.
M: If I cancel now will we both be normal like before?
P: Yes, also if you don’t cancel also it will be normal once I step out of your house. I take professional and personal life separately.

M: As you have already seen my boobs pussy and asshole. I don’t mind continuing.
P: If that is what you’re fearing I shall delete it right now.
M: If you delete it from a mobile you will have the image of my body in your mind.

P: Every day I come across many faces and clients. I don’t need to remember it or have it in my mind as I don’t do it.
M: As we have already discussed earlier maybe we will continue.
P: I shall continue only if you’re comfortable.

M: I don’t know.
P: once I step out it’s over and no more I know you as a client.
M: I have certain conditions.
P: Ok.

She was shivering with fear. I went and sat beside her, held her hands and told her to calm down. She had tears. “I deleted all your photos and I don’t have it in my mind also don’t worry. When I leave now I shall be your neighbor like before.” We just exchanged a smile.

I got up to go out and she held my hand and asked will it be the same if we continue. I said yes. Again she asked if we don’t continue then also. I said yes, I have a separate life and I don’t mix it with my profession. She then asked me to sit.

She told, “My condition is that you should not tell anything about this day to anyone. And till I tell you, you should not contact me on Whatsapp.” I said ok for that as well. She stood up and asked me to follow her. She took me to the room and closed the door.

I asked her to remove her dress and wear some old bra and panty. I shall wait outside till you change. She told to stay back. “You have already seen my body and I have anyways asked for complete pleasure. We can start off with that and I don’t want a massage.”

I told you I have taken money from you for both massage and other things. So I shall first give you a massage then we shall do the rest as planned before. She changed her dress to bra and panty. I laid a mat on the floor and asked her to sleep on her tummy.

I applied an ample amount of oil on her back and massaged. I removed her bra hooks to make it easy to massage. After massaging her back I again hooked her bra. I moved to her legs and oiled and gave a nice massage as well. She felt relaxed by the massage.

She said you have some kind of magic. I am feeling relaxed as well as my muscles are getting free. Then I moved her panty little below and applied oil. She had soft and spongy bums. After finishing massage on her backside I asked her to turn.

While I applied oil she asked me if she should remove the bra and panty. I said no need I will remove when needed. After applying oil and massaging her whole body only her boobs and pussy region were left out. I asked her to just remove her bra. She did.

I applied more oil and pressure on her boobs. She had erect nipples already. I played with her nipple with my thumb. She moaned in a low voice. Then I lowered her panty and put oil. While I massaged her pussy I saw white discharge. So she had her orgasm already, maybe while I was massaging her boobs.

I just gave her a massage and asked her if she is relaxed. She smiled and said, “This is my first massage. I don’t know how massage will be. But my body is free and flexible also no pain in my muscles.” Then I removed her panty fully. I took her to the bathroom and gave her a nice bath with hot water.

After a bath when I took her to the bedroom she fell on bed like a log and slept. I waited for a few minutes and thought I should return. But she had locked the door and the key was with her. I tried to wake her up but she didn’t as the massage and bath made her totally free of body and muscle pain.

Then I remembered her Whatsapp message. She had said she wanted me to fuck her while she slept. She wanted to wake up with a dick in her pussy. So I spread her legs little and I applied little oil on my dick to make it easy to enter her pussy.

When I placed my dick in her pussy and entered she woke up and smiled. She spread her legs wide and allowed me to enter fully. She felt my hard dick tear her pussy walls. She was not a virgin. She had told me in the message of how she was fucked by her lover before she broke up.

I made a slow and smooth motion in the beginning. She was pressing her boobs in pleasure. I kissed her lips deeply and made her hotter. She held her legs high and allowed me to fully insert my dick in her pussy. She held my body with her hands and hugged me tightly while she had an orgasm.

I fucked her pussy in that position for 40 minutes. Then I asked her to turn and she came to a doggy position. I put my dick from the backside. She started to move her body back to take my dick fully inside. I didn’t move but she only moved and got fucked in that doggy style for a few minutes.

I took out my dick and wore a condom. I came down and asked her to ride. This position was new to her. She just sat on my dick taking a whole dick inside. She didn’t move but she just slept on me and said, “I don’t know what to do next.” I lifted her little and drilled her.

She had another orgasm. I made her cum again before I climaxed. She slept on me like that for some time and said it was so romantic and smooth. Then she lay beside me. With her head resting on my chest like how lovers do after having sex. After some time my dick was hard.

I made her give me a blowjob and cummed in her mouth. She asked about sucking and licking of pussy and clitoris. I came between her legs spread her pussy lips and inserted my tongue in her pussy. She jerked her body when my tongue touched her clitoris.

I fingered her pussy while sucking it and made her cum. She enjoyed it to the maximum. Then I fucked her 4 more times and returned home. Its been 7 months after that day. We still are normal outside. While we are in the lift alone she kisses me and I rub her pussy over her dress.

We had sex chat that night. She blocked me on Whatsapp after sex chat till next time. A few days back when we were in the lift she asked me to write her massage incident as she wants to read it and masturbate. This story dedicated to all innocent horny girls as well as Manasa.

I hope I made you people horny by this narration. give your feedback on my email. Females feel free to contact me for private massage.

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